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Consciousness and joy in times of crisis

What an intense moment we are experiencing. The world is shaking, We’re losing our stability. We’re losing our sense of security. The world is full of evil. It’s out to get us.

What can we do about it?

Dear friends,

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment of awakening. After Covid and all its repercussions, which prompted us to ask the right questions, we’ve reached another critical juncture in our lives: war.

War doesn’t just occur externally; it also rages within. All the self-prejudice, all those moments when we feel detached from our true selves! This isn’t logical! It’s not our true nature. Today, we’re called to awaken to ourselves.

To differentiate between what is ME and what is EXTERNAL, and what can I change? In my environment and within myself to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. Ultimately, to also impact the world around me.

Nearly 4 years ago, my son Anthony and I created the ‘Rendez-vous avec la Joie‘ course in french language, that we offer for free. A 40-day journey that illuminates our lives. Some participants have taken it multiple times, and each iteration brings new insights and revelations : the feedbacks we receive are truly heartwarming.

One thing I’m certain of is that deep within us lies a joyful heart, full of unique gifts and talents, eager to shine, love, and contribute to a harmonious world.

11:11 Invitation to a daily shared prayer for war-torn areas

Every day at 11:11, during the time of unity, let’s come together in our hearts and pray for all people in war-torn areas. Maybe it’s Netanel’s song ‘Holy’ for you too that will help you send your peace prayers, thoughts, and wishes to the people in the affected areas.

Together, we’ll shape the future. Hand in hand. So, who embarks with us?

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If you’d like to support my work, I’d be deeply appreciativ. And I’d love to know you personaly : coco@7sky.life Your support also aids in updating our 7sky.life platform, which I’ve put aside for the last few years, but which remains highly relevant with it’s over 4000 stories, and which is experiencing a beautiful rejuvenation right now.

We stay in touch.

Warm regards,

Your Coco***

P.S. I vividly recall my first ‘spiritual coming out’ around 13 years ago, introducing you to the Hopi prophecy and Ho’oponopono via email. Fast forward to today, we’ve realized or are beginning to see that ‘we are the ones we’ve been waiting for‘. We ARE be the change we wish to see in the world. So, let’s roll out our sleeves, individually and collectively.

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""I only earn a few coins every day, but I am filled with joy and friendship. " REINIER SIJPKENS


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