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Enough talk, now it’s ‘time for action!’

Today, more than ever, we are ALL called upon to offer our unique talents and gifts to our Earth. We need to be living examples for our children, animals, plants, and for each one of us.

Taking another step in this direction, we, Priska Broese and Coco Tache, are thrilled to organize our very first Sharingrowth Camp titled “A Journey into the Hearts of our Children.” This online camp is a part of our upcoming initiative, “SHARINGOOD”. Oh, we are so eager to share more details with you! But for now, let’s focus on the Sharingrowth Camp. Unfortunately, it is only in German for the moment, but if we have enough budget, we can also afford simultanious translation. We just wanted to show it to you, because the program is so amazing!

☀️☀️☀️ A journey in the hearts of our children ☀️☀️☀️

In German, only..

Date: December 4-8, from 19h30 to 21h30 daily.

  • Kick-off Call on November 24 with Seom
  • Closing Call on December 20 with Ricardo Leppe

Joining us are some truly remarkable individuals—men and women who have been working passionately in this direction for years and have achieved great success. We’d call it an absolute ‘starteam’!

  • 24.11 – Intro Call with Seom: “Igniting the Hearts of Both Young and Old”
  • 04.12 – Monday: Gerald Hüter & Marianne Sébastian: “Our Potential is Boundless”
  • 05.12 – Tuesday: Simon M. Hofmann & Rüdiger Bachmann: “Spaces for Unhindered Growth: An Educational Revolution”
  • 06.12 – Wednesday: Anneke Schammann & Uwe Burka: “Laying the Foundation for True Humanity”
  • 07.12 – Thursday: Manuela Cavigelli, Esther Mottier & Sina Buholzer: “Listen to the hearts of our children: Why Homeschooling and free Learning”
  • 08.12 – Friday: Christina von Dreien & Nicola Good: ” Meet the children at eye level”
  • 12.20 – Wrap-up with Ricardo Leppe: “Enough Talk, Time for Action!”

Our hearts are full of joy in envisionning this unique experience – connecting deeply with one another, find answers to our so pressing questions, and realize that through this Sharingrowth Camp, we’re elevating not just our children, but ourselves as well!

In times of war and tension ️️️

In these times, it’s essential to preserve our joy. Both low and high vibrations influence the collective field of consciousnes. This is why it’s vital for each of us to be aware of our own well-being and energy. To realize our utmost potential. To harmonize our feminine and masculine strengths (Ashaya). And to understand that what we desire for our children is what we should aspire for ourselves. Most importantly, we need to refrain from harboring hate, for it wounds us before it affects anyone else.

Now, envision a world where everyone is living to their highest potential.

Where we recognize, connect, and nurture each other’s unique gifts. Imagine us as one living entity, where every piece has its purpose, completing the larger picture — just like every seed in a sunflower. Let’s strive for this vision. Together. With boundless joy and zeal. And check out this beautiful 3 minute video.


Sharingood is about creating heartfelt connections within the human family. It brings our wishes and dreams to fruition simply by fostering mutual understanding, cultivating empathy, and articulating our hopes. Stay tuned — more details will be unveiled soon.

Sharingood serves as the humus, the catalyst, and the embodiment of love and abundance for both the Earth and its inhabitants. It beckons everyone to actively participate and be part of the change.

The ‘Sharing’ initiatives, along with their dedicated people, collaborate and uplift each other to forge a new collective identity anchored in love, freedom, truth, and life. They acknowledge the significant ripple effect our thoughts, emotions, and actions have on the health and rejuvenation of our planet. With unyielding commitment, they dive in, shoulder responsibility, and drive impactful change—embodying the transformation we envision for our world.

In the meantime, and if you speak German, we invite you to join us at Sharingwisdom.one for our inaugural Sharingrowth Camp: the Knowledge Academy crafted by Priska and Katrin. Here, you’ll experience enlightening gatherings where wisdom flows abundantly.

Also, do check out www.7sky.life. Coco is currently working on an expansive update. We greatly appreciate any energetic contributions and financial support.

We believe that what’s on the horizon is monumental and holds significance for every single one of us. It’s a journey we are all invited to embark upon, wholeheartedly.

Our Sharingood Fund at the Bio-Foundation Switzerland

We’re elated to have partnered with the Bio-Foundation Switzerland and with our so inspiring Mathias Forster. Thanks to the this collaboration, donations can directly be collected for our projects!

Dear friends, we believe you’ll be as excited about our developments as we are. We are collaborating with such an amazing team that we’re eager to introduce in an upcoming loveletter. One thing is certain: its people align seamlessly with our vision and values. They come equipped with extensive expertise in areas like platform building, education, humus, humanitarian aid, bartering, and the future-oriented economy.

If you wish to contribute, please find the donation form for the Bio-Foundation Switzerland right HERE. Your contribution helps pave the way for a shared, joy-filled, and bright future.. Please make sure to mention and to swoosh the Sharingood Fund. Thank you soooo much!!!

❤️ Please share this Loveletter far and wide ❤️

Together, we’ll make it happen!

And always remember the power of a sincere compliment, a kind word, or a comforting gaze. Such simple gestures warm hearts and infuse our days with unparalleled energy.

With all our love,

☀️❤️☀️ Your Coco, Priska, Bénédicte & Valeria ☀️❤️☀️

Written on Planet Earth, around 26th october 23.


You need more info, send send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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