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Renaissance of Venice: Where the past meets the future

“We care, we dare, we share a peaceful and regenerative future, full of life”
Hélène Molinari – Founder of Sumus

Dear Friends,

Starting today, 18th November at 4 PM, we invite you to an exciting event in Venice. This gathering brings together local and international people with a shared ambition: to restore Venice to its former glory as a forward-thinking, vibrant city. Our focus is on building a peaceful, sustainable future. Join us and be part of this transformative journey!

Why Venice? The city’s incredible outreach, its radiant and unique character, and its intimate population of 44,000 (among over 1,000 women were photographed by the artist Pierre Maraval this summer for the “1000 donne di Venezia” project) make it the perfect place to realize this grand vision. With local and international experts across all fields, we believe it is achievable if we come together!

Be a part of this transformative journey!

Immerse yourself with us in the expertise of preeminent water, soil, regenerative economy, education, and innovation specialists from Italy, Venice, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Portugal. Most of these experts are coming together in live for the first time to share the essence of their knowledge.

Let’s come together to bring this vision to life, with both local and international communities rallying for this noble cause, ignited by the visionary Hélène Molinari, the Sumus team, and the Sumus Godmothers, fueled by the incredible spirit of VENICE, it’s waters, women and habitants!

The conference will be live-streamed in the speakers’ respective languages—English, Italian, or French. Connect with us starting this Saturday at 4 PM, and continuing on Sunday and Monday from 10 AM via this link: https://eventnov2023.sumus.community/. Subsequently, videos in all three languages will be available.

Find the full, updated program right here on 7sky.life. Let’s make it happen together. Who will join us? Who is ready to play a role in Venice or in their own town, village, or community? We need every one of us. If you’re interested in participating, please reach out to coco@7sky.life, and I will put you directly in contact with the appropriate person in his or her respective field of expertise.

Please find the entire program HERE, and underneath, just the HOURS, SESSIONS AND SPEAKERS of the live-streaming.

With much love,

Your Coco, Hélène Molinari & the Sumus Women Team

1ST DAY: SATURDAY 18th NOVEMBER – Opening session

16h00 – 17h45 Introduction. Venice, pilot city of the ‘big shift’” with Hélène Molinari, Ervin Laszlo, Alberto Toso Fei, Uwe Burka, Charlotte de Silguy, Miha Pogagnik & orchestrated by Coco Tache.

18h15 – 19h30 “Vibrant Heart. What if the heart was the key of the big shift?” with Laurence de la Baume, Jean-Claude Vinois & Marianne Sébastien.


10h00 – 11h00 “When the city becomes part with its surroundings,” with Uwe Burka, Sofia de Meyer, Federico San Bonifacio, orchestrated by Katharina Serafimova

 11h30 – 13 h00 “Precious Water” with Giustino Mezzalira, Emmanue Carrière, Marc Henry, Pascale D’Erm, Alain Gachet, orchestrated by Katharina Serafimova 

14h00 – 15h00 “An Ode to the Beauty of Togetherness to Create Good”, with Alexandra Mitsotaki, Jacopo Galli, Gergio Pascolo, Hélène Molinari, Sneska Quaedvlieg Mihailovic, Fabio Pittarrello, orchestrated by Marco Zatterin

15h45 – 17h30 “Regenerative economy & the intelligence of the Living” with Patrick Viveret, Christophe Sempels, Katharina Serafimova, Giovanna Melandri, Arie Ben David, Nathalie Rodary, orchestrated by Bénédicte Fumey.

3RD DAY: MONDAY 20th NOVEMBER (World Children’s Day)

10h00 – 11h30 “Awareness & education through Arts & Nature” with Emilie Gaillard, Chiara Pastorini, Laure Lemarchand, Nicolas Delarose, Anneke Schammann & orchestrated by Bénédicte Fumey.

12h30 – 13h00 “Venice is a living being” with Marko Pogacnik

Workshops (not filmed)

16h15 – 17h15 “Closing session & next steps”

18h00 – 21h00 “1000 Donne di Venetio on Campo San Lorenzo”

With this announcement, we hope to spark your interest and participation in this unique event. Come and join us for this unforgettable experience in Venice, a magical place where the past meets the potential future.


You need more info, send send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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