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Why is radio frequency and 5G dangerous? Martin Pall’s 6 nightmares

Interview with Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences
Washington State University

During our meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels with Michèle Rivasi, frequencia had the opportunity to interview Dr. Martin Pall… about his 6 nightmares. Mostly scientifically proven facts that illuminate much of this scourge of CEM’s exposure.

Martin Pall: Let me just say, my six nightmares really don’t make any sense until you understand what’s going on and to EMF’s generally but I’ll do the best I can. And I realize that these things sound like off the wall predictions, but they’re not. What are my six worst nightmares – they’re all things that are already far along in our societies, where we’re seeing large effects on people and on animals and from the exposures that we have. Preceding 5G and further expansion of 4G and putting radar units in cars so they can drive themselves, all that kind of stuff is being planned for, its preceding all of that, these things are already far advanced. So what are they?

Martin Palls Nightmare Nr. 1 – reproduction

One is reproduction. We know from animal studies that exposures well within our safety guidelines over periods of something like a hundred days, this is in mice to about 160 days can cause the reproduction in mice to crash to zero or very close to zero. So what you see are cumulative effects of the EMF’s so the effects get worse and worse and let me just tell you, littering mice only takes 30 days, so you can observe multiple litters in these kinds of times and what you find is over that kind of time period you get immediate effects on producing lowered reproduction from these EMFs well within the safety guidelines and over time they become more severe and the animals fall off the reproductive cliff and reproduction drops essentially to zero within those kinds of time periods. We are seeing in humans, particularly with male fertility, similar effects in our population. There was a meta-analysis review published by Levine Atoll in 2017 which reported that sperm counts had dropped to below 50% of normal in every single technologically advanced country on earth. Since then, things have gotten much worse. In 2018 there were studies done on male fertility in Finland and in Denmark where in one case 78% and the other case 79% of males were either in the low fertility range or the infertile range, so that’s gotten much worse since just the year before when the Lavine study was published. Those are mostly still in the low fertility range rather than the infertile range, so they haven’t yet crashed completely. In this year 2019, there was a study from Switzerland where 62% of young males which should be the most fertile were infertile. I mean, this is absolutely stunning. Now, I can’t tell you for certain that we’re looking at a time sequence, but that’s what I think is happening and that what we’re seeing is populations falling off the reproductive cliff and if that’s true, we will probably crash to zero in many countries around the world within two or three years. Based on the animal studies, where these crashes seem to be either irreversible or apparently irreversible, we may have an irreversible crash which will produce extinction within a short time period. So what’s 5G going to do, well 5G may well speed this whole thing up by a factor of 10 or something like that, because of its extraordinary activity. So we’re already in a horrendous situation and what we’re talking about basically with 5G is sort of committing almost instantaneous reproductive suicide. You know, I can’t predict exactly how fast 5G will make this thing go, but I expect based on the properties that it will be quite rapid.

Martin Palls Nightmare Nr. 2 – neurological and neuropsychiatric effects

Second thing has to do with the neurological and neuropsychiatric effects and these things are already far along in our population and so what are these? We know EMF’s cause these things and we have the following issues… I can’t sleep, I’m tired all the time, I’m depressed, my memory doesn’t work, I’m anxious, I’ve got cognitive dysfunction, I can’t concentrate and so forth, and these are things that are extraordinarily widespread in our population now.

Martin Palls Nightmare Nr. 3 – impact on our brain

And we have every reason to think that the underlying mechanism is primarily the impact on our brains and certainly when you look in animals you’ll find that they have cumulative effects on the structure of the brain, it becomes more and more severe with time of exposure to the same kind of EMF and to the point where they are extraordinarily impacted over a period of several months, all with exposures well within our safety guidelines so nothing should happen but you get severe cumulative effects in animals. So I expect we are seeing the exactly same thing, based on exposures in humans we already have and our collective brain function may well completely disintegrate within, and I estimated about a year and a half ago about 5 to 7 years but now I’d say it’s about a year less, something like 4 to 6 years. Those are rough estimates, very rough estimates and you can say well maybe it won’t happen, at least not that quickly and that’s quite possible but you know we’re taking risks of the sort that no rational society on earth can possibly take. I mean, it makes absolutely no sense and let’s be very clear, if our collective brain function crashes we’ll go into utter chaos because everything is dependent on our collective brain function, everything. And so what’s 5G going to do, well I’d say it’s going to speed this up tremendously and so we could be talking about 6 months, 8 months, I don’t know. And you know, we’re getting effects, severe effects that are being reported from Switzerland. I’ve got reports from Southern California that there are similar things going on there. We have reason for high level concern here.

Martin Palls Nightmare Nr. 4 – effects on the DNA

The effects on the DNA of our cells are a very substantial concern, we know that these effects occur basically from free radical attack on the DNA and the free radicals are generated from the basic mechanism that’s involved in response to EMF exposure and that they cause the most important types of mutations, things like chromosomal rearrangements and copy number mutations and point mutations, the most important types of mutations that are studied in human genetics. They also produce the most important types of mutations that are involved in causing cancer at the cellular level. So these are all of great concern and again, and here I have to say, we have less data that tells us how far along we are in the human population, I’m not sure how far along we are, I’m very suspicious about this, but I don’t have definitive evidence that tells me how far along we are. I think this of great concern we have what is called the human gene pool which is the sum of all the genes in humanity which allow us to survive as a species and if that is getting very heavily contaminated with these mutations, we’ll become extinct for that reason. That will take longer than these other things but it may be just as certain in terms of what’s going to happen as a consequence. Let me say just one other thing about this, one of the things you get from the DNA effects are chromosomal rearrangements. If we have different chromosomal rearrangements in different human beings, we won’t be able to produce progeny because we are basically going to be functioning like a different species because the process of myosis and fertilization is not going to work properly, so completely apart from the reproductive effects that we are seeing in the short term, we’ve got these longer term effects that are if our gene pool gets heavily contaminated with chromosomal rearrangements we won’t be able to reproduce for that reason as well. These things get worse and worse as you look at it, and they just become almost unimaginable.

Martin Palls Nightmare Nr. 5 – activation of voltage gated calcium channels

OK, let’s talk about another nightmare, the EMF’s work via activation of voltage gated calcium channels and the first thing that happens as a consequence of that is you get increases in intracellular calcium levels, you get large increases, and this causes all or most of the other things that are produced by the EMF’s. Now, the reason I raise this, is because I am very concerned about very early onset Alzheimers dementias and part of the reason I’m concerned about that is because there is a lot of evidence that excessive intracellular calcium has a central role in causing Alzheimers dementia. This has been called the calcium hypothesis of Alzheimer’s disease and there are many papers out on this and when you have this as the immediate effects of the EMF’s and you have a lot of evidence that this is the central cause of Alzheimer’s disease, you obviously should be worried about it right? We should be worried about it. There is in what we’re seeing in the human population is the lowering of the age of onset Alzheimers disease and what we’re also seeing is that electromagnetic field exposures have a role in what are called digital dementias. These are people that are addicted to their digital devices and they develop dementias because of that. How similar those are, or different to Alzheimer’s is uncertain, I mean they really haven’t been studied. I mean, this is either like Alzheimer’s or it’s not like it, but at least it raises the issue about whether EMF exposures can cause dementias and argues that it can. There are epidemiological studies on EMF exposures that argue that they increase the rate of Alzheimer’s disease and now we also know that EMF exposures can increase the levels of the amyloid beta protein which has key causal role in causing Alzheimer’s disease. So we have a number of different arguments which say this. You say well it’s not definitive, well listen to this and tell me it’s not definitive. You know, it turns out that there a lot of very good animal models of Alzheimer’s disease where animals develop changes under certain circumstances where they develop things which are essentially identical to what you see in Alzheimer’s in humans, where a large number of different changes occur. In animals that are very similar to what you see in human studies. There were two studies published, one in 2013 and on in 2016 on EMF pulsations causing Alzheimer’s in rats and causing very early onset Alzheimer’s in rats and the 2013 study show that just a short series of pulses, what are called nanosecond pulses, given to young rats, these were two month old rats, in terms of adult life they were adolescents or something like that. Rats live about three years so you can judge the timing relative to human aging and what happens is if you give a series of just one hundred nanosecond pulses at 10 millisecond intervals, they develop essentially 100% very early onset Alzheimer’s. So we’re giving pulses, 100 pulses within one second, and a two-month old rat, and you wait 18 months, what happens, all or almost all of them have very early onset Alzheimer’s dementias. If you do the same study, but instead of doing the pulses, just give them once, you give them every day, and we’re exposed to many EMF’s every day, what happens is they develop very early onset Alzheimer’s much quicker. Instead of waiting 18 months, in 4 to 8 months you start seeing the effects. 4 to 8 months, this is after, the radiation is at two months. These are 6 to 10 month old rats and I say that rats live about 3 years. These are very young rats that are getting Alzheimer’s disease from this and that’s all from just EMF pulses. And we talk about looking at 5G. 5G is extraordinarily highly pulsed and we could easily develop 100% universal early onset Alzheimer’s in humans, from 5G radiation. Now do we know for certain that’s going on? No we don’t, we’ve never experienced this thing, but it’s imminently plausible that that could develop and to put out 5G with these kinds of risk is absolutely insane, this is crazy.

Martin Palls Nightmare Nr. 6 – activation of voltage gated calcium channels

So let me say, number six is something I just added recently to my list of nightmares and I’ll tell you why in a minute. We have many studies on cardiac effects of electromagnetic fields and the effects that are produced involve the electrical control of the heart so you can get instantaneous tachycardia from EMF exposures. Over time you get cumulative effects on the heart, such that you get bradycardia and you can get arrhythmias from both and arrhythmias particularly when they are associated with bradycardia are often associated with sudden cardiac death and we have animal studies that show that EMF exposures can cause sudden cardiac death. So we have all these things and that’s obviously a very serious situation. We have many young athletes who die in the middle of an athletic competition who die of sudden cardiac death, there’s no proof of what’s going on but this is the obvious explanation. What is happening, what is the physiology of this, what’s causing it, the reason that we have this is because in the human and animal heart we have certain cells called pacemaker cells which regulate the heartbeat. They are located in the part of the heart called the sinoatrial node and they have a very high density of these voltage gated calcium channels which are the targets of the EMFs. We have every reason to believe this is a direct impact on the pacemaker cells in the sinoatrial part of the heart. Interestingly, there is one study, and only one study to my knowledge that showed that when you expose animals to EMFs over a period of time and then you look at the hearts in those animals you find degeneration of the sinoatrial node of the heart, which looks very much like the degeneration you see in heart failure so you’re getting sort of a localized heart failure, specifically in these cells, from the chronic or repeated exposures to the EMFs and I think that’s probably what’s causing the bradycardia and making the animals and humans as well very sensitive to these EMF effects.

One of the reasons I got very interested in this is the following: there have been 31 race horse deaths starting late last December so over the last 9 months or so where the racehorses died in the middle of a race and this is absolutely extraordinary. There are 36 antennae of various sorts on the Santa Anita race track and the adjacent, what’s called Santa Anita park, where the race horses are stabled when they are not running. There is very high density of exposures. Of course, what 5G is threatening to do is give us all very high densities of exposures and so that’s why this whole thing should be linked to 5g and the 5G antennae also will put out 4G which will also be quite damaging. The interpretation with regard to the racehorse deaths from the cardiac effects is then pretty obvious and we therefore should have concern about similar effects in humans and let me say there are other race tracks which are also seeing these kinds of deaths but just not with the numbers that you see with the Santa Anita tracks. This is not right at the top end of these things but it’s not a unique occurrence. The other race horse deaths at the same location are also interesting and they involve massive bone breakage where the horse is running and the horse falls down, breaks a leg and a bunch of other bones, you get massive bone breakage and of course they have to be killed because you can’t survive like that. So how can that be caused by EMF exposures is the question? I think the answer is actually quite simple. When we activate these voltage gated calcium channels, you get a large amount of calcium flowing into the cells. What that does in turn is it depletes the extra cellular calcium, the calcium outside the cells and so those levels drop. What our bodies do when the extra cellular calcium is low is secrete parathyroid hormone which then pulls calcium out the bones to restore the extracellular calcium levels. Now if that just happens once or twice it’s probably not a big problem, if you keep doing this over and over again with intermittent EMF exposures, you’re going to produce a severe weakening of the bones and you are going to have much greater effects. Race horses put huge stresses on their bones so this really isn’t too surprising. We are seeing now in humans, more and more problems with bone breakage so this whole thing is truly extraordinary. All these things that we see, we can understand and we’re looking at really severe effects. These may not be the only severe effects that we see. I’ve predicted a number of others and whether or not they are actually happening I don’t know. But we’re taking absolutely horrendous risks and it is just absolutely unconscionable.

What is your biggest hope and dream now for the world?

My biggest dream is we’ll stop 5G and we’ll start decreasing our exposures to other things because we need to do both, that’s what we have to do. There are many ways to lower exposures while still enjoying the fruits of much of this technology. It’s not like it’s impossible to do, not at all. That’s what we have to do and if we don’t do that we’ll be gone. We’ll just go the way of… you know many other species will become extinct, and that’ll be it. You know, that’s it and let me just say there are plans to put 5G in all kinds of third world countries, so we’re not just talking about things that are going to impact the technologically advanced parts of the world. We’re going to impact almost all the world. And I have to say, if our brain function goes to hell, which I expect it will, and we still live in a world which has nuclear weapons, who’s to say what’s going to happen then?

A final word?

One thing we need to do that we haven’t talked about is we need to pound on the regulatory agencies because the safety guidelines simply do not predict biological effects and therefore do not predict safety. And therefore all the claims of safety they make are simply false. They have to be called into account, when they claim safety guidelines protect us, they do not. The second thing I think we need to do is to emphasize the fact that we do not give up our rights under the Nuremburg code. Those rights guarantee that we will not be experimented on without our informed consent and they also guarantee us a whole bunch of other things and we need to say that’s not acceptable and never will be.

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