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Notre Dame de Paris – the why

Since it happened, I was hoping to find a plausible answer to the fire of Notre Dame de Paris. Yesterday, I have discovered such a document, that resumes for me the great WHY. I’m so so so pleased to forward to you this beautiful writing of Monique Mathieu. Please take your time for it, it is worth a million.

By Monique Mathieu

“Notre-Dame de Paris is not only a beautiful artwork. This cathedral was designed and built on an extremely powerful place on the vibrational level.

Some people want to divert this place from its original role: to radiate a certain vibratory frequency all around and much further even than the Île Saint-Louis where this monument is located.

Built on a sacred site, the monument in itself is a sacred monument.

In the present time, all that is sacred in energy and Love hinders the forces of dark light.

Notre-Dame de Paris was a sacred monument not only because of its excellent beauty, but also because of its ability to capture energy, particularly thanks to its arrow (which collapsed). Notre-Dame de Paris was a considerable sensor.

Why this fire?

This building will always retain its power, but it really and very much hinders the dark light that now wants, with all its strength, to win the battle. The forces of dark light know that it is no longer possible for them to win, so they try to attack places that are very energetic and very much carrying a vibratory frequency of Love.

Initially, Notre-Dame de Paris was asleep, then she woke up. She had already been damaged and repaired.

Some great initiates know the occult power, the gigantic power of this cathedral. The dark light also includes the occult power of Notre-Dame de Paris.

The dark light no longer wants sacred places that generate an important vibratory frequency and have an important occult power, as is the case of many large basilicas built by the Compagnons ‘du Devoir’; they knew how to arrange the beams; they had the necessary knowledge to respect the perfect harmony of the vibration.

Those who built the cathedrals were also spiritual initiates. They were not only good workers and builders, they had followed spiritual teachings and applied them to such sacred buildings as Chartres Cathedral and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which is also an extraordinary monument.

Notre-Dame de Paris has a great spiritual symbol; other monuments in Paris and elsewhere have it too.

Why did Notre-Dame de Paris catch fire?

For two reasons! This fire symbolizes the end (we are sorry to say so) of the Catholic Church, because it has failed. We are not talking about those who pray sincerely in their hearts, we are talking about those who lead it. Those who lead it no longer serve the Light and Love as they did. They take advantage, they are no longer pure in their soul, they have deviated from their primary mission and have given themselves a little too much to Mammon.

The Catholic religion and all religions are destined to disappear and will be replaced by the universal religion that will truly connect beings in brotherhood and Love.

We are very happy to see that there are still pure beings in all religions, whether they are Christians or Muslims. The pure beings, that is, those who simply believe, can constitute the base of the pyramid, but many of those at the top believe only in their own power, in their personal satisfaction; they believe in everything they should not believe in and have forgotten about the essential.

We will say this anyway: among the representatives of all religions – and we mean “all religions” – there are pure beings who give themselves totally to their fellow human beings. It is not generality, but at the top of the scale there are beings who are no longer of any use! We don’t judge, we see things as they are!

This fire should not have happened, but it was intended by some forces in a very important way.

You will ask: “Why didn’t the Beings of Love protect Notre Dame? “Quite simply because this very powerful symbol, which was not supported by the representatives of Love and Light, had to collapse.

This symbol had to collapse, but the place itself will remain present in its vibration and energies. It is possible to knock down a monument, but it is not possible to transform the powers of the Earth and the unity between the powers of the Earth and the cosmic powers.

This place is a very powerful cosmo-telluric place. In this cathedral, as in Chartres, there was a specific place where the cosmic-telluric energies were gigantic.

What will become of this place? Some beings will want to annihilate it by transforming its structure, even transforming everything that has been so well calculated so that it can emit the appropriate vibration. They will do it more or less; they will do aesthetics, but they will not restore the vibration of Notre-Dame de Paris. However, it must be!

Its reconstruction will not be done as some would like in a relatively short time because where the shadow acts, the Light also acts! The Light will not allow the shadow to use certain vibrations in a malicious way.

It is a very strong signal that has been given to France, that has been given to the world, that has been given to the Christian religion and to all religions, not because it is Notre-Dame de Paris, but simply because beyond the symbol of the building itself, it is a very powerful esoteric and spiritual symbol.

Unfortunately, Notre Dame will not be the only one to be mutilated. There will be what you call (the word is perhaps a little unjust) religious wars.

In the different religious cultures, be sure that there are truly wonderful people who believe, who have total faith and who are able to give much of themselves to their fellow people. But, we repeat, it is the ones at the top who are not where they should be and who do not act as they should.

The symbol is twofold: the end of religions that have not been able to live up to what they should have been and, for France, this very small country, also the end of the way in which society functions at the political, economic and social level.

Why was so much money given to rebuild this monument? The answer we’re going to give you will surprise you!

Those who gave this money are not on the side of the Light, even if they gave without counting. They gave it in order to be able to continue to establish their power, in order to help the dark light to remain in power, either consciously or unconsciously (for some).

When the dark light has been absorbed by the Light, the beings who have given hundreds of millions of euros will no longer possess much.

The world will be a completely different place. The world will shift to different data, to a different conception of life. There will no longer be all these privileges, there will no longer be all these manipulations, and be sure that the powerful people who live the privileges on a daily basis, the powerful people of this world which is ending, will be “poor” in the world which is starting again.

These beings can only live through their money, their power, their pleasure. They will therefore always do everything possible not only to stop the advent and, if they can, to prevent it.

You say: at Easter, the bells ring! The bells rang, but they didn’t sound the same! They rang the sound of liberation, they rang the sound of the new world you have entered.

Of course, as we have often told you, and we are repeating it tonight, you are in a narrow passage. Any narrow passage can be difficult to walk through, or even dangerous, for those who are not prepared.

What happened in Notre-Dame, what is happening in all the churches in France, what will happen even in other monuments that also represent your current civilization, is necessary to move towards something else!

Mary is in every place! She did not protect Notre Dame because it should not have been like this. There had to be a shock, that some beings understood that it meant the end of a cycle and a renewal towards something else, towards the true religion, the one that connects beings in true fraternity and Love.

Unfortunately, many other monuments representing Mary will be more or less destroyed, damaged or vandalized.

Do not be sad because these are signs that you are and that you will really be in a new existence, new parameters, new paradigms of life. So rejoice because you are really moving towards something else that is wonderful. We say “wonderful”, especially in view of the extremely difficult lives of billions of people on this small planet. We are talking about billions of people, because if you take away a few very highly privileged people, a large part of humanity lives under the yoke and, as if in slavery, it does not have the possibility and courage to say no.

Now, when you enter a cathedral, in all the churches where there is Mary, have a thought, connect with Mary; ask her to protect what can still be protected, even if the old can be part of it, at least at the beginning of this very great new cycle for humanity, if only to honour the elders who gave their lives and knowledge, and who have put a lot of Love into the construction of these places which very often contain a high spirituality and whose vibrations are considerable.

The vibrations of places of worship, whatever they are, Muslims, Catholics, Christians, have been soiled. Why? To enter these places of worship, it would have to be done with the awareness of the sacred nature of these places. People come to visit it, as at Notre-Dame de Paris, without respect for the sacred place, by speaking aloud, photographing it, etc.

What happened during what you consider to be a disaster was really the shift to another vibration, to another reality.

I have a vision: I see the cathedral builders. Before each working day, the workers and designers connected in a huge prayer; they asked for protection from accidents and help to ensure that everything was perfect, down to the smallest detail. Everything was calculated in terms of the vibratory impact of each element, each sculpture, each shape. They honored the place they were building, they honored the Beings who helped them in this construction and they were permanently connected to them.

It is not to be believed that they were only good technicians and workers; they were awake beings!

In the new sacred places, there will be total respect. This is also why sacred places such as cathedrals are gradually closing in on energy. The place will stay, even when there are no more buildings! Cosmo-telluric places will remain, but at that time they can be used differently.

Notre Dame de Paris will protect herself, in the vibration of course, and she will fall asleep until the renewal, but not the renewal of reconstruction, until the renewal of life.

Given what has been done against the vibration of Notre Dame, she can only fall asleep and protect herself. This place is sacred!”

Source: www.ducielalaterre.org

Co-Translated from French with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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