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2019, the year of immense transformations

 “There will be many phenomenon (that is phenomenon of intense light) that you will not be able to explain and that will raise many questions. Some of them will attest that the great change is here. It is not even announcing itself! You are in it, but you are not aware of it because this change that does not happen brusquely manifests itself sometimes by some sufferings or great fatigue. It is for this reason that you are not aware of it.

Be attentive to all events that will take place in the sky and to all the unusual events that could happen on Earth, because there will be some of them also.

More and more, the news will be hidden from you because those who lead the world and who pull the strings do not wish for you to know what is really happening. However, the news cannot be hidden indefinitely, and all that was hidden under the bushel will manifest itself in broad daylight; all that has been hidden deep in the well will emerge.

You will be astonished by some things!”

They are showing me some people who will be so totally astonished that their mouth will be wide open, and they will say “Oh!”. But this will be an “Oh!” of joy, of contentment and of astonishment, and not of sadness.

They are also telling me:

“The magnetic poles are in the process of shifting towards an equilibrium. In order for this not to be too hard for humans, we are making sure that the transformation is slowed down, this readjustment. Planet Earth must regain its equilibrium. If this happened all of a sudden, there would be considerable catastrophes.

You are going, more and more, at the level of your consciousness and of your behavior, towards a higher dimension. We are not speaking about the fourth dimension that is a dimension of transit and therefore temporary, but you are going more and more towards the fifth dimension because your consciousness is ready (at the physical level it is not the same thing). You are ready to see the Light that is beginning to manifest itself in you and the veils are beginning to be removed from you.

When you have attained a certain degree of comprehension, of Wisdom and of Love, your veils will progressively be removed, and you will recuperate the faculties of your spirit. This cannot take place until you have attained a certain degree of wisdom, of comprehension and of Love…

Therefore, be on the watch for all that is strange; the signs are going to follow one another very rapidly, whether it is signs given by volcanoes, earthquakes or huge storms; you all know these signs!

There will also be signs that you do not know and that risk frightening you. But, above all, do not panic, what happens must take place before the immense transformation that planet Earth will experience.

Of course, your unfriendly brothers do everything they can to avoid the passage of the Earth into the fifth dimension and of all that lives on it, because the unfriendly beings cannot live in the fifth dimension due to the fact that they are not open to spirituality. They are open at the level of power, of domination, to the intellect or of the material creation, but they do not have either a spiritual opening or an opening of consciousness; they have no emotions.

Some of them are “salvageable” as you say, whether it is the Dracos or the Greys, especially the Greys, some of whom are beginning to accept this transformation, but they will experience it much more painfully than you because this will be a large shift in their life.

If they truly accept to transform themselves spiritually deep within (which will obligate them to suddenly surpass many things that they have not been able to live progressively), they may choose to remain in their world. Otherwise, they must leave the Earth definitively or else be annihilated.

Here then is the choice that these unfriendly beings who have done much damage to planet Earth will have and who, now cannot continue. We will intervene because it must be so and because their actions can also disturb all of your solar system.

Therefore, it will be forbidden for the unconscious clever ones, who have no consciousness and who are directed by beings who are even more insane than they are, to remain on Earth.

Above all, no matter what happens, do not be afraid! You are strong, you have been receiving our teachings for years now. Even if you do not remember it, this teaching is for you! You have memorized it and have integrated it at the level of vibrations. This teaching will be an important asset for your future. At the limit, you will know what to do to face the events that you will have to experience.

Our teaching will also act upon your fears: during an event, you will begin to be afraid; then the fear will disappear thanks to all that we have taught you and that will come to the surface. At that moment, you will know that our help has been acquired by you; therefore, your fears will disappear.

Even those who have forgotten or who have chosen another path will keep what they have acquired during the precious moments when they have been able to listen to and to experience the teaching. If afterwards they have sat down on the side of the path, this does not mean that they are bad beings, but they may have found this path to be too difficult. They may have then sat down and found an easier path to continue to help and to love.

All the beings who have listened to our teaching have an important potential for Love. Some have placed a veil on this potential, others have gone towards other spiritual paths, but they will always keep deep within, what they have experienced as well as the teaching that was given them, here or elsewhere…

You must try to watch yourself live, to be attentive to your thoughts and to be much more vigilant. Reassure yourself, if you accept to integrate these energies, they will help you.

These energies will be like immense lights (you cannot see them, but they are there!) that will penetrate you, will transform your cells, your matter and will awaken your consciousness to some new concepts…Have no fear!

The only thing that we ask you is to accept, not to revolt and to say: “I am living this because I am experiencing my mutation, my transformation”. We have already told you, it is a mutation, a great transformation and, even if they are difficult, you are experiencing and will experience some extraordinary moments.

Accept the difficulties that your body has, bless them, love them, accept your physical and psychic transformations, because everything is going in the same direction. You are suffering because a part of yourself is pushing from one side, whereas another part wishes to continue to live its old life, that life that you know and that is still comfortable.

You do not accept the new outlines of functioning. So you are torn between the power that is in you (that leads you to the Light and that is going to increase tenfold) and the other part of you that is a part of what you have been up until now, up until a few years ago, all the part that knows its own life, and that is afraid to go towards the new world (even if this fear is totally unconscious).

You ask for it but, as you do not know it, you have a little fear anyway. You would prefer to live in what you know than to live in what you do not know. Therefore, accept! To accept is, however, very difficult! All those who have some difficulties must let go completely of all their difficulties so that the immense Light, (we do mean “immense”, that is going to transform you in the deepest part of yourself) can without difficulty take its place in you and transform you.

We say “without difficulty” because it is you and only you – without your being aware of it and this is why it is so difficult – that slows down this immense transformation.

If one day, as we have told you, you accept it, you will feel so much lighter, as if you had gotten rid of some weight from your life that is still on your shoulders. Having arrived at that moment, you will be rid of this weight and, no matter what happens around you, you will feel marvelous because you will have understood, and you will have accepted.

Your family and friends will feel this new vibration that will automatically go towards them and will attain them. Sometimes this could shake them up, sometimes they will not understand what is happening to them; they may not understand that it is you who offers this vibration of Light and Love. But, little by little, you will transfer to those who surround you some marvelous things that you can offer them.

Beforehand, love yourself! Love yourself, this is what is important! We ask all of you to love yourself and to work on Love for yourself and for others, being sure to really be in the Love Vibration. This is very important for the rest of your life and for the rest of your mission, for what you have to accomplish in this world.

Do not forget that each of you has a mission! No one is inactive! Even if you ignore it, your behavior towards those around you already participates in the mission that you have vis-à-vis others, yourself and the Universe. You must not forget it!

We are going to speak to you about cycles.

Humans think that they have changed the year but, in the collective conscience, it is a change of cycle. There is a personal cycle, a collective cycle and a planetary cycle.

Effectively, you have changed a year (it is not a planetary change even if all the beings on planet Earth celebrate this new year). This new year is a part of purely human cycles, this is what counts for humanity.

But the cycle that is the most important (the new cycle) is that which you are currently living and that is at the same time personal, collective and planetary.

When we say: “there is no executioner, there is no victim”, this means that humans are living the game of the transformation. So those that you consider to be executioners are unfortunately also a part of the immense transformation.

We are now going to apply to human beings what we have told you about your unfriendly brothers. Why hasn’t there been a stop placed on the action of your unfriendly brothers who could have been pulled from this world a long time ago?

They needed to play their role, as difficult as it is, in order to allow a considerable awakening of consciousness on planet Earth in order for it to be liberated, cleansed.

We cannot liberate and cleanse planet Earth because we do not live in this world and therefore it is up to you, our brothers of the Earth, to cleanse your planet and to awaken yourself at the level of consciousness and of Love.

You must of course always have compassion for those who suffer! You must even have compassion for those who mistreat, for those whom you call “the executioners”!

You, yourselves, have a serene life and have not committed difficult acts in this life. You may have had some contrary events, which is in no way comparable. This is not the case for those who have committed difficult acts and who have mistreated an infinity of beings! You can imagine what will happen to them when they leave this world: they will be face-to-face with themselves and will see all that their soul will show them, that is to say all the atrocities they have committed during their passage on Earth. This will be much more horrible than all the torture they may have subjected humans to (and that they could have even continued to subject them to).

Therefore, when we say: “There is no victim, there is no executioner” this can revolt you; it is comparable to a game of roles where the role of everyone has its importance. As we have often told you, suffering makes one evolve. If some sufferings did not exist, humans would not evolve as fast. Look at what is happening right now!

So, do not judge anyone, do not have any negative sentiment or any deep negative emotion in relation to leaders, no matter who they are, because the leaders and all humans are themselves the puppets of those who manipulate them, that is to say your unfriendly brothers!

Therefore, once again, have compassion! Love others! It is not always easy to love others if they are very different from what you are…But we are not asking you to love them affectionately; we are simply asking you to send them a thought of Love!

It is the moment to surpass your humanity. Now, you must brush off your somber clothing, your clothing of the third dimension, to cleanse it deeply and to render it luminous in order to put on your cloak of Light.

All will happen simultaneously and even without you really being aware of it. You are heading towards an immense transformation! This immense transformation will make you aware of the usefulness of certain things and the inutility of others. It will lead you to awakenings of consciousness and will elevate you well beyond human suffering.

You will succeed in surpassing human suffering by successive awakenings of consciousness and you will even be astonished. It is not that you will have no more Love, it is that your Love will have been sublimated. Right now, you are living the Love of the third dimension. You will then accede to the Love of the higher dimensions, that is a Love full of compassion for your family and friends and for yourself; this Love is without any emotion.

You can sometimes feel a positive emotional love for your spouse or your family (you must manifest this) but this Love will no longer generate any suffering. You will have then surpassed the purely human love. All of this can take place gently and without suffering.

Even if you are similar at the level of Love and of your willingness to go towards this deep transformation, you are all different and you will live these transformations differently.

We ask you above all to watch yourself live, and even to accept to bend the knee and to accept your transformation, even if it manifests through a suffering in your body.

Here then is a little of what we wanted to respond to your question.

You will see that you will have much more detachment in relation to yourself and that the things that affect you deeply today will have much less importance tomorrow. You will look at the difficult things of your life or of those who surround you with so much compassion and Love that these difficulties will not attain you and at that moment, they will help the persons in your entourage who suffer.

If you suffer with the people who are suffering, you do not help them; whereas, if you are serene and strong, if you are in the Light and in the Love, you will help them. These people may not be aware of it, but you can really help them!

You have a marvelous mission; to spread Love and the Light around you!

We are going to help you. Once again, have no fear, no matter what happens. We are here, we will help you and we will protect you, be certain!”

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