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Nahuatl liberation blessing

I free my parents from the feeling that they have failed with me.

I free my children from the need to make me proud. May they go their own ways to their heart’s content. May they follow their intuition and thus realize their dreams.

I release my partner from the obligation to complete me. There is nothing wrong with me, I am learning all the time with all beings.

I thank my grandparents and my ancestors who came into the world so that I can live today.

I free them from past failures and unfinished wishes, knowing that they did their best to carry their lives in the best way they could.

I honor them, love them and recognize them as free from all guilt.

I show my soul before their eyes, therefore they know that I hide or owe nothing more than being true to myself and my own existence by following the wisdom of my heart.

I fulfill my life plan free from family loyalty.

I know that my peace and happiness are my own responsibility.

I renounce the role of savior, of being the one who fulfills the expectations of others.

By learning through and only through love, I honor my essence and bless my being and expression, even though I may not be understood.

I understand myself because only I have lived and experienced my story. Because I know myself, I know who I am, what I feel, what I do and why I do it.

I honor myself, I love myself and recognize myself as free of guilt.

I honor you, I love you and recognize you as free from guilt.

I honor the divinity in me and in you.

We are free…

(Source not to be further verified: Former Nahuatl blessing, written in the 7th century)

Die Vision des Guten supports

Cleaning- and taking responsability for the state of our soul - by Christina von Dreien


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