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The changeover can take place overnight!

By Monique Mathieu

“At this moment, the people of France and all other peoples can have immense power and can turn events upside down.

First of all, we ask you to remain free! We have said it a thousand times but it is so, so, so important that we repeat it and we will repeat it again!

In your society, being free is very difficult, because fear has been generated in such an extraordinary way that human beings have not even realized that they are being dragged into a fear that now overwhelms them.

However, humanity will wake up! As it did not want to wake up free and refusing what has been imposed upon it, it will wake up in a much more brutal way in relation to certain events that will inevitably occur. We say: “ineluctably”!

We do not wish to talk to you about events. All you have to do is look around you! Open your eyes and ears! Try to listen to those who are sincere and just, and those who are in the lie and manipulation. Everything is laid out before your eyes! If you have ears to hear and eyes to see, you will see your way and you will know who is lying to you and who is telling the truth!

You are living in a very special time of life on Earth. This period is marked in the stars, because not only are you going to change your vibratory frequency, therefore your dimension, but you are also going to change era. You were in the era of Pisces, you are beginning to be in the era of Aquarius… You can see and feel this change of era, but it will no longer have the same meaning in astrology or in all the studies that were done a long time ago, it will no longer have the same meaning because now everything will be different.

We told you that the signal of great, very great changes would take place in 2012, and many human beings on Earth thought that this meant the end of the world.

There will be the end “of a world” but not the end “of the world”! The world as a sphere cannot be destroyed! Why can’t it be destroyed? Because we are watching!

Many, many cycles ago, there was a planet in your solar system similar to yours where life was as it is now and as it has been in previous periods; this planet was destroyed, and do you know by what? By atomic wars!

In the scriptures, this planet was called Malkuth. It exploded and caused quite considerable damage to the balance of the solar system.

Those whose mission is to protect the Earth, those whose mission is to make sure that there are no more similar catastrophes, decided that never again would a planet be destroyed in the solar system, and even in other solar systems, because it would create a significant interference and would destroy the balance of all the other planets in the solar systems. So we are watching!

We know that the forces of dark light will do everything they can to harm life.

The Great Beings of Light and your Galactic Brothers, whose mission it is to watch over this world so that the same thing does not happen as it did in Malkuth, will do everything possible so that it does not happen and so that all those who want to harm the Earth will be removed and, we will even say exterminated, not by us but because they did not understand.

Such gigantic vibrations will flood your solar system and your world, and these beings will no longer be able to live, so they will be destroyed because of their lack of consciousness, because of their lack of Love, because of their lack of knowledge of what they really are.

It is not necessarily their fault. Human beings are very fragile! Even if they think they are all-powerful because they have money, because they have power, they are very fragile! They are very fragile in relation to what they are inside, in relation to what they receive from outside and also in relation to their behavior.

When beings use certain practices, when they harm the other, they harm themselves! So all the beings who manipulate certain things that should not be manipulated to destroy others, destroy themselves.

At this moment, you are living an extraordinary period of life on Earth, a period that will allow you to understand everything, to learn everything, to feel everything, to live in an intense way, on the only condition that you have awakened, that you have awakened to a new consciousness.

Another condition also is that you have understood that the only force that governs Life, your life and life in the Universe, is the almighty force of Love Vibration! Love Vibration can have a tremendous force, but it is limited by the human.

From the moment you go beyond the human sphere, you will encounter a vibratory frequency far beyond human love. It can be called Unconditional Love, Universal Love, a Love that is truly far superior to human love.

So this Love Vibration that we have spoken to you about very often will manifest itself in you because it is in you, it is dormant, because the only Love that has awakened in you for the moment is affective love, love between humans, love for nature, for everything that lives; we are talking about human love, this love that sometimes has an extraordinary power. Thanks to human love, a being is capable of making sacrifices to save those he or she loves.

The Love Vibration that we are talking about will have considerable importance tomorrow, and if we speak to you again and again about Love it is to make you understand that it is your main asset.

With Love, the understanding of Love, you can dissolve all that is inferior, you can destroy barriers, you can destroy very dark constructions created by the dark light. Love is the greatest force in the Universe, Love creates all the time!

If it creates permanently, why can’t you yourself create with this tremendous power? What can you create for the moment, if not all the spiritual and divine qualities, if not your radiance by being aware of who you are, what you are, the radiance and the Love that you will be able to offer to all those around you?

We will repeat what we have often said :

A person who has understood the immense power of Love and Light can enlighten ten, fifteen, twenty people around him without doing anything, simply by being!

By being what you are and with the consciousness of what you are, with the consciousness of what you can bring to your brothers, you can be the example!

In the times to come, you will have much to help through words to reassure again and again, to help through what will emanate from you, to help through your care, whatever it may be. We are talking about magnetizers, we are talking about those who can constantly reassure their brothers.

Many things will evolve in each one of you. For the moment, even you who are well awakened are still in the first steps of your real awakening.

Veils are still hiding your own Light from you and are also hiding the Light that surrounds you. However, these veils will gradually be removed so that you can become more aware of who you are and the role you have to play in this life, and also the role you will have to play in accelerating the transition process that will lead you to the fifth dimension.

Extraordinary things will happen on your world, dark things of course, but also beautiful things that you are not even aware of.

Imagine that tomorrow you wake up after a long sleep and everything around you is different. You feel much lighter, serene, you have immense peace in the depths of your heart, you feel like laughing, singing, dancing, offering life as you feel it.

Tomorrow you will be different! You will leave your home, and at that moment you will perceive life in a totally different way, in a way that you have never perceived until now.

You will ask yourself, “What happened? Am I really awake? Am I still having a beautiful dream?”

No! You will have awakened to another life, to another world, to the new world that each of you is calling for with all our heart!

You must already create this new world within you! You have the power of the mind, the power to create what is most beautiful, and from the moment you create what is most beautiful within you, you can make the new world grow within you where you would so much like to live, to feel sensations of peace, joy, serenity, perfect health that you have never felt before.

If there are ten, a hundred, a thousand, millions, hundreds of millions of you (we are optimistic of course) to be able to create this new world in them, it would give it the possibility to be really created!

The changeover can take place overnight! The switchover can be that waking up after a sleep where you will feel completely different, where your world will be different, where everything your eyes look at will be different.

You will say, “This is just a dream! In these times we live in total darkness! We don’t know what tomorrow will be like!”

We will answer you: It doesn’t matter what tomorrow will be! The most important thing is what you will be able to create for your “tomorrow”!

We believe very much in the human being because he has enormous potentialities. The human being has a power that he does not suspect! »

Source: https://ducielalaterre.org

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