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Julie Ann – Our mental reacts to fear and our hearts act from love

This woman is truly an incredible inspiration.

Explaining through her own example how all this what we live here on Earth, has been created by us, through our own will. She has like answers on all our questions, and her stillness is just so soothing.

One thing also I love she says is that our mental reacts to fear, and our hearts act from love.

There is a huge difference.


What you are looking for is not awakening, what you are looking for is to KNOW that you are already what you are looking for and to live as such.

Then know beyond a doubt that you’re already
The Presence that experiences absolutely everything
of the Experience and that as we speak.

Do not believe any more that you are this person who experiences life, know that you are the miracle of life that experiences this person.


Julie Ann


By Julie Ann: Self-realization
In the fall of 2017, there was a total awakening, what the sages call the realization of the Self.

When this happens, it is seen that we are The Presence itself, we are the source of all things, that we are all ONE, that there is no separation, that the character we believe so strongly to be does not exist. Everyone is already realized but very few know it because of the veil of identification. There is no hierarchy, everyone is the Master, the ALL. Everything is perfect now, just enjoy the trip without struggle, taste life in all its flavours without conditions.

It is the Consciousness that is tasted and observed at every moment. During the Realization, it is also seen that time is an illusion, there is only now. The suffering is outside of now and in the illusion of being a person.

When this is seen, it is the end of suffering, of duality, of the struggle against life itself. What we are, we are now, we always have been, we always will be, it’s the only thing that’s permanent, it never moves, it’s eternal.

It is a very brief summary of what is experienced at the time of the Realisation because no word can translate this. Life unveils itself to each one now in its immense wisdom and can be welcomed in all its splendour when there is no longer the filter of the ego.

During Realization, there is a radical transformation that causes the mind to fade and knowledge to emerge spontaneously. It is the movement of life that is expressed at every moment. The appearance of this body becomes totally at the service of life. It’s not personal anymore.

It is the Ultimate Peace, Love, pure Joy. There is no word to describe this.

All barriers fall. There is no longer any fear because it is seen that there is no one to protect. It is the end of suffering because it is understood that life is not a personal matter. The wonderful Presence that we are can then settle down to express its full expression without being restricted by identification and we remain aboard the boat of life in order to observe all the wonders of life emerging at each moment and to savour each experience intensely since totally present to life, without condition.

What a beauty!

In Peace, infinite Love and Joy that emerge from who we are.


Coco Tache supports

The game of the “I”… Duality is only a story that plays in the heart of the unity


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