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The game of the “I”… Duality is only a story that plays in the heart of the unity

When you search for something, you find it. In fact, you dont’ even need to search, the solutions come to us. This text is extraordinary, it really helps to realize who we really are… No, we are not that “I” who is just experiencing duality… We are the one observing all this. And then, if all this is a game, why don’t we choose to create our new dream now? Juhuuuuuu… We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, that’s for sure!!!!

From Laurent FreemanStop Mensonges

In the logic of the transition into the new world, we must learn to better control our creative power of manifestation (thoughts/visual projections/emotions/will & attention) towards what we want to see created in the matrix (the so-called “physical” world), and not to focus on the negative that we no longer want to experience.

A good inner cleaning (THE FORGIVING), replacing judgment with COMPASSION, keeping Faith in the Unique Infinite Creator. And so on, a total change of inner life and by external mirror effect.

We focus on what we want. About what we like. About what we co-create with the help of the Source within us.

There is no need to criticize this or that state.

Anti-Zionism is replaced by THE LIBERATION OF PALESTINIANS & ISRAELIANS (we are all brothers <3), & THE FRENCH, & ALL PEOPLE OF THE EARTH, & of the whole Universe. We focus on FREEDOM. And not on so-and-so attacks.

Victory will always belong to Unity, to Love, because everything is born of Unity and everything returns to Unity.

Duality is only a story that is played out within Unity.

It’s Maya.

The illusion created by the ego. The “game” of the I.

We have the power within us (Divine / Heart / Love) to create a better world.

But there are Divine Cosmic Laws to recognize, and they are REAL:

– Everyone’s Free Choice must be respected.
If you respect it or if you break it, in both cases it is part of your karma in + or -.

– What you send out comes back to you.
Everything always goes back to the sender, karma again….

– What you have inside will be reflected on the outside.
To try to change the image in the mirror (the world) without first wanting to change oneself internally is a frantic, exhausting, illusory and endless race, and it continues from incarnations to incarnations.

Changing the world is first of all changing oneself.

– Everything is vibration, cycles in cycles, balance and balance, polarized, and Everything is ONE.
Nothing is actually separate. Everything is energetically linked, even if our limited physical senses do not perceive it. We are actually the ocean dreaming that it is a separate drop of water. In reality, drops do not exist (it is the illusion of the ego, of the “I” self as a physical body (THIS WHAT WE ARE NOT!!!!!!!).

We are not physical bodies, the bodies are envelopes for this experience.

We are nothing, a tiny part of an extraordinary, omnipotent, and omniscient great Whole. Consciousness, Self, ONE and Infinite, of which we are all a part. And we are all brothers and sisters from eternity and for eternity. We just wear very different masks to play a game, the game of the “I”. It’s a game, remember!

This is not a game about hurting each other. At least that’s not why the game was originally created by “The Great All-Powerful and All-Knowing, Unconditional Infinite Love”.

But some children have fallen for the “I” game, a bit like a (cosmic) teenager who wears “3D holographic glasses” for too long watching films of an average duration of 70 years featuring many different characters and separated by distinct physical bodies.

The simulation being extraordinarily well done, what he will take as his own physical body (because it is always in the foreground as in the games recreated by these characters in the film) will even have sensations (5 physical senses), he will feel the gravity, acceleration, pain and well-being of his virtual holographic body.

Being identified with an object in relation to other external objects, he will experience the illusion of time and space.

And as long as he takes himself for his character (as long as he wants to continue playing the “I” game), he will continue (Law of Free Choice) and karma will apply to each of his thoughts and actions in the game, creating an infinite dynamic scenario, and he will have series of reincarnations to continue his game, its exploration of duality through a “separate” fictional character in the form of an “object”, whether it is a material object (identification with the physical body), a series of thoughts (scenario based on memories created by the mental character/ego) or emotions.

All 3 are objects (they appear and disappear on the screen of consciousness). They are just passing through and have no real existence. It is just a series of information from the Self to animate the game in the matrix (mental/program).

But the being behind the mask who experiences all this is REAL.

And in the game, you can make him feel bad, or do him good.

And in reality, whatever mask he or she wears, behind the mask it is the same Being, just dreaming that he or she is someone, a separate and defined object. He dreams like a baby. And it’s his right to dream. He just forgot that we are one. The same consciousness, this consciousness is ONE. Infinite and ONE.

“It” is, always has been and always will be. *It is Consciousness, Infinite and ONE.

Be it dormant (playing the “I” game), that is to say dreaming. Or be it Awakened Consciousness. In both cases it IS, and that is the only unchanging reality.

Space and time are only data about perceptions in the game.

In reality, for the real Being, time and space does not exist. The Universe is a dream. That of God (without name, without gender, pure Love, One, Perfect).

It is time to wake up and apply all this to us, we are moving on to another stage of the game, the conscious and awakened game, the bridge between the only immutable reality: the Self, Infinite and Unique, and the dream world in its infinite forms (coming and going in perpetual cycles), a reflection of our immutable UNITY.

His will be done and not mine.

We are one.



Source: www.Stopmensonges.com

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