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It’s time to deliver the new – By Karta Satyavrati

Last year we were in preparation, and now it’s time to deliver the new. Everything that we have manufactured inside, what we have worked on – it’s time to let it go. We are now in the position of the one who abandons his product, his fruit. It’s ready. It’s ripe. We just need to let it go.

When the child has grown up to the young adult, it’s time of emancipation. The mother has to give back life to that child. This is his life, to himself. He has to go. A birth for the teacher is to deliver his student to his own maturity, his own life, his own responsibility.

Make yourself empty and free

This is a moment for the mother or for the teacher to realize the shift. Your role is not anymore to educate or to transmit, but to let go the attachment to the transmission and just realize that you are empty. When you totally, fully deliver what you had to deliver, you end up free. It’s an amazing huge space, a new space of emptiness that is full of joy and realisation and other possibilities.

Limitations are for you to see that things cannot go
the same way any further

When the womb is getting big, at the end you reach the point where you think: this cannot go on, it cannot grow any further! That’s the time of limitations which is necessary. And if you experience this time as limitation, and you focus on limitation, that’s what you see.
But it’s also the time for shift where you know it cannot go anymore the same way. Something has to shift radically. And then the delivery happens. And you are delivered at the same time. We are at the same time a baby and the one who delivered that baby. That’s the consciousness of the new human being.

Feel the joy of delivery

The delivery, and to deliver somebody to himself – is one of the most beautiful joys in life. It’s to see how emancipated and sovereign people become fully responsible and take on their own path. You can also feel totally enriched, elevated, inspired, and not left empty-ended – the opposite! Receive the blessing of the path you have accomplished.

Just offer all you had to deliver and vulnerability of not knowing how this can be delivered. And also – the strong decision to cut the umbilical. Don’t hold back on anything that was manufactured and needs to go, but really cut and free yourself from the fruit that you have produced. That will free yourself.

You are not the only one who gives birth and delivers the new

It can be terrifying to give birth. Many waves of fear may come along, also collective fear because we are getting more in touch with each other. There’s the increasing connectedness between all of us. Connection and communication is not just information. It is very deep. It is from soul to soul. We attract many-many new souls by the progression of the technology. There is a strong energy that connects all of us on a daily basis, and we are growing together. We are all going through that process.
So, if you go through anxiety or uncertainty, or fears, that is communicating as well, and you receive these waves.

Focus on what inspires you

Just do not identify to these waves of fear. They are not based on truth. They are based on collective hallucination. Focus on what really inspires you to give, to open up, to give up in terms of limitation. That focus will dissolve the impact of the waves of collective fear.

Break the illusion

Break the womb and let it go. Some stuff that you have built seems to be very precious for you, but even that was based on the old perception. Even if you consider that creation as foundation for the new, by just giving it up, it will open new possibilities.

Really, totally, radically open for new

…New possibility of relationship, new possibility of co-creation together, helping each other. We’re moving in the phase of collective support. Open yourself up also to receive support so you can keep up.

In this way the exchange between giving and receiving will start flowing. But this is essential point to see in the growing in the group consciousness of team teaching. Open for possibility to collaborate, see how our mutual skills can enrich each other and grow new projects with a very clear insight and perspective on the short term. We are awakening together.

Deliver yourself!

Drop your fears, drop your insecurity. Cut with the attachment to what you consider your limitations. Really go for the birth. This is a major, major jump. A new sense of freedom will awaken when you do this to yourself, when you empty that big stomach, also from your emotional stuff, your incapacities or impossibilities because of time and space. Relate to the Higher Self. Now we move into action. Action is – deliver. Deliver yourself. Deliver!

Illusion is just showing you the way through

It is showing you how to go through and perceive the truth that is permanent statement of this Universe: beauty and harmony are here!
The Dharma, the law of this Universe, is holding this planet in a constellation of planets, and it cannot go off. Harmony is there, balance is there. Oneness is there. Focus on the oneness see through the illusion, and hold on that perspective. What produces joy is when you have resonance to the oneness. That is essence of joy.

Joy is all over the place

This is something you experience in your cells, you experience in your body, in your cells. If you open yourself to that, you start resonating to that. And the outside conditions don’t matter. When you connect to that, you’re connected to truth.

Share that joy with each other. But first of all recognize this inner joy within yourself. Within yourself. Let it expand, let it be with you.

Karta Satyavrati

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