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The subtle level of nature and its elemental beings

By Christina von Dreien

Dear ones,

Have you ever heard the stories of giant vegetables? Did you know that there are gardens where giant cauliflowers, pumpkins and cucumbers grow? And do you know that this happens because there is a cooperation between certain levels that is no longer common in many places in the world? At least not in our latitudes.

All our lives we do things on the physical plane that we don’t know that subtle planes are involved. Our gardens are one of them. The forest is part of it. The meadow, too.

All of nature has a subtle plane in which beings live. We call these beings elemental beings. They are the dwarves, the elves, the fairies, the gnomes. The dryads.

Most of the time we forget them. But we need them. But since we have forgotten how to perceive them and since even today for some people stones are lifeless, animals have no soul and trees are only there to provide us with wood and certainly have no feelings, we are in the process of completely suppressing the nature beings in many parts of our latitudes and have already done so in many places.

Often when I drive through Switzerland, I see forests again and again. But unfortunately sometimes these are no longer forests but accumulations of Mikado sticks. The old trees are felled and only small, thin trunks remain. And these are then our forests. No wonder the elementals retreat.

The elementals sense when a person has an open heart. When he is conscious. If he knows that they exist. And they rejoice. They need us and we need them.

In order to work with them, we first need an awareness of their level. And then actually create a way for them to have their space.

I know people who have made deals with nature beings, for example. A part of the garden is not entered the whole year round. Neither for gardening nor for anything else. Not even for a short walk. So the nature beings have a place where they can simply be, where certainly no other influences come into their work.

Of course the nature beings are then not only isolated in that section. They can help to let things grow in the garden. They can also give us a deeper insight into nature. If we respect them and give them their space, they will also come out of their resting places and help us.

For the nature beings only withdraw when their habitat is threatened, when we destroy their space. As soon as we take their needs into consideration, as soon as they see that people accept their existence and respect them, a basis can develop on which it is possible for the nature beings to do their work again, as they actually want to.

Have you ever looked at a tree and seen a face or a person in it? Do you know those mountains that look like faces? When you see something like that, it is possible that you are seeing a nature being. Because every mountain, every lake has a consciousness.

I wish that we open our consciousness much more to the consciousness of the nature beings. We need them, just like the earth.

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In Switzerland, parents can send their children to the crèche... in the forest.


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