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Swiss people do not let you do everything with them!

No to compulsory vaccination, no to Swiss Covid App, no to urgent emergency law.

It seems the federal councillors are dancing on the noses of their citizens. What the majority of citizens really want is ignored, turned away, twisted or portrayed as a conspiracy.
All honest citizens, including doctors, scientists, priests, journalists, etc., who do not agree with the Corona measures, which up to now have been presented to us by the major media as life-saving, are branded as conspiracy theorists or right-wing extremists, dismissed, or sometimes even imprisoned.

What is really hidden behind the gap that is opening up between critical citizens and the government? Why does the state display a power and place itself so above the people? What is behind the colossal increase in profit and power of the big corporations such as Google, Amazon, Blackrock and the pharmaceutical industry, and what is behind Bill Gates’ 10-minute monologue on the Easter news on ZDF, where he prepares us for the fact that ‘normality’ will only return when all the more than 7 billion people on our wonderful planet have been vaccinated against this corona virus?
What is the point of wearing masks in public transport, institutions and in many shops, when hundreds of scientists have proven it – and the official statistics, read correctly, prove that the corona flu wave is over? That the masks 1. are even harmful, 2. can’t do anything against the virus, 3. weaken the immune system, 4. strengthen the distrust between us citizens and and and and…
When there were sick people, why didn’t they include natural medicine, like Artemisia, which worked wonders?
Why are we not given tips on how we can live healthier and eat better to counteract the virus? Why, why, why?

In the shadow of this hysteria built up by the media and politicians, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have become unemployed, twice as many people are now starving, mental stress and physical violence are growing, heaps of freelance, small and medium-sized businesses are going bankrupt.

How could we allow such unlawful disproportionality to pass?

It is time to put all this right, because if we, as a so-called free state, do not manage to restore our constitutional state, what will happen to the other countries that are already threatening to collapse into chaos?

We therefore welcome the unbelievably growing citizens’ movement, which, despite defamation, is taking a stand against this huge propaganda machine and the human rights abuses of our government.

In French-speaking Switzerland in particular, this movement is growing with the help of François de Siebenthal and is now finally beginning to attract media attention. It seems that it is beginning to dawn on some journalists that they have reached a corona impasse.

François de Siebenthal himself knows better than anyone else all the contradictions in the system. Through his experience as an ex-banker, as a jurist, as a former consulate for the Philippines, as a representative of various initiatives such as the full-money initiative, Microtax, etc., he has experienced quite a few creepy stories and tried to inform, but so far has not been taken seriously by the mass media.

This seems to be changing at the moment, and our hearts may rejoice to know that he and a referendum committee held a press conference today at 2 p.m. in the Bundeshaus with respected politicians, scientists and health experts, which put a few i-points in the right place.

Help us to find the 50’000 signatures for the referendum, which is against part of the state’s oppression madness. Click here for the referendum link. One sheet per municipality. All signatures must be authenticated by the municipality. Further actions are in progress.

Together Now. The time is now.

With warm greetings from Lausanne, and thank you for your cooperation,

Coco Tache and Uwe Burka***

Please share the Rütli film, where we stand up for our fundamental rights with representatives of the 26 cantons:
Français: https://vimeo.com/428185131
Deutsch: https://vimeo.com/428184663
Italienisch: https://vimeo.com/428184874

Coco Tache supports

The big awakening is taking place – it’s not about Covid anymore.


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