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What does wearing a mask lead to, if we don’t look beyond

By Philippe Guillemant

I reduce the “quantum state of my thinking” on the issue of wearing the mask, which seemed too much like indecision. This question has become too virulent and pits dear “anti-mask” friends against other dear but “pro-mask” friends in a debate where objectivity is impossible. In fact, we are quite simply faced with a societal choice that goes beyond the boundaries of reason.

Aurélien Barrau gave an “emotional” and therefore quite respectable opinion in 14 points which seem relevant but which turn out to be quite subjective because they are easy to reverse, if not his literary talent which gives the illusion.

For example, when he says in his point (1), the most important one in my view, that masked individuals do not help the affairs of a controlling society because they are no longer identifiable, the reality is exactly the opposite, since the removal of the mask will indirectly lead to the wearing of the vaccination record, which will enable us to be identified much more reliably than by face. And everything is the same in his 13 other points, to which I will respond if he asks me. For the time being, I have much more important things to say, and it is better to keep it short.

I am personally neither really anti-mask nor pro-mask, I am only against the obligation to wear a mask for the reasons I will now explain.

The “pro-masks” and more precisely those who are in favour of the obligation to wear a mask greatly underestimate the fact that masking is a prelude to vaccination, which is itself a prelude to digital identification and then to the human tracing that will naturally follow, before leading us in a very short time to the transhumanist era, introduced by the real-time analysis of all our gestures, acts, movements and encounters through programs, my specialty. Now this perspective is in my eyes much more serious than any atomic bomb or world war.

Let me explain. Firstly, it is easy to understand that the cessation of the wearing of masks may be conditional on the control of vaccination, so I am not going to dwell on that. Secondly, a restaurant owner is not going to ask you to show him your vaccination record to get into his restaurant, etc. I’m not going to go into that. Second, a restaurant owner is not going to ask you to show him your vaccination record to enter his restaurant, etc.: you will simply pass by objects (terminals) that will identify you and let you enter freely in a public place if your vaccination record is up to date.

The real danger will come from the fact that you will not be allowed to carry the object that identifies you, whether it is your papers or a connectable object (mobile, smart card…). Nor will it be allowed that if you carry one, this object is not yours, i.e. that you have “borrowed” it from someone else. It will therefore have to be intimately linked to your body, either by the recognition of a biometric signature, or by wearing a chip under the skin or a microchip internal to your body. This second means will be much more reliable and practical than the first. In addition, it will easily replace your entire wallet and purse, stored on a Cloud. Cash will have disappeared, wherever 5G is available to make exchanges much more practical and controllable. As you will have understood, the vaccination control is the biggest ally of the big bankers. It will take one to a few years, no more, and then the virus will disappear, because everything will be folded.

Thanks to the technology that will surround us in the form of 5G waves and connected objects, we will be identified 24 hours a day and by simple triangulation we will also be located with a precision say 100 to 1000 times greater than that of the GPS of your mobile: enough to allow a program to identify exactly what you are doing and with whom. Everyone will be led to be wary of everyone else and try to find decoys as soon as their behaviour needs to be out of the ordinary. The right not to be traced will be a luxury reserved for a sufficiently wealthy elite.

There would be a book to be made on this, a kind of book of horrors. Films like “black mirror” have tried to depict some of the frightening situations that await us in this era. The reality is likely to be much worse when we are already seeing, in horror, the emergence of bioethical laws that would make it possible to create half-human, half-animal monsters. After all, nothing could be more logical in a transhumanist future – the foutur – constructed by the multi-secular educational thought that we would be biological machines.

To come back to tracing, beware of the amalgam of incompetents: the mobile monitored by the CIA is an instrument of total freedom next to what awaits us and I know what I am talking about as an expert engineer in A.I. There will obviously be laws that will prohibit certain exploitations of information concerning our gestures, our acts, our movements and encounters, but these laws will not prevent the programs from working. So I’ll leave you to guess the prospects, which would take far too long to develop.

The most serious thing in all this is that humans will lose their souls.

In a word, humanity will be finished.

However, I have already indicated that we are no longer moving towards this damnable state of affairs and that the current political and media propaganda, worthy of a Western North Korea that would like to take its entire population into this era (often referred to as the new world order), must be interpreted as a state of panic of an old future that is disappearing from our perspectives.

Remember that there are no plots, only an old future that is resisting by drawing us towards it. Understand that there are no elites acting in favor of the madness that would have free will. These “elites”, poor of them, only serve as relays for the energies of the transhuman future that we ourselves have created in the past.

The part of these pseudo-elites being lost, I am therefore optimistic, but this does not mean that we should do nothing and just wait. We just have to avoid fear and violence. Prepare yourself for the winter of 2020-2021, which I see as very difficult.

I have written all of this to you so that you understand that even if we had to risk ten million deaths to avoid this transhumanist era, it would be worth risking them. And this all the more so because death is an illusion, an expression to be taken here in several senses.

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