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20th July 2019, the beginning of a new cycle

By Monique Mathieu from 29th June 2019

Can you tell us more about July 20?

They tell me:

“We will simply tell you that from that date on you will enter a new cycle of existence. It will be offered to humanity what has never been offered to it before.

What was important, so that humans would receive help from their galactic brothers (this who we are), was that there would be no more wars, that they would begin to learn wisdom, especially the heads of government of the great powers.

We have already told you that we have contacted the rulers of the great powers. We told them what must happen to the Earth, we told them about the immense changes and also about the conditions necessary to make them happen to the greatest extent possible for the greatest benefit (we don’t like that word but we use it) of all life on Earth.

Some heads of government of the major powers have heard our message; they have tried to do everything that will benefit humanity. Other heads of state have had a sterile attitude because they are still too belligerent and too much in power.

The great heads of state have heard our words, but among them there are also people who do not want peace, who want to continue to live in power, in the slump of this third dimension that suits them perfectly. We will not say which major countries these heads of government belong to.

The governors are sometimes forced to make a wide gap in order to “deceive the opponent”, without this they would not be able to implement what has been asked of them.

On Earth, some of your galactic brothers are materializing and reaching out to the powerful of this world, to those who want to listen to them. It doesn’t matter to those who don’t want to listen to them, they will simply follow their life plan. So far, everything is going well.

A huge wave of energy will shake the planet Earth, the solar system and far beyond. There will be some kind of projections from your Central Sun. Some of your scientists will be able to perceive these projections towards the solar system.

Normally, there will be a lot of changes in July. Human beings can be very rushed. In July and the following months, there may be some kind of revolutions, because people will not understand what is happening to them. Those who have acquired a certain wisdom will not be disturbed by these unprecedented gigantic waves of energy.

They will continue a little after July. In line with the logic of things and humanity’s choice, there should be many changes by the end of the year. These immense waves of energy may disturb some people who may commit difficult acts. We are vigilant….

In July, there will be major heat problems, this heat will fall on you all at once. It has nothing to do with global warming. It comes from the waves that encompass the entire solar system and you are somewhat affected by them.

There will still be temperature shifts from cool to hot; they are not due to human problems (which are of another kind).

There is a significant vibratory change in all life on Earth and in your solar system. Your whole solar system is warming up! Your galaxy is also changing! Everything is in great transformation, in great mutation!

You can do nothing about it because these great climate changes (which are not climate change per se) are the effects of these gigantic energy waves.

It could be that in October you will experience great heat and times when the temperature will fall low. It will be the consequence of these huge waves of energy.

If there are enough human beings in the spiritual consciousness, they will be able, by what they are, to offer their Love and help to rebalance a little these gigantic waves so that they do not disturb life too much.

What will be the final consequence of these energy waves? The positive consequence is that your level of consciousness will rise all at once. Some beings will discover abilities they didn’t have. As we have already told you, the first of these capabilities will be telepathy.

The animals will behave a little differently. They will seem to you more intelligent, sometimes full of Love; they will have another look. You may see Love in their eyes.

At times the vegetation will be magnificent, as if it were also preparing for the immense transition, because it will also experience the transition. At times, you will be in admiration of the vegetation (in France or elsewhere), in the countries that are suffering these waves of energy with full force.

Try to see where these energy waves are occurring and how the large human mass behaves in places where drought is occurring, where temperatures are rising and rising, etc.

We must also see the human thought and suffering of these peoples, because thought – you need to understand it – has an immense influence on your environment, on everything you experience, on the behaviour of Mother Earth’s matter through volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones, etc.; thought forms can act on Mother Earth’s behaviour.

That is what we meant by July. »

Co-Translated from french with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Source: Ducielalaterre

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There would be no more wars, if us, the humans...


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