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You are absolutely unique!!!

Dear Beautiful People,

This message was sent via Messenger – I am not sure who originally sent it, but am very grateful to them for sharing. I feel it is also appropriate to share it with you. It is a message of Light from above, it is takes a few minutes to read – but worth it – if you feel called.

I believe it offers us hope, assurance, acceptance and strength. May it also help ease your Hearts at this challenging time.

Arcturian Council of Light – Collective Message for Starseeds and Lightworkers


We are the Arcturian Council of Light and we are pleased to connect with you at this challenging time in Earth human history. We have been observing you for a long time now, and we know how troubled you are about the disease which has been circulating your planet since last year. We also know that many of you do not trust the remedy which is being offered for prevention, out of fear that it will stunt your ascension process.

We have connected to this channel today to offer you a different perspective on this matter. A lot of information that has been given so far is not fully accurate, from where we stand and are able to observe at this time. We wish you ask you to try to expand your consciousness beyond that which you have heard about this disease, as well as the remedy so far.

We ask you to try to understand that each individual is absolutely unique and there is not one soul or body that resembles the other. There are no two organisms or beings that are 100% alike or identical in the universe. This means that the remedy, as well as the disease itself will impact each individual differently.

We know that the starseeds and lightworkers which are currently stationed on planet Earth are very weary of taking the remedy, because they can sense the energy and intentions behind its creation. Indeed, for many both the disease as well as the remedy might cause complications, especially if the body has already been impacted by other health issues or if the person has been living completely cut off from their true nature and Gaia herself, not taking into consideration what their body’s wisdom has been trying to communicate to them for a very long time. But we have chosen to come through today to assure the starseeds and lightworkers that the possibility of them having or experiencing complications due to both the disease as well as it’s offered remedy, is approximately 50% less than the majority of humans walking the earth at this time.

You are a highly evolved species and this is precisely why you even incarnated on planet Earth at this time. Your superior genetics, (and by this we mean no judgment, but simply mean to say that because you have more DNA strands active than most people on the planet at this time, in your words that would be called superior) have the capability to neutralize and push out anything that might seek to alter, affect or interfere with it. We know this might seem impossible to the human mind, but if you take the time to connect with your DNA, to feel into its energy, to begin to unravel its magic and the vast information stored within it, you, the starseeds and many lightworkers will notice that your DNA has a protective golden sheet around it, which blocks out any distortions. This has been decided long before you incarnated, as a protective measure that was meant to ensure that you will be able to carry out your mission of activating yourselves, as well as helping others activate and awaken their DNA, despite the crisis you are currently moving through.

Additionally, we wish to emphasize that some of you will choose to deny this remedy, and this will be so because it is part of your path to defend the weak, to defend those who are unaware, to protect those that cannot protect themselves, by standing up and saying “no”. What we wish to bring to your awareness, is that for many, the reason why you are feeling called to refuse it is not because it will affect your DNA or any other part of your being, but because it is part of your mission to pull out of the mainstream, to pull out of the big cities and the noise of the modern world so that you can begin to create those communities which will be seeding the New Earth. You will feel called to say “no” and this, in many cases will mean that you will have to move away and stay away from large parts of society. It will not be easy, but it is needed and part of the greater plan for the Earth human collective.
Others of you will feel called to take the remedy. Not out of fear, but simply because you are meant to stay right where you are, right in the middle of the chaos, in the centre of what is happening, so that you can continue to anchor the light in those areas, and elevate the frequency band of the places you are living in right now. You will not feel called to take it because you have to protect yourselves against the disease, but because you will need to in order to remain where you are and continue to live in the bigger cities where your light is needed, as much will continue to unravel as time passes.

Please know that you are eternal beings, capable of anything your mind can comprehend and even more. Know that you have come equipped with all that you need in order to withstand the current crisis your planet is going through. You have the armour of the One around you and the sword of truth within your hearts, protecting you from any and all harm, even if you forget that sometimes.
We also wish to tell you that the amount of fear we see in many of you at this time is much more harmful (if left unchecked for long periods of time) than any medicine will ever be able to harm you. So we invite you to call upon us for assistance, for guidance, for healing, for light.

We invite you to find ways to discipline your mind, so as to not get pulled into polarity. Most humans on your planet at this time are becoming increasingly polarized by the media, and you starseeds and lightworkers are the ones who must do their best to stay out of such energies. Do not judge those who feel called to take the remedy. Do not judge those who wish to not take it. Simply allow each soul to choose what is right for them, as everyone will most likely feel called to choose that which is in alignment with their destiny and mission for this lifetime.

Understand that your path is written with fire letters within your DNA, and even though there are a multitude of ways for you to fulfil your mission, the mission will be fulfilled in one way or the other. There is nothing you can do which will affect the effectiveness with which you complete your mission, and even if for some reason you find yourself swaying from your path, the divine intelligence within you will always pull you back on track.

To speak in human terms, there is no mistake that cannot be undone. There is no fault that cannot be rectified, and there is nothing that cannot be healed through the infinite power of grace and love. Trust yourselves, as you are the chosen ones, the blessed ones, the awakened ones and even if things seem otherwise.

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