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Where do we start?

Text: in joyful cooperation with Catharina Roland

We know that we can no longer live the way we live today.

Overproduction, overconsumption, damage to people, landscape, animals. Shopping without the awareness of how, where, what, by whom was produced.

Until today it seemed ok. Many continue, wish the old back.

Others go completely new ways.

Many of us are probably also aware that the present time holds a great gift within itself. But it still seems well hidden behind the chaos of the current situation. If we don’t really take the time to come into silence, if we don’t come into ourselves, meditate, pray, connect with our higher self, it will probably be difficult to gain access to this path that will lead us out of the crisis into the new age.

Two days ago, Catharina Roland and I attended another of the excellent lectures by Uwe Burka in Basel, who has been working on exactly these questions for exactly 35 years. Questions like:

How can we regenerate the vital and CO2-binding humus, which is today 50% destroyed on our earth?
Where does our food come from?
Who is in our vicinity to help us?
If the current monetary system collapses tomorrow, what form of payment can we use?
If tomorrow the electricity fails, if we have no more electricity, how can we communicate with each other? Who has a stove where I can warm myself?
Who knows where to find clean water?
And a question that seemed very important to us, and also had a little wow-effect, was: Do you know your neighbors?

We would like to answer this question in more detail here, because when we were grooming the horses together with Catharina yesterday, we looked back on this question. At Uwe’s conference there were about 25 young people. Towards the end he triggered all our creativity when he gave the following to the group: If all of you here should now build a village together, what should this village contain? Who would be able to contribute and how. And he told the example of a sailboat that had capsized because of a storm, with a crew of 30 people. The masts were broken, the sails were torn, the captain went overboard, the on-board computer with compass was out of order.

For the boat passengers there were now 2 possibilities. Either they entrenched themselves together in the provisions room and waited for someone to rescue them?
Or they would organize themselves.
“I’ll work with wood and train you how to rebuild the mast.”
“I can sew and will gladly train others to help me mend the sails.”
“I am IT-skilled and like to take care of the on-board computer. Who will join in?”
“I’ll make you dinner.”

Everybody would get to work, and just like a house is built together with specialists, the boat would be made seaworthy again by many different people working together.

The creativity and energy in the room was really contagious. In no time we had built a village, with a vegetable and herb garden, with a Tiny house builder, with farmers, with a kindergarten and a school, and and and. This reflection allowed us to stimulate in our hearts the seed of this creative power. Suddenly we realized how much talent, abilities and desires the people around us carry within themselves. How much they would like to get involved with their person and what a feeling of joy this creates in us. Even 1/1 hour after the event was officially closed, everyone was still sitting in the same place and nobody wanted to leave the room.

Well, and since this seed was activated, in our own humus, in our heart, probably the most fertile soil there is, when will and love come together, we can create everything.

The question that came up in the morning between the horse and the donkey was: Do we have to create new villages or are we already where we are, in the center of a village? What skills do I have that I want to share with my neighbors?

The scales fell from my eyes. We live here near Lausanne in a pond, we are about 30 people, but we hardly know our neighbors. We don’t know what they do, what their needs and desires are, whether they need help or have a talent that could help us.

For example, we have a great farmer who grows vegetables, but we have never talked to him as a community about what he could grow for us, so that we can get the vegetables through him weekly and his existence would be secured by us.

How wonderful it will be to create in community, to cook, to help each other. What will life be like when older people feel seen again, can get involved, can read stories to the children? How beautiful will it be when we know which neighbor to call when something is not working anymore? To work together on a garden project? When a neighbor can explain to us how we can preserve fruit and vegetables, and which herbs and leaves in our nearby forests or parks are edible or can heal? How nice will it be to no longer feel alone? How nice it would be if we took the time to realize that our neighbor’s malice was actually just a cry for love and attention. That there are a lot of people who would like to go for a walk with my dog or offer massages. And all this in our immediate surroundings.

And to answer the question: Where do we catch: Let’s meet and get to know each other, and let’s talk about what each of us needs and what each of us can contribute to a community.

From then on, none of us is alone anymore, and we recognize ourselves as a wonderful, colorful, living organism.

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