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What’s going on in our world? Ladies and gents, we need to wake up!

Isn’t it crazy, how much unconsciousness still reigns in our world about who we are?

How come, that we can introduce the G5, knowing that this technology is used as a weapon to undo crowds? That it has already killed dozens of birds in the terrains where it was tested, and imagine what it does to us, when 3G and 4G already create great harm for many? Why is our Government permitting this? We need to ask ourselves this question. Shouldn’t it be the first reflection of a Government to protect its people?

How come that we still use vaccines, knowing that no single case of autism is known until today that wasn’t vaccinated and that heavy metals are inside, impossible for our bodies to sort out naturally… and pork cells, human embryo cells of almost new born babies, and and and… ? Who takes the responsibility for all the harm that these vaccins create, such a sudden death as well?

How come that our skies are very often still full of chemtrails, these white lines that the planes leave behind them, harming with it’s aluminium in it our soils and directly impacting our pineal glands, preventing us to step in our potential.

How come that we still give medication that leads to enormous side effects? Just in the USA, over 200 people die daily by taking in the very strong morphine pain pills against their backaches and others! And we don’t even talk about all the other pills that create sicknesses, paralyses, far to often create other problems.

How come that the Catholic Church defends and covers priests that abuse on children, men and women? It has become so huge, everybody knows about it, but the Church remains in place…

How come that we still put toxic fertilizer on the food we eat? Ahhhhh…. Knowing that if we passed to an organic production, within a few years, we would have much bigger harvests? Restoring the soils and us at the same time.

How come that war can continue? And why do Governments continue to sacrifice their people in wars? For what? For whom?

How come that we have no more money left at the end of the month, and that the money, that we have gained with our resource, nourishes first hand insurances and taxes, before even serving innovation, ecological progression, human designed inventions? Where does our money go? Whom does it benefit?

How does it come that we produce everyday 3 x more than we can eat, and that our brothers and sisters in underdeveloped countries still die of hunger?

How come that companies and associations with 10-17 people succeed often more than the politic with thousands of people in place?

How come that the big untransparent ‘Non Profit Organisations’ swallow so much money for paying their employees and other things first before giving much less to the causes and countries in need and that the Governments accept this?

How come that prostitution, human trafficking and illegal organ transplantation can still take place? Who pulls the strings?

Who are the children that are sacrificed in satanic rituals? Where do they come from? Who covers them, and why does the big media not talk about this huge issue. Comon, we talk about our children!

How come that many of us don’t do a job we really like, because we think we have to do something that just pays our bills, and not something that makes us really happy.

At the dawn of the new world, we must be aware that all this can only exist because we still give it our credit and as long as we believe we can do nothing about it. The moment we realize that we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for, we are going to change our behaviour, and we are going to tell the others to change theirs. From that moment on, we are going to change the dream we live in and maybe for the first time ever, we’re going to be REALLY human, and understand what this really means.

If politics and the Governments in place would do their job properly and follow the right God, we definitely wouldn’t have this discussion here. If we were all happy, serving one another, this article would be unnecessary.

We are invited to understand that we do have a role to play, now! Each one of us. With our own gifts and talents, with our joys and visions of a world reigned by love, the true esssence we’re all made of.



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In order to save the world, we need to change the dream we’re living in.


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