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We who are awake are creating the changes the world has been longing for

Brought to us by Pierre Pradervand

Dear Friends. We observe that many of you have become concerned, confused, and even despondent about conditions in today’s world, but keep in mind that you are witnessing the demise of an obsolete belief system that up to now has provided richly for those who benefit from conditions of anger, fear, and war. They fear and resist any changes to the expressions of duality and separation that have supported them for so long and are thus intensifying their efforts to maintain the status quo.

Fear, anger, and suffering create an energy source for those who by choice cannot access the energies of Light within themselves. Having chosen to cut themselves off from higher dimensional energies, they promote and then utilize the energy created from the fear and suffering of others. This is what underlies the dark practices you occasionally read or hear about.

Be alert to everything you see and hear in these energetically powerful times. Immediately recognize and then translate outer appearances into their reality, as well as acknowledging the true nature of everyone involved. When a majority is able to keep energy levels high, those relying on the denser energies will be forced either to change or leave.

We are not saying that you stick your head in the sand while shouting; “God is all–this dying child, this accident, this violence is not real.” We are saying that when you see these sorts of things, you lovingly proceed with whatever human footsteps you are intuitively guided to take, while at the same time knowing that you are witnessing the manifestations of duality/separation consciousness and not spiritual realities.

You who are awake are creating the changes the world has been longing for. You are on earth at this time to assist with the birthing of a new and higher collective consciousness on earth. Other planets have in the past also experienced the ascension shift that earth is now going through and because of this their residents understand what humans are experiencing and are trying to assist in whatever ways they can.

Because earth is a free will planet evolved galactics and ascended masters are not permitted to do the work for you. If they did this, it would not help anyone’s learning process, much like so called “helicopter” parents who hover, protect, and direct their children to the point of blocking the experiences necessary for their growth and learning.

Those from evolved planets have much to share technologically and spiritually, but must hold back as observers until mankind is ready to accept them as fellow beings rather than evil enemies.

There are some who simply wait expectantly for a fleet of galactic ships to swoop in and save the world but this cannot happen because the free will of humans must be honored. Only the people of earth themselves can bring about the changes they hope and pray for. You are the creators, formed of creator energy individualized.

The reason we advise cutting back on watching and listening to the news is that unless a person is able to remain centered and alert, it is very easy to fall back into what is old and familiar, that which you are trying to move beyond. Stress, sorrow, anger, and fear, feed and keep the false alive–because you are creators.

If you haven’t done it already, once and for all give up waiting for someone, anyone, to save you, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually– that job is yours alone. It is perfectly fine to utilize 3D solutions along the way, but eventually every serious student of truth must realize that everything flows from within in accordance with their attained state of consciousness.

The false ideology of most organized religions is based in the premise that an intermediary (saint, ascended master, guru, priest, shaman, ancestor, or even the local priest or pastor) is necessary in order for you, who are a lowly sinner, to access God in any meaningful way–a God separate from you.

The business of “soul saving” is a money maker for churches keeping them alive and necessary in the minds of those who do not yet realize that God is fully present within them and not in a building, organization, or “holy” person. The idea of needing to be “saved” is nothing more than the promotion of false beliefs in separation.

Everything needed to access God already exists within each and every individual because a person can never be separate from what they are regardless of whether they know it or not. It just is…

Evolution is the process of awakening into higher levels of reality globally and individually. It usually begins with an intellectual awareness of some truth as being an “interesting idea” which grows and develops through many side journeys over lifetimes to finally become an attained state of consciousness.

The awakening process for most begins as a general sense of dissatisfaction and weariness with third dimensional concepts about pretty much everything. This comes from having lived in and experienced duality and separation in enough lifetimes to finally bring about a state of consciousness that feels no real satisfaction with even “good” humanhood.

These feelings continue and even intensify as the individual attempts to change things through various 3D methods or even in extreme cases take their own life. With time most reach that point of “enough is enough, there must be a better way” and the person becomes receptive and open to higher ways of understanding reality.

You have all gone through similar experiences either in this lifetime or another or you would not be able to understand messages such as this. Perhaps you yourself or others you know of are at this very time going through experiences like this. Once you understand what is going on, it is easier to let go and allow the process.

The time has arrived in which all who intellectually know truth must begin to practice, embrace, and allow it to birth into a living state of consciousness rather than continuing to hold truth as interesting intellectual knowledge to be debated and discussed. For some this means withdrawing the trust and power they have endowed on certain practices, paths, or tools that helped them get to where they are now.

Example; Crystals carry wonderful high resonating energies, energies have been for ages and still are used to assist mankind in many different ways, but you must never forget that crystals do not give you something you do not already have. Crystal energy aligns with and intensifies those energies already present within you. When you depend upon them or anything else outside of you to make you rich, heal your body, or bring you romantic love, you engage in idol worship.

Those still living fully in the third dimension, can and often do attain what they seek from the outer, from material concepts and beliefs because they are manifesting of their attained state of consciousness. However, for those of you who are awake and living at a more evolved level, will find that those same 3D methods no longer work as they once did because you are no longer in alignment with them.

You are spiritually evolved enough to move beyond experiencing the ups and downs and the good and bad of duality consciousness. Begin to accept and understand yourself as no longer being in and of three dimensional consciousness. You are learning to bring about change from a higher level, a level that does not result in the pairs of opposites that accompany so many strictly 3D manifestations/accomplishments.

Do not compare or think yourself to be a failure when you observe those living three dimensional lives who seem to easily attain things you also would like to have, and doing it with very little effort through methods of three dimensional manipulation.

Consciousness will always express itself and a consciousness of duality and separation will express as “good” one day and its opposite the next. As evolved students of truth, you are seeking that state of reality consciousness where the pairs of opposites do not exist.

Traditions and their accompanying tools have been and remain a big part of most spiritual journeys and have served mankind throughout the ages by assisting seekers open to new levels of understanding. However, dependence upon them is meant to end when the student of truth is spiritually ready to consciously transfer power from the without to the within.

Continuing to cling to a state of consciousness that has been outgrown from fear of the unknown or simply because it is comfortable and familiar will cause the evolutionary process to stagnate and keep you in bondage to concepts of separation. No one is meant to remain in the same state of consciousness forever. Evolution continues–it is an ongoing infinite journey of remembering.

There comes a time for every student of truth to accept that they already embody the substance of everything they sought from a certain teaching, tool, path, ceremony or ritual etc. Nothing real exists outside of you. You are whole and complete, now and always have been. You are IT.

Please be advised that we are NOT saying you cannot enjoy your favorite spiritual book, crystals, or ceremonies. What we are saying that when you place full hope and faith in things, or persons outside of you in the belief that you “need” them, you are worshiping idols and you who read these messages are well beyond that. Try to think of tools as being helpers assisting you to discover the real YOU within, and not to be it for you.

Living from your highest attained awareness of truth at all times allows it to flow and increase until it becomes who you are. Being your attained level of awareness must not be put off until tomorrow when you think you will feel more ready, or when your guru or church tells you is is ok, or when family and friends approve, or when your partner spiritually wakes up.

You are the love you have sought without success from others and things lifetime after lifetime and are now spiritually qualified to surrender seeking outside of yourselves because you have attained a level of awareness that knows the fullness of Divine Love is your real essence and that of all life forms. It is now time to discover exactly what this means.

The Divine Self that is YOU is complete and whole in every way and as this realization fully integrates and becomes your consciousness, IT will express IT-Self in every facet ordinary daily living.

Be the change you want to see.

We are the Arcturian Group 10/21/18

Coco Tache supports



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