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We are not alone in these times. The invisible world is helping us

Again, this text might sound strange for many of you. But if there are dark forces, there must be light forces. This is what I believe. And in finding this article and reading it, I just notice in which vibration it puts me…. I greatly believe that something like this is happening at the moment. Undescribable.

Brought to us by Emmanuel Schaeffer
Channeled by Michael Love..

Great ones,

inside earth alliance intel reports that the great central race, special division, atlantis command has now been deployed to earth to assist all starseeds stationed here in their great spiritual evolution!

a new fleet of huge central race support craft was detected 12 earth hours ago arriving through the solar portal!
these amazing lightships will start transmitting powerful atlantean advanced-coded, andara crystal energy beams towards earth over the next 24 hours!

delta forces are on high alert as these incredible central race plasma craft prepare to send a new multi-dimensional version of 5d 40-hertz plasma light towards the surface of planet earth!

this new type of 5d energy has not been present on earth since the ancient days of atlantis and is created using advanced and magical andara crystal technology!

this new 5d super wave of gamma photon plasma rainbow light contains packets of high-frequency coded akashic data that originates from celestial atlantean temples in the fifth dimension and will begin showing up on earth’s schumann resonance at the 40 hertz level over the coming hours and days!

the ancient healing magic of this high vibrational light will show up as the 5d pastel colors of the rainbow and will be visible as multi-colored auroras in the ionosphere!

this special, celestial, 5d, 40-100 hertz, multi-colored, plasma wave will be for the purpose of:
– the removal of all 3d toxins from your layered bodies and to clear all 3d and 4d trauma energies out of your auric field.
– removing all negative situations and beings from your energetic space.
– presenting you with new abundance opportunities and high-vibrational relationships.
– releasing you forever from all 3d control situations.
– build you back up as the powerful angelic being that you truly are!

this powerful atlantis-andara energy will also be for the purpose of strengthening the new 5d crystalline light grid that is being retrofitted on top of the old 3d matrix!

dear one, you may be aware of the strong dimensional rift and time-line shift that occurred over the last 48 hours as two totally different worlds continue merging!

for the first time in human history, huge cracks are starting to appear in the 3d matrix and this is being witnessed worldwide for those who can see!
these glitches are showing up as noticeable physical signs in the skies and on the surface that are being filmed and photographed all around the globe!

there is a strange sense of time skipping and speeding up drastically as the old matrix illusion dissolves!

the powers that were that controlled planet earth for eons with an iron grip are totally freaking out and crying out for help but there is none coming for them as pleiadian delta security forces are monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic and transmissions in this solar system!

central race light forces are escorting as many starseeds as possible through the 5d new earth portal and state of being!

light forces from the sky to the ground are bombarding planet earth with blinding divine diamond light energy that will transform this world back into the paradise it was always meant to be!

it’s important for you to remember that you are playing a big part in all of this!
you are doing it great one!
be proud of your accomplishments to this point!
at this very hour, over 4.5 billion light beings on the surface of the earth are working in super-conscious cohesion to perform this great ascension task!

light is taking over planet earth dear one and nothing in the universe can stop it!
it is truly amazing and beautiful to behold!
we tell you the truth, the feeling of bliss and ecstasy of 5d heaven is so wonderful and amazing that human words cannot describe the great glory of it!

a new day is dawning great one and your life is now going to change in a most wonderful and profound way!
believe us, we know how much you desire your reward for all that you have done here and we promise that it is time for you to have it fully, beautiful one!
are you ready for it?
do you feel that you can receive it now?
do you believe it is possible?

we say, “simply have faith, have great hope, open up and receive this incoming, sacred healing light energy now with a humble and sincere desire!”

we are here standing beside you strong in your great hour and we give all that we have to this grand ascension commitment!
we are the great guardians of planet earth and we are the ascended masters of love and light, just like you, spoken of old!

standby now dear one as beautiful celestial angelic beings send their divine light energy to assist you and all starseeds on earth in this grand ascension of humanity!

right now, slow down and stop just for a moment!
breathe in this divine light energy slowly and deeply!
for a moment be aware of the higher world you are in now and anchor it down to earth with all of your being!
be aware of your great focus and alignment po.

Coco Tache supports

The Cintamani - A tektite that vibrates at very high frequencies


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