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What do we need to do? An extract from Christina von Dreien’s lecture in Wattwil/ St. Gallen, Switzerland

Today was a special day. A long-awaited day, and a gift. For the first time I was able to be in the presence of Christina von Dreien, this girl who was born 16 years ago, weighing 570 grams and having a fully developed consciousness.

In a fresh, “logical” and very clear manner she answers our questions about being a creator, about chemtrails, the system, organ transplantation and Love. During a time in which I was able to recognize many things for myself, it was a wonderful confirmation of what I believe deep down inside. I would like to share with you a small extract from the evening of November 3rd, that took place in Wattwil, Switzerland, and that might have injected a huge amount of courage into 270 people. And what she is ultimately up to is for us to discover Freedom, Truth and Love for ourselves. After all, we are the creators of our reality. Aren’t we, Christina?

Consciousness creates Peace

She hears the wailing of snails she steps on, and for her the world is an aquarium in which she sees green and yellow fish, whereas other people only see single-colored ones. However, one cannot learn to see this, because learning has something to do with developing; it is only about activating. And for this we only need to raise our frequency, because the DNA is complete in itself.

Every single human being can personally contribute to supporting the Light on Earth by consciously raising his or her own vibrational frequency. She mentions chemtrails as an example, and conveys to us that we are all creators from the same Source, and with our thoughts we can make the chemtrails (the white hazes that planes are dragging behind themselves, and that are harmful to us and to our environment) disappear by establishing force fields and sending out joy. We might as well build a structure with branches, for instance, to support our faith and thoughts, but after all it is our thoughts and our attention that create the supporting flow and energy to dissolve them. By thinking of something we are affecting its force field. And when we are completely convinced of something we can induce it. Concerning the chemtrails, one can directly comprehend this phenomenon by watching the haze dissolve, she says. And rapture helps to raise the frequency.

“We all are, without exception, creators; no matter what the people around us say. We always were and will always be. The only difference is that we are aware of it now, that we know it now. We can physically, in 3D, comprehend what our attention is able to evoke. We just have to believe in it.”

Our Source

“We come from the same Source, we are a densification of God. God is the Creator who wants to experience Himself/Herself through all of us, thus we are also creators. We have just forgotten about it by living in this illusion of ‘separation’. Human beings can manifest anything within seconds.”

Humanity’s and our today’s children’s purpose

“So now it is humanity’s purpose to recognize the Truth, and the children can help us to see what we don’t see. They help us to find the Truth. Spirituality and the evolution of consciousness lead us through the illusions.”

Our individual and collective purpose on Earth

“We all have an individual and a collective purpose. The salad, as well. Everything that exists does so within this Divine plan. Nothing is without meaning. The purpose of the salad is for us to eat it. The salad is aware of that. It is happy to serve for this purpose. Only once I encountered an exception, a salad that didn’t want to go along. The Christmas tree, too, is pleased about its purpose, even though a living room isn’t its natural habitat. Just as every person is happy when she/he may fulfill her/his purpose.”

Spiritual children and ‘opac’ parents (living in the illusion of separation)

“Our soul stores everything we experienced. The idea that children don’t have any life experience is not true. Tight parents label their children’s visions and utterances as non-existent. That’s why we need to get together to manifest a new society. We need to connect and be aware of the fact that we are not alone, and together we have to get people onto the path.”

Can we purify our living spaces ourselves?

“Of course. We are creators of our reality. I love crystals and stones that purify the room. But ultimately it is about this: If we believe something, it will happen. If I believe that I can purify the room with incense sticks, then this will work. And if I throw the pen into the air and believe that the negative energy will dissolve by doing so, then it does. But in fact it is about human beings remembering again what they once were and still are: creators, creators, creators… We are the creators of our reality, and I can do anything with everything, whatever I want. It just has to feel right to my consciousness. And whatever material object I might be using, it reinforces my thoughts.”

Organ transplantation

“We have a soul and our soul energy is within all of our organs. When someone donates an organ, there is a recipient and a donor. Along with the living organ the recipient also receives the other person’s soul energy. In the soul energy the karma, the charakter, the likes, the dislikes etc. of the donor are stored and these are transferred to the receiver.
And when the donor dies, an ‘active’ part of his body still lives on in the organ recipient. Thus, the soul of the donor is “trapped” and lives in a near-Earth dimension, since it can not be solved. After all, a part of her/his former body still continues living.

And if this person dies, an ‘active’ part of her or his soul keeps on living within the recipient of the organ. This soul is then ‘captured’ in this Earth-bound dimension. After deceasing, everything the donor had will be transmitted onto the recipient, the soul then cannot go into the Light. Thus, from an energetic perspective, donating organs is not conducive. Also, the person has to take medication for the rest of his or her life, otherwise the organ would naturally be repelled by the body. Everyone has to decide for themselves according to what feels right to them. And, of course, one can regrow organs, that is not a problem, after all we are creators. Transferring blood is different from donating organs. After some time the blood is neutralized, cleansed. But in the beginning the donor’s soulenergy is also still present. Concerning organ transplantation, it is also important to know how the 3D body and the ethereal body interact. Everything that happens in the 3D body is being stored in the ethereal body. That is, if the body from which a kidney was taken reincarnates, it will be born without a kidney, because in the ethereal body it had been noted: This organ doesn’t exist.”

Thinking outside the box

Reacting to illusions (and disappointment) – for instance anger

  • self-empowerment and learning how to think for oneself
  • expanding one’s worldview
  • creating and expanding the image of the world

Spirituality and the three key notions Freedom, Truth, Love

“Love is boundless, and that is exciting. I just cannot understand how one can feel different kinds of love towards various human beings or products. Please explain this to me, I would be grateful to receive an answer. We are all interconnected and 100 % the same. Because we all come from the Creator. We are all God, and I want to gather experiences to undergo everything at the same time; that’s why we all have manifested now, to experience ourselves simultaneously. Now it is about integrating the three notions Freedom, Truth, Love into what is happening in the world today and into family life.”


“Our collective purpose is to find the Truth. First the individual Truth for us, and after that as a collective. Until we come across the result. If you want to find the Truth, 1+1 has to equal 2. When you are working you will be consuming information, watch TV programs (we are being ‘programmed’). There is so much that isn’t right. And if we start thinking outside the box, do we have to question what we know and the new things that come along? Can I just replace the old and accept the new, or is really something wrong? And if you watch TV in the evening and see that there was a fire that only burned the houses with their outlines and metals, but not the trees around, one can justly ask why the trees were unharmed; I’ve never understood that, that is illogical.”


“Freedom is something general. But still, we are all the same person, the same creators, manifested in different places, having different experiences.”


“Everything can be practiced, also Love. We really are, and Love is no exception. There is nothing that isn’t possible. By practicing one’s ability to love consciousness is raised and vibration is heightened. Our life only focuses on how far and high we have developed our ability to love.”

Everything on this planet has a plan, a meaning, nothing is without a purpose.

The dark people are making sure that we can develop unconditional Love. By sending out Love and not getting back any we can practice unconditional Love. As a matter of fact, everybody wants to get out of that state, but they aren’t really able to. If we think about these human beings with hatred and anger, we block them, and if we send them Love, we can pass the torch to them. Everybody should get the opportunity to harness it.

Is self-healing possible?

If everybody is a creator, the patient first has to believe that he or she is capable of doing so. There are things we don’t want in our lives anymore, but the question is: How does our subconsciousness perceive it? We have to create what is conducive to us. Actually, the patient just has to believe it. Wanting it in the waking and the subconsciousness, then it will work. We are the ones that limit ourselves.

What happens when we are dreaming?

Our soul leaves the body and moves about on the astral plane. We are physically active. An astral projection is exactly what we are doing each night. We veil our waking and our subconsciousness so that we cannot remember what we were doing at night. The soul exits the body and moves around. There are people who do this because they enter spaceships to enhance their DNA, others can transform objects, others travel around the world and energetically change certain places; it depends on what you have to do.

We are looking forward to a second meeting with Christina, the questions that will be asked, and the answers she is providing for us. You can have a look at her event calendar on her homepage.

Coco Tache supports

Christina Meier von Dreien – a 16-year old girl in service of Peace and Light


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