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Good thoughts and New Earth Manifesto

Dear friends,

“Our thoughts are free and no matter what’s going on, we can always decide what we want to think and what choices we want to make in any particular situation. Of course we always have a first reaction, but if we don’t like this reaction, we can think differently. The most important thing is to stay positive and never forget that there is much that is positive in the world, especially in a time like this.

An ideal world is not going to fall from the sky and suddenly be there. We help shape it by taking the time to send something good into the field. Only that which is present on the subtle level can also manifest itself on the physical level.

Most people think that you should be able to see what you do right away. But if we think and feel something, we don’t necessarily see the results immediately and then we tend to underestimate what’s happening because we can’t see the immediate effect. Someone in Asia might start laughing because of it. That might happen. We don’t know. By being happy about something or looking at something beautiful, or having a good feeling about something, we influence the collective.

For example, if we have a houseplant that we think is beautiful and we tell her that, then we both feel better. Taking time every day to send something good into the world and thinking about things that are already good is the most positive thing we can do. And the greater the impulse that we collectively send into the field, the easier it will be for other people.

We can also write nice words on pieces of paper and stick them somewhere. Read inspiring books. We can pass on the love we have inside us. I also talk to my refrigerator, or example. We can do that with anything. Our flats, houses, cars… They’re all living beings with consciousness and with feelings. And if we say something loving to an object, it sends it back to us.

It just happens anyway, but it helps if we know that it happens, because then we also know that our thoughts and feelings do much more than we think.

Everything that we are on Earth began with one thought. Everything. Thoughts create feelings and those feelings decide how we act.

The coming time is a good one for practising just that. Every good thought and every good feeling is needed

Your Christina

New Earth Manifesto




And here is another wonderful project about creating new models for a new time in every area of life. These visions and models have been developed by a great number of participants, always with the help of one or more experts working in the respective field. The emphasis is not only on mindfulness and a heartfelt approach to everything, but also on realistic feasibility.

It’s a community project, and the intention is for it to grow into a movement and for as many people as possible to join it for the common manifestation of a feasible vision and its further development.
We think this is a wonderful approach and would like to thank all those who have worked on it over many months.

Check it out here:
(Choose English language)


Christina and team

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