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Plant-based anti-ageing product proven to decrease biological ageing

A sensation in anti-ageing research: The latest study results reveal for the first time the positive effect of plant-based antioxidants on cell ageing. The product timeblock proves that green tea and raw food actually do extend our life.

Science has been trying for years to discover the secret of eternal youth. Now timeblock appears to have made this dream come true: The unique nutrient combination contains extracts of green tea leaf tips, wheat grass and barley grass, and of algae, grape seeds, shiitake mushrooms, lycopene and tagetes (marigold) and is proven to help repair DNA damage and regenerate cells. The plant-based product was developed by a Swiss research group and is manufactured in Germany. One daily dose of timeblock contains the active substances from approximately 6 kilograms of raw food products and three litres of green tea.

Successful test on 110 volunteers

Alexander Haslberger from the Department of Food Sciences at the University of Vienna carried out the research involving timeblock. His work is named “EGCG Containing Combined Dietary Supplement Affects Telomeres and Epigenetic Regulation” and is concerned with the impact of the secondary plant compound (phytochemical) epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is contained in green tea, on biological age. Alexander Haslberger is convinced from the study results that “timeblock noticeably decreases biological age.” This has not been scientifically proven to date with any other product.

The study at the University of Vienna involved 110 volunteers of between 31 and 76 years of age, in whom the primary markers of DNA damage, telomere length and cell energy, were measured after six months of taking timeblock. The results are remarkable, according to Haslberger: “After six months we were able to detect a lengthening of telomeres by 17 percent. This is an amazing decrease in biological age, never before documented.”

Long telomeres, long life

Haslberger’s findings drag telomeres, the chromosome endings, into the spotlight. They are the DNA’s protective caps and become a little shorter with each cell division – until the cell can no longer divide and dies. After a certain age this process accelerates, which is why the length of the telomere can be used to determine biological age. Quite simply: The longer the telomeres, the younger and more vital the cell and hence the individual. This was proven by NASA in their famous twins experiment, when they investigated the DNA of the astronaut Scott Kelly and the brother he left at home and observed that the telomeres of Scott were longer after his stay in space than his twin brother, because he was ageing more slowly in space.

Ageing healthily thanks to power of plants

As long ago as 2009, a group of scientists discovered that, thanks to an enzyme, the shortening of telomeres can be delayed or even reversed. The scientists received a Nobel Prize for these findings, and at the same time laid the foundation stone for modern anti-ageing research.

“The results of our studies are now showing what science was announcing in theory eight years ago. The active substances in timeblock encourage cell production. From this it can be concluded that longer-term treatment with timeblock will facilitate healthier ageing and have a life-extending effect”, according to Haslberger. He even goes one step further in his study: thanks to its plant-based nutrient combinations, not only can timeblock be used as a preventative against the symptoms of ageing, but it can also be used therapeutically against age-related diseases.

timeblock is available in pharmacies, selected clinics and from www.time-block.com.

About timeblock

timeblock is taken orally in the form of two capsules, the Day and Night Complex. timeblock works from the inside out for 24 hours. In addition to green tea, timeblock contains wheat grass and barley grass, algae, lycopene, grape seeds and shiitake mushrooms. The nutrient concentrates have a variety of modes of action: During the day they increase body function processes and activate energy metabolism in each cell. Regular intake of timeblock confers vitality, reduces fatigue and helps combat stress. The active substances in the evening capsule are designed to optimise hormone metabolism that is active at night and to promote cell division as well as detoxification and healing processes.

In order to create optimal conditions for the young plants that are used, special biological growing and harvesting methods are used in selected areas at heights of up to 3,000 metres. The quantity of nutrients is obtained without genetic manipulation, and treated with a gentle lyophilisation technique. Thanks to this freeze-drying method, which is also used during the daily feeding of astronauts in space, hardly any nutrients or secondary plant compounds are lost. In order to keep vitamin and mineral intake by the body at a constant level, it is advisable to take timeblock over a prolonged period.

 About the NASA study

The NASA twins experiment showed how DNA alters in space: Scott Kelly spent one year on the “International Space Station” (ISS) from March 2015 until March 2016. After his return, NASA carried out numerous medical investigations – including on his twin brother Mark, who had remained on earth as the “control group”. Because twins have identical genomes. One glance at the biomarkers revealed: Scott Kelly had aged more slowly in space than his brother – the telomeres (chromosome endings) in his white blood cells were longer when he was in space. Only when Scott returned to earth did his telomeres become shorter again.

Source: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/experiments/1771.html


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