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Transforming the humidity of the air and obtaining 400 litres of clear water a day for a Lebanon Refugee Camp

By: Water Inception

Let’s bring clean water to a refugee camp.

Among the 65 Million of refugees around the world, a majority is living in camps, which don’t have sufficient access to  clean water.

The small camp located near Tripoli in Lebanon is one of them.

The camp supports 147 Syrian refugees including a 100 children aged between 1 and 12 years old, who are all affected by the lack of clean water in the camp.

​Our crowdfunding campaign aims to bring them an atmospheric water generator that will produce 400 liters per day.

Hi! My name is Nhat Vuong

I am the Founder of Water Inception and we are raising funds to bring a machine that can produce 400 litres of clean water per day by transforming the humidity of the air. Our goal is to help 147 refugees living in a camp in Lebanon.

I was born in a refugee camp in Kuala Lumpur, after the end of the Vietnam war.
Although, I don’t have any pictures nor recollections of the hard times my parents faced back then, the stories that they told me about their life in the camps, always made me feel grateful  to have been able to grow up in Switzerland.

Hold on, did you say 400 litres of water out of thin air ?

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, it is actually possible! And this technology, that few people have heard about, has the potential to impact millions of people facing water scarcity today.

And YOU could be part of this!

This is how is all started…
One day in December 2016, I came across a video of a retired Spanish engineer, named Enrique, who was presenting a machine he invented, that could generate drinkable water from thin air, using a condensation process and a UV treatment.The machine he had created back then could produce 1’500 liters per day in desert conditions, which seemed absolutely incredible.

It sounded too good to be true… but a part of me just wanted to believe it was real.

The very next day, I contacted the company and managed to reach Juan, the son of the inventor. I told him I had seen the video and asked him many questions about the machines.
He confirmed everything I had seen was real and that he would be happy to welcome me to Seville to show them to me.I admit, I was still a bit skeptical.. but my gut feeling told me I should go, so I booked a flight to Seville. A few weeks later, I met the son of the inventor, who took me to the factory for the visit.

I was full of excitement and could not wait to see the machines…

When I drank the water from the generator, I felt as if I had just uncovered a buried treasure.

Honestly, the water did not taste any different from my tap water in Switzerland.
I was wondering about the quality of the water but Juan showed me the water quality test they had made and it was clearly respecting the World Health Organization water quality standards.

I was sold!

After leaving the factory, Juan took me to his father, who invited me to his place for dinner.I could not hide my excitement and Enrique was very happy that I had come all the way to meet him.

During the dinner he told me, that he wanted to see his machines used for humanitarian purposes.

So I promised him I would find a way and went back to Switzerland the next day.
Back then, I didn’t have a clear picture of what I would do with the machines…
But as I started researching about the world water crisis, I came to realize that I did not know much about it…

Today, more than 700 million people around the world are suffering from lack of access to clean water.

And more than 80% of the people, who have to walk for 6 hours on average to get a bit of water, are women and children.I did some more researches to find out, who were the people, who are suffering the most from water scarcity. And the answer was…

More than 65 million refugees around the world are currently living in camps and most of them don’t have access to a sufficient amount of clean water every day.

Some of them have to wait for hours in line, in order to collect only a few liters.
Believing that water is a universal human right, I decided to start an NPO that I named Water Inception.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the current water crisis and provide innovative water technologies to the people, who need it most.

So I started talking about the water generators wherever I could…Fortunately, I am part of a community called the Global Shapers.We are more than 7000 young people, in more than 150 countries, and all part of the same “family” committed to make a positive impact on society.
Last year, I attended a Global Shapers’ event in Lebanon. As part of our learning experience, the Shapers in Lebanon organized a visit  to one of the refugee camps.
I thought it would be a good chance to meet with refugees in person and ask them questions about their living conditions and assess their water situation.The Syrians refugees were living in tents given by a big refugee organization 5 years ago.
I talked to Em Nasser, the lady responsible of the camp and ask her questions about their water situation.

She told me their living condition was really precarious and that they only had access to a limited amount of water per day, which was insufficient for the whole camp.

The situation forced her and her family to buy additional water bottles, but she could not afford to buy enough water, as it was difficult for her to find a job given her refugee status.
Currently the camp supports 147 people, with 100 children aged from 1 to 12 years old

Our crowdfunding campaign aims to fund a water generator for the camp, so all the residents can have sufficient clean water to drink every day.

And to make it happen, here is what we need:

It will cost us a total of 50’000€ to send a water generator from Spain to Lebanon, that will come equipped  with solar panels, so that the installation will continue running, even in the event of a power/electricity cut.

This is how the money will be spent:

What about the maintenance of the machines?

The water generator Has been designed in a way, that requires minimum maintenance.
The main parts that need to be replaced twice a year, are the air filters and they can be cleaned by anyone in the camp after a short training period. The Spanish company will provide training for the people from the camp, so they will be able to clean and change air-filters by themselves.

Why your support is so important to us?

Nowadays, the battle for attention is a hard reality and having a good idea is not enough.
I found out about it myself, when I tried to reach big international organizations only to find closed doors for lack of background experience in the sector of water.

That is why YOUR support is so important!

If we are successful with this pilot project, it will create our first case study necessary for us to get noticed by larger international organizations, so we can work on projects for bigger refugee camps in the future!

What will happen if we raise more donations than our goal?

We will be able to buy a bigger machine for the camp or even buy another machine for another refugee camp. Bigger models can produce 1’000, 2’000, 5’000, 10’000 liters per day and the biggest model can produce up to 15’000 liters per day and costs around 300’000€.With 65 millions refugees around the world, there is still a lot of work for us to do, so we will be grateful for any support you can provide us to help us achieve our goals.

Other ways to contribute without donating

It might not be possible for you to donate to this project right now but you can always share this campaign with your friends

Every share counts  and I personally thank you for that.

BUY NOW, Indiegogo.com

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