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To live our calling, our abilities, our gifts and talents

We spent last weekend in the forest with many friends, including a therapist. We engaged in energy work and experienced an increase in shared vibration. Thierry, the therapist, mentioned that he rarely hears anymore from his clients that someone enjoys doing their mundane job for money.

He speaks from firsthand experience. As a ‘metamorphosis’ therapist, he has witnessed numerous individuals become ‘healed’ after leaving their ‘old’ jobs. There was even a doctor with multiple sclerosis who experienced healing after suddenly transitioning to a career in landscaping.

In the past, people simply followed instructions without questioning. They were unaware of other possibilities. They felt a sense of usefulness without knowing that there could be a different way.

Earlier this week, I received a voice message from a friend indicating her decision to resign from her position at a prominent university. She could no longer align with the indoctrination and work environment. She, too, feels compelled to pursue her true calling, which she had set aside throughout her life due to lack of time.

I believe that this realization is imminent for many individuals in the near future.

Because… in my opinion, and based on the remarkable people I have had the privilege to know, it is no longer feasible for all of us to do the same thing! Think the same way! Pursue the same job! And feel miserable in the process, all for the sake of money?

Each one of us entered this world with unique gifts, talents, and abilities, and it is in offering them to the world that we find true happiness. It is, indeed, our calling!

This is what makes us humans so extraordinary!

It is our birthright and our invitation to be true to ourselves, embracing our gifts, talents, and abilities.

Living in this manner… I believe it heralds a new era and a new epoch, unveiling what lies ahead for us.

An oak tree does not suddenly grow horizontally, nor does a deer suddenly migrate, when it has everything it needs in its life.

In general, plants and wild animals remain true to their nature.

It is only us humans who have lost our way. We have forgotten who we are, forgotten our interconnectedness, and neglected to listen to and trust the voice of our hearts.

And why have we ‘forgotten’? Because our minds, shaped by ‘schooling’ and ‘education’, have taken control and dictated our lives: Pursue a respectable career. Earn money. Have children. Eat. Take vacations. Sense of lack -> accumulation. Our conditioning and belief systems shape our lives.

The question we can ask ourselves about this is: How did they come into our lives?

When did I stop listening to the voice of my own heart?

When did I let myself be ‘remote controlled’ and listened more to outside opinions than to myself?

Imagine, we ALL would be a unique living organism!
where everyone truly lives in his destiny, with his talents and gifts.
Everything would fit as if by the hand of God….
Our earth would become whole,
because we would always draw directly from the source.
We would listen to it.
We would work together and contribute.
For we would be aware of our value and the value of our fellow human beings.

Our unique day would be a day of joy, where automatically all that we need would line up synchronously. Where we grow with each other, are there for each other and where people, events and everything it takes to evolve enter our lives, if we are ready for it.

We are THERE for each other, caring for each other and doing good.

I rejoice because I believe there is a whole new tomorrow ahead of us.

A tomorrow that will come into effect as soon as we all remember that we are unique, and that living out our unique gifts, talents and abilities – which were placed in our laps at birth – is our new era!

BECAUSE by being in the vibration of joy, we are living and drawing into our lives the very things that make up our uniqueness.

And reminding each other of this is the greatest gift we can give each other at this time.


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