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The destiny of the last ocean is in our hands

Texte: Nataliya Rovenskaya – Avaaz

Dear friends,

There is one almost completely untouched body of water on our planet — a magical place where majestic blue whales, penguins, and mysterious squid roam free.

But this paradise — the size of Germany, France and the UK combined — could soon be lost. Hunters have already massacred thousands of endangered whales in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, now massive industrial fishing fleets want to devastate the area.

But if 24 countries agree, this pristine ocean can become the world’s biggest marine protected area. 23 are finally on board, 1 isn’t — yet.


Amazingly, we have a huge insider chance to persuade it to join, right now. Oceans experts have a private event lined up with President Putin’s top advisors and they’ll deliver our petition directly! Add your name:

For years, remoteness has protected the Southern Ocean. But, after overfishing their home waters, high-tech industrial fishing boats are now travelling into this sacred ocean.

If we win this sanctuary, these mega vessels would be shut out of 1.34 Million km2! It’s unprecedented.

Our community already helped secure two massive marine protected areas and we know that just as wilderness parks rehabilitate life on land, the same happens in the ocean if our governments create marine reserves and enforce protection laws.

We can make this happen! After years of blocking, China recently joined the countries supporting Ross Sea protection. Now we just need one more — let’s build the biggest campaign ever to urge Russia to back the world’s biggest sanctuary — add your name and forward this email:

Time and again Avaazers say defending our oceans is a top priority. For our climate, for the survival of thousands of precious species. And for something deeper. The ocean covers two thirds of our planet and has a heartbeat that we feel. Antarctica is a shining example of countries working together for conservation and now we can extend that protection to the icy seas around it.

With hope and determination,

Nataliya, Alex, Christoph, Mélanie, Alice, Ricken, Lisa, Fatima and the whole Avaaz team

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