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The actualization of paradise on Earth is a co-creation

Let’s be aware of what’s going on, not sit back and think we’ll be saved, but act with awareness! That’s the golden mean!!… the way of the tao in action…

Message received from Being by Agnès Bos-Masseron

More than ever, the two extremes coexist

More than ever, we are witnessing the coexistence of two extremes. It’s up to each and every one of us to choose and create our own reality. We live in a time when the reality of a uniform collective is fading. Each individual is invited to make his or her own choices and shape his or her own reality.

If we choose to vibrate at our own frequency, other vibrations seem to disappear. We cannot listen to several vibrations simultaneously. We cannot listen to the voice of light and the voice of chaos at the same time. That would lead us astray.

We can only choose between the two extremes, the most luminous or total chaos. The highest choice lies in the middle ground, transcending all duality…

So we choose the middle ground that goes beyond light and shadow.

Our focus must remain on simplicity and clarity. Honor the light that transcends light itself. Let’s keep our attention on the pure radiance, the simple light beyond all duality. Our attention must be focused. For if we want to offer ourselves fully to the light and pay attention to the chaos of the world, we disperse ourselves…

Let’s keep our attention focused on the vision. We can no longer waste our energy paying attention to the shadow that moves and seems real. It’s an illusion…

Humanity can realize that it’s pointless trying to control every transition, whether ecological, social or otherwise. The invitation is to co-create by focusing our attention on the vision and applying the details of that vision to our daily lives. For each and every one of us is the creator of our own reality.

As we say again and again, it’s time to choose. The choice is cosmic, and at the same time, it applies to every aspect of our daily lives. It is the choice of unconditional harmony in all aspects of daily life that allows us to open up to the cosmic vision. It’s no longer a question of abstraction, but of creation. It’s no longer about dreaming, but about bringing the broadest vision of divine life into reality.

As you know, the Earth is flooded with light with increasing intensity. It is freeing itself from the illusion of time and space, and establishing itself in the reality of eternity and infinity. To fully welcome these flows of light into our physical structure, we need to make that physical structure more and more vital. It’s no longer a question of being ethereal, but of being embodied. Light, the Word, becomes flesh. Let’s vitalize our bodies and optimize all aspects of our hygiene.

You’ve surely noticed how creative words and thoughts are, and that’s a source of joy. Let’s not be afraid of the power of words or thoughts. Let’s offer ourselves fully to the great regeneration of all aspects of human life, where words are the verb and thoughts are pure clarity united with the heart, choosing harmony unconditionally.

We can no longer play the game of believing we are weak or torn. Let’s make the choice to offer ourselves with clarity, full alertness and full awareness, offering our thoughts, words, actions and feelings to pure clarity and pure harmony. This is not binding and is in perfect alignment with our eternal intention to transcend, which is the foundation of incarnate life. This, in itself, is a service to the divine heart. In this way, the creation of the New Earth is realized.

The important thing is to understand that it is vital, now more than ever, to reject all passivity and laxity. We’re a long way from the idea of a passive humanity waiting to be saved by angels. There are no more spaces or dimensions. There is only the divine heart that actualizes and glorifies itself through creation. There is only each particle of creation that offers itself fully to this. This is the glory of the divine human.

And if some people continue to play the game of feeling incapable or unworthy, let’s offer them the fire of love and bring them to the vital shores of those who are creators of their reality.

Let’s understand that, more than ever, the actualization of paradise on Earth is a co-creation. It can no longer be accompanied by a vision of a passive humanity waiting to be saved. Each individual is fully a co-creator.

And we repeat, because in this moment of transition, it’s vital that we don’t get caught in the crossfire. We cannot look at both the relative light and the relative shadow. Let’s choose our side and serve it. Above all, let’s position ourselves in that middle ground that transcends duality. In the human body, it’s the heart that occupies this place. For the heart transcends good and evil, opposites and duality, to become the pure reflection of the divine heart.

It’s true, the Earth is opening up. Humanity can understand the profound meaning of this. Let’s not wait, let’s create.

Author: Agnès Bos-Masseron

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