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STOP 5G – WHY WE NEED TO MOBILISE ? Official flyer of the manifestation

Activation of 5G in Switzerland: What does this mean?

– In Europe, the activation of the 5G is planned in two phases:

  1. from 2019 on, frequency bands in the area of mobile telephony below 6G, similar to 4G, are used. What’s new is the use of adaptive antennas with multiple transmission channels, which could considerably increase the harmful effects of the radiation, and therefore affect more people.
  2. the activation of the 5G uses new millimetre waves in short range of these high-frequency range waves (25 – 86 GHz), therefore antennas must be installed “at every lantern pole”, so that no radio shadow can interfere (self-propelled cars!). In the USA and in Asia, this development has already begun. In Europe it is planned for the near future.
  • Without awaiting the study results of a the working group under the ancient Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard of the FOEN [Federal Office for Environment] on 5G, the Confederation has attributed a licence of 380 millions CHF to the mobile operators in the first phase in order to use the new frequency ranges. Since the operators claim that they couldn’t install the 5G network in compliance with the regulation in force on the protection against non-ionising radiation (ORNI), the federal government has in secret and silently done a revision of this ordinance in April 2019. (51% of Swisscom is owned by the Confederation…); this was done in disregard of the professional association of Swiss Doctors (FMH).
  • 5G is imposed on the entire Swiss population without democratic debate, without taking into consideration cantonal demands for a moratorium and the Surveys from 2019, which revealed a majority of opinions against this technology.
  • 5G is not required for private use; 4G/4G+ and fibre and copper cable networks are sufficient.
  • 5G is more susceptible to espionage and can be hacked more easily. It necessarily leads to a high-tech society, which very much succumbs to malfunctions and power failures.
  • 5G increases the possibilities of a general surveillance of the population.
  • 5G will lead to a massive increase in electro smog exposure, particularly due to the strong proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices. This is all the more serious, as since the 90s there had a constant, considerable increase of the electro smog level.

How to act?

We do not have to accept that this technology is imposed on us without any ethical, health, safety and environmental considerations.

Let’s boycott all devices using 5G, connected objects and artificial intelligence.

5G radiation exposure will increase with the number of connected objects

to this technology!

– Let’s inform ourselves in order to limit our exposure to electromagnetic waves and that of the of our surroundings. Links on www.stop5g.ch

– Let’s sign the various petitions against 5G, national and international, digital

and papers. Links on www.stop5g.ch

– Let’s register to be informed about future actions. Link on www.stop5g.ch

 Let’s resist the armament of existing ones or the construction of new antennas. (Links on www.stop5g.ch). (The small green guide to opposition to mobile phone antennas – in particular to 5G antennas – for municipalities and individuals on www.stop5G.ch)

– Let us write in mass to the municipalities, cantons and the Confederation to the attention of Simonetta Sommaruga, head of DETEC, in describing our own experiences with the waves and our well-founded concerns about 5G.

Let’s testify! As part of a research project, we collect testimonies

of people affected by electromagnetic waves, before or after the implementation and activation of the 5G on April 17, 2019. Form on www.stop5g.ch.

– Let’s question ourselves about our own dependency on connected objects.

– Let’s participate in events and demonstrations to alert public opinion IN SWITZERLAND AND ALL OVER THE WORLD! List on www.stop5g.ch

What model of society do we want for tomorrow? Let’s find out! Let’s mobilize!

What future do we want to offer our children?

Let us think wisely about what we really need, for us, for the Earth!

Serious sanitary concerns

For humankind and all living beings

Renowned international scientists and doctors without conflict of interests raise the alarm and favour the precautionary principle. The 5G not having been tested for its biological effects, its deployment amounts to conducting a huge experiment on humans, animals and plants, which is a crime under the international law. (5gspaceappeal.org)

– The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequencies as “possible human carcinogens” in 2011. A collective of scientists is currently calling for their reclassification as clearly “carcinogenic to man” on the basis of recent studies.

Current standards ignore biological and cumulative effects on the human body (24-hour exposure over years). The official standards for exposure to electromagnetic waves (ICNIRP) have been established in the 1990s by a committee of the U.S. military and representatives of the mobile phone industry with the objective of not upsetting the development and distribution of industrial electrical and electronic products; or military activities.

– The safety of the official boundaries of the current 3G/4G has not been tested. These limits already go well beyond the recommendations of many independent scientists and those of Council of Europe Resolution No. 1815, which prescribes a limit 30 times lower than the one currently in force in Switzerland.

– For safe exposure to waves, there are reference values that are more than 100 to 1000 times lower (in volt by meter) than current Swiss standards. These values have been determined by independent science and greatly verified by the practical experience of two decades, made by habitat biology.

– Non-ionizing radiation, including 5G, can damage DNA. This has been recognized by SWISSCOM in its patent no. WO200404075583 (available online). Thousands of studies without conflicts of interest listed online prove the toxicity and impact of this type of wave on the increase in diabetes cases, of cancers, renal, cardiac and neurological pathologies.

5G raises fears of an explosion of cases of tinnitus, loss of attention, headaches, dizziness, eye inflammation, depression, nervous tension, fatigue chronic, recurrent infectious diseases, sleep disorders, infertility, diabetes, heart attacks and cancers.

The increase in cases of intolerance to electromagnetic waves is already a major issue and a significant reality in Switzerland. Electro hypersensitive people (EHS) suffer from serious health problems and disabilities leading to a withdrawal from civilian life.

Adverse effects of mobile phone radiation have been observed during independent experiments on fauna and flora: cattle, birds, mice, rats, frogs, insects (bees, ants, flies) as well as worms, bacteria and plants are impacted.

– The effects of millimetre wave 5G (> 25 GHz) are not well known. There are very few specific studies. However, the widespread allegation that millimetre waves cannot reach the body’s organs, since they do not penetrate the skin, is wrong.

– In order to allow the “all connected”, some manufacturers (SpaceX, Amazon and others) want to connect the entire planet, including the space environment, with 5G by satellite. No living organism on Earth will then be able to escape it.

Privacy: where’s the security?

 – Connected objects provide information about our privacy to manufacturers and governments, allowing mass data extraction and an increased surveillance. To analyse this huge amount of data, it will be necessary to use artificial intelligence, which will foster the emergence of a ultra-generated, ultra-automated, ultra-monitored society, as it is the case in China.

Sustainable development: what future awaits us?

 – Mercantile and designed to develop mass consumption, 5G is destructive for the planet and superfluous. The programmed obsolescence of hundreds of billions (!) (artificial aging) connected objects will further contribute to an environmental disaster, electronic waste being almost non-recyclable.

– In 2013, the Internet and connected objects already represented a consumption of energy equivalent to that of Canada and Finland combined. Today, the cloud would be the fifth largest consumer of energy resources. With its multitude of interconnected clouds, the 5G will multiply energy consumption.

– 5G will result in the production of tens of millions of new antennas and hundreds of billions of new compatible devices, which is going to amplify the extraction of rare minerals.

– The extraction of these minerals regularly leads to serious environmental disasters and is accompanied by working conditions that do not comply with fundamental human rights, including the rights of the child.

What are we claiming?

We ask…

… that a national moratorium on 5G technology be introduced without delay until that a sufficient number of independent scientific studies have been carried out and have concluded that this technology is safe,

… to refuse to increase the current ORNI limit values and to define that the peak values do not exceed the current limits under any circumstances (prior to April 17, 2019),

… that the recommendation on measures published by the Confederation (FOEN) is not modified in such a way as to allow an increase in radiation beyond current limits,

… a real awareness of current outreach through campaigns of prevention,

… the introduction of health monitoring on the effects of emissions caused by fixed mobile phone transmitters,

… a real political will to favour optical fibre to the home (FTTH) and wired connections, rather than using wireless technologies,

priority sanitation of so-called sensitive areas (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, doctors’ private clinics and homes) by installing networks without radio frequencies,

white areas, support and recognition of their disability for people who are intolerant to precarious electromagnetic waves (EHS),

… encouragement for research and development of new products, biocompatible technologies that can replace radio frequencies,

teaching that integrates the know-how of the impact of electromagnetic waves into the academic level.

“It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen. “Victor Hugo, 1870, Notebooks



Tamlin supports

STOP 5G National Event in 10th May, and we can’t say anymore that we didnt know


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