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Robin Finger

Already as a kid, he wanted to be Indiana Jones! The 21-year-old youngster hailing from Geneva almost reached his goal, with his ever-growing Instagram page and his more than a million and a half followers. As if by magic, Robin Finger is about to live the life he dreamed about as a little boy. Read by yourself!

What did you want to become when you were young? What were you dreaming about? Which countries did you want to visit? What job did you want to do? Where did you want to live? With whom? How many people did you want to meet and have you known? And how did your life unfold? Do you follow your dream?

The life Robin is living today has already been created in his heart at the age of 8, when he was still dreaming about living a life as thrilling as Indiana Jones. This adventurer who was traveling the world, constantly faced with challenges and falling into traps, who discovered some civilization or animal species.

Half Filipino and half-Swiss, Robin was born in a family of photographers. His grandfather was already traveling in such countries as Greenland to immortalize the beauty of pristine landscapes and, from the moment he was born, Robin spent a lot of time in Asia. He loved flipping through the books and albums of his grandfather and names him as a true inspiration. It was the beginning of his passion. His brother also devoted himself to the joy of this art and taught Robin when he was very young what makes the quality of an image and what THE striking detail is. And there was also Kristina Bazan, our world famous Swiss blogger, his schoolmate with her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. ‘Everybody in high school was only talking about her. And when she succeeds? Why not me? Then, I started publishing on my Instagram account pictures of my brother and amazing images of nature I discovered on Facebook and Tumblr.’ World-renowned photographers sent him their works and thanked him for the publication. They were giving him advice and tricks on how to take the best pictures and Robin’s eye grew so mature that his page soon became a smashing success and a sheer reference on Instagram. A concept which, for that matter, has been copied by many ever since. Today, being published on Discoverearth has become a great honor for all the great photographers and as a consequence, his circle of friends grew bigger. Robin gets invited from far and wide on road trips, not only to be taught their art but also as a manner to thank him for the posts which radically increase their number of followers with each publication.

A last word to say about all this?

‘Travels transform you. The world wants to be discovered and it is extraordinary! Have you ever seen Northern lights? How they are constantly moving and changing? I think it was the most beautiful moment in my life. It was so beautiful I could have cried.’

Robin is free from December on. The modern life of Indiana Jones is calling him. Traveling with a backpack, a tent, sleeping under the stars, climbing, getting lost in the jungle and discovering the world. Without being too aware of it, Robin is about to wake up in his childhood dream and nature stands right there in front of him, awaiting to be immortalized with a camera in all its splendour, to be protected and experienced. Discoverearth. About to take off now! Such as its founder.

Foundation of Discoverearth: January 2013

Robin’s favourite Instagram accounts: Daniel Kordan, Max Rive and Stian Klo

Renowned followers: Princeofdubai, Worldofartists, Muradosmann

Special pride: article published in Huffingtonpost in 2014

Next? Snapchat and Periskop. ‘I would like to go deeper into the relationship I have with my followers, to take them with me on my travels!’

Robin’s claim: ‘I publish what I like.’

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