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Realities are created

From Christina von Dreien

Dear ones,

The time has now come to be more restricted on the physical plane again. It is important that we do not forget that we can be limited physically, but not mentally. Unless, of course, we allow it. Mentally, we are always free. We are free to choose what we connect with spiritually and what we feel.
More precisely, we are theoretically free. In practice, we have many influences around us that want to guide us in a certain direction.

We know that we learn through repetition. We are programmed by it. We have learned to walk through repetition. How to speak and write. Everything that we train in this way will at some point become a program that runs completely automatically. Or, as it is called right now, become a “new normality”.
This knowledge is also used by the worldwide media corporations and in advertising:

Repetition and feelings create realities.

Through the constant, exclusive repetition of the same content, these realities are created. In the positive as well as in the negative.

For example, if we always read and hear the same negative news, if we become afraid of it and do not consciously take countermeasures, we become a playball for these influences. That is why we theoretically have a mental freedom, but practically we have to “do” something for it. We must observe ourselves and our thoughts and the feelings that are triggered by them. So that we can determine whether the spiritual place where we are at the moment is good for us, whether we really want to be there.

Such times and moments can also be helpful for doing things we have never done before. Because if we always do the same thing, we always get the same thing.

Imagine we even have a power outage. Even now in advance we can arrange a time with the people we care about to meet spiritually every day. That means for example at 6 pm with this person and at 8 pm with another…. And if the electricity should actually be gone, then we know that we can think of each other at the agreed times, send each other good thoughts and try to see if telepathy is already working. So we will be able to learn completely new things.

The most important thing is our vibration – we may have to think of some tricks to keep our confidence. Because we need that. That’s how we maintain a field together: that in the end everything will be okay.

We are at the beginning of a birth canal. It is dark and narrow there.

The good thing is that such a thing is always just a phase.

As I said in the penultimate newsletter: You can’t stop love, you can only delay it. Because the earth, it has chosen love and so it can ultimately only go into love.

Your Christina

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