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Peyo, horse of the heart, the happiness of patients in the hospitals

I am simply in LOVE with this Peyo, as are undoubtedly those more than 30 million people who have already watched this documentary on the horse, which was clearly made to cure of people. I first saw this video last year, and it must have reached me a dozen times in total from different sources. Peyo is all I believe in. A caring horse, a bonding horse, and a horse that surpasses from afar, from afar, the vision of the common mortal of all beings walking on our beautiful planet. Peyo is another fantastic proof, that the animal kingdom is joining our kingdom, that our kingdoms are mixing, and it brings us a clear message, clearer is not possible. Check it out for yourself, let yourself be enchanted by this being that has been so lucky to have been recognized by Hassen, his guardian. And above all, don’t hesitate to share this story of Peyo all around you. Directed by Equideo.


Text: Helloasso.com

Our mission statement

Visit people who are weakened by age or illness at home or in a health facility.

Support patients and their families through animal mediation:

The actions of our association:

Analysing, observing, annotating, trying to understand the link that is established between a horse and people in a weak situation is the goal of our association.

Welcome, visit, organize activities, holidays for the benefit of the accompanied people .

Our goals are:
accompany patients and provide them and their families with moments of respite, calmness and serenity.

understand and study tomorrow the mechanisms underlying our observations.

testify the benefits of animal mediation.

Today we know that in contact with PEYO Alzheimer’s patients regain their smiles and a few bits of their memory, at the end, people gain of serenity.

You can also support us by making a donation.

Thank you.


Coco Tache supports

In the skin of the animals - Laila del Monte


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