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Overcoming division

By Christina von Dreien

Dear friends,

There are many people who are already more awake – not just a few thousand, but certainly millions around the world.
If enough people wake up, something will change for the good

As I see it, the reason why this has not happened yet is that although many people are already more awake, they’re not moving in the same direction.

We are not united, we are divided.

Even the people who claim to be awake are still fighting each other.

They don’t agree and are therefore unable to move in the same direction – because they’re not of the same opinion. But none of us can see 100% of the truth.

There are, for example, some who say the Earth is round. There are others who say the Earth is flat and still others who say the Earth is a cube. And there are people who say that this particular person is to blame for that particular situation.

But there are moments when it doesn’t matter whether my neighbour thinks the Earth is a disc or the Earth is round – when it doesn’t matter who allegedly did or did not do something. There are things that are more important than this kind of thinking.

For example, finding ways of living together in peace and treating each other with respect.

If a great many people really wake up, work together, and create something new, then things will change.

However, we often don’t reach this point because we don’t share the same opinion and therefore don’t agree with each other. Of course, there are things that we have to agree on if we want to do something together.

The question is: what are these things?

In my opinion, it is not about the shape of the Earth or who is supposedly “to blame”.

As I see it, that’s not really important in such a situation.

We should know that very many divisions are deliberately caused by the unlight forces – it’s just that people don’t realise it.

People are then so preoccupied with what divides them that they’re unable collectively to let something new emerge. And that’s exactly what is wanted.

But on a small scale, we can start to change things.

If we simply create an oasis, in a small way, and hold the light, that’s already worth a lot.

If a great many people around the world do this, it will make a tremendous difference.

So we should no longer allow “something” to bury our love and stop us working together. That’s why it’s so important not to accept the division into which we’re being dragged everywhere. If we don’t, the unlight forces will not be able to realise their goals.

It is our love and our light and our unity that will ultimately bring them down.

Your Christina

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