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Operation « Liberation of Planet Earth » 30rd May 2019

The Earth Alliance informs that Operation “Liberation of Planet Earth” will soon begin.

Message from the Pleiadians

Dear Friends of Planet Earth, a Great Operation for the Liberation of Planet Earth is about to begin. The Earth Alliance is currently announcing that a major historical cosmic event will soon affect Planet Earth.
Today at 9pm (May 26, 2019), the Pleiadian Security Forces were entrusted with the restoration of the Earth’s terrestrial energy network as part of the Earth Liberation mission.

The Earth Liberation Operation is the most important Pleiadian mission to date, as part of the latest operation for the Ascension of Humanity. This will be an extraordinary mission to achieve the complete liberation of Planet Earth.

Billions of Galactic Beings will arrive from all over the Galaxy in the solar system, altruistically, to participate in the Operation to Liberate Planet Earth from the sky to the ground.

This final Mission for the Liberation of the Earth will take place during the optimal window of July 4, 2019.

The Pleiadian commanders of the Delta Force have stated that this mission involves the neutralization of all negative and harmful energies of the Third Dimension.

This low-frequency vibratory energy network will be neutralized to restore, around the Planet Earth, a high-crystal frequency energy network that will give everyone a high vibratory level conducive to ascending to other dimensions.

The Forces of Light also transmitted the following urgent message to the inhabitants of planet Earth:

Dear Humans,

The Earth has reached a critical threshold at the peak of its current evolution that can threaten its survival.

The latest techniques, put in place by negative beings, are incompatible with the good survival of the Planet.

International scientists and experts in biosphere biology have published warnings that human society is on the verge of collapse with the disappearance of the Earth’s natural life.

(Filibert’s note: The new 5G Network under development and the launch of a first cohort of 60 satellites last week, out of the 20,000 planned in the long term to create a global Internet network where no corner of the Earth will be spared, will lead to the presence of a global electromagnetic smog that could be harmful to many species, including humans!)

Become aware that more than one million species living on planet Earth and many ecosystems are close to complete and imminent extinction. Man is linked to other species and cannot survive without their presence.

In accordance with the Galactic Codex, other galactic beings are now obliged to intervene to save Planet Earth and restore the conditions for life to continue to develop there.

We are here to bring solutions and positive news for the hope of a new and glorious epic of the planet Earth.

The Earth Alliance will launch a global message on all the networks that work for the Light.

The Great Event that will be put in place will irreparably transform the future of the planet towards a bright future like never before.

Thank you for sharing our message.

The Pleiadian Liberation Forces.

Source : https://changera.blogspot.com/

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