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Open to Receive and Focus on Positivity

By Karta Singh

The change has landed on this planet. It’s confronting, it’s not an easy time. For many-many of us confusion is increasing dramatically. And it’s a paradox: when we choose to go for the new, we feel opposition to that. As soon as we introduce changes, there is a resistance of the system to change.

Empower yourself as an individual and resonate with others to create alliances

The issue now is empowerment of individuals. But not against somebody else. The other way around: to create an alliance where the energy fields of different people are in resonance. When resonance meets resonance, what happens is – amplifying. It is amplifying the way you initiate the new. Invest your energy in where you find alliance, mutual support and expansion.

It’s time to move but move in consciousness

Move your consciousness into a space where you can visualize your direction. Develop more intuition and be more intuitive. It will also be a time when your dreams become very significant, because we are very much triggered subconsciously.

So, meditate before going to bed, totally relax and bring peace in your physical body. Our physical body is receiving now. Each one of our cells is exposed to new frequencies. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms in the body, it’s just because you are receiving this new information and this new kind of energy.

It’s time to actively wait

Any actions you would take now, will be provoked by the environment and it will not be an action, but a reaction. How can we still be in the move and project ourselves without really deciding yet? Holding your horse but using this energy to expand your space within yourself. Now it’s all about within.

It’s too early for the outcome, and we don’t know what it will be

Give yourself a bigger space: in your vision, in your relationships to be more inclusive. We might go through a time that is more tough and more difficult than we expect. We can face unexpected things. We have ‘no signal’ or ‘no sign’ where this all is moving and we collectively smell that it is going to move into something beyond our capacity to deal with, something that will be overwhelming. That’s why we wait for the outcome at the same time reinforcing our sense of stability, peace and stillness. Then we are ready for anything.

It’s the attitude of taking the time as it comes and not wanting to divert or thinking: ‘If I do something right now, it will change.’ It will not!

One thing absolutely NOT to do is to worry

When the negative mind takes over and the space of impossibilities overwhelms you, then you start worrying. And that frequency is wasting valuable energy. Don’t invest in a doubtful mind.

Chaos comes from fear and focusing on the energy of fear. That’s why it’s highly recommended to clean everything that could impact you with anxiety, fear or negative perception or frequencies every day. Dive into the frequency of the heart. The heart is a platform that can contain the opposites – what seems to be dualistic, both animosity and alliance and solidarity. They are combined in your heart with no judgment. The frequency of the heart is a key thing to cross this time and it is the initiation we all receive. Intuitively we know that the only solution to go on is to maintain our kindness. This is yoga!

Yoga means to always create a link

Don’t cut through, don’t separate, don’t put things apart but look at any antinomic, antagonist, conflictual situation from the perspective of unity. And if you wait and give God a chance, it will be solved by itself. By waiting we support the natural solution.

There is a natural solution to our crisis

It comes from the Earth. From a totally incompetent humanity we are moving into a more aware, more conscious one. This waiting time is a necessity to stop reacting from nonsense, stop agitation. We don’t need to find an immediate answer, immediate remedy.

Everything is happening at its own pace

If you go down to the foundation of this time, there is no urge. We just have to be conscious, still and peaceful. Don’t share your worries with each other. Rather share your dreams, your vision, your generosity and your kindness. There are so many situations where you are called to be generous, understanding and open to support. Don’t miss any of them!

Reconnect with the dimension of prayer that is beyond religion

The new religion is the people who consciously pray because the biggest power is in our prayer. This is a very subtle certainty, a stage of knowing totally, with the full capacity of your physical body and cells energy, how to invest in trust and confidence. This is the time for recalling the trust you had in life when, before incarnation, you took the jump into the 3D and when you had the courage to come out of your mother’s womb by your own decision. You did that! This was your intention to come here. We came here intentionally because we trusted the process of incarnation and that we are going to come through in this 3D. Now it’s time to prove it.

Totally invest your confidence into life

You are breathing! You fall asleep, and your heart is beating! The reason is that the inner clock is activated by the grace of this whole Universe, the whole creation that created you. Life has always been self-balanced, self-regulating.

If we chose to be incarnated on this planet at this time, this is our privilege. This is a unique opportunity to grow into the new humanity. Those who stay on this planet are supposed to contribute and co-create that transition into a new humanity. So, if you totally vibrate your 100% trust into life, life will invest the same trust in you. You will be supported.

Strengthen your aura and build your filters

The psychomorphic field is now densifying. We are all in a network. We are all connected. You can feel whatever people, human beings, feel on this planet at this moment. And this will increase. So, you need to make yourself autonomous. You need to build your aura, your filters, so you can discriminate what is true and what is a lie. This is the responsibility of every individual. Reject the disinformation. Filter and make sense of any information you receive.

When you are at a high frequency and open to receive, the revelation happens

You will realize things coming out of the blue, not based on logic. We call this buddhi mind effect. It’s the space where you access understanding with no proof, no reasoning, no strict logic, but all of a sudden, the whole body is awake to knowing something that you didn’t know before. That’s what we call revelation.

It’s a practical revelation. It is about where you put your next step. What will be your choice – left or right. It comes in a very subtle way if you listen. This is very deep yoga. This is patience. Listening is essential. Everybody who is open to receive, to listen, with the right frequency, with the right filters, will receive inspirational thoughts, ideas, images, that will nourish your passion, your inner space and make you feel peace and stillness. You are totally secure about where you are. Here is information you need to receive: I AM ON THE RIGHT WAY. I know that I am in the right space, right stage. And I’m ready to face the time. Watch your dreams and let this revelation come to you.

Give the OK for the door of your subconsciousness to open without fear

Then you can receive inspiration from the highest frequencies. If you defend, you cannot receive. And if you deprive yourself from highly important messages that are raining to the planet to inspire the heart and spirit to move towards this new human being, then of course you will be lacking support and you will feel isolated, separated and rejected.

You need to become a messenger of positivity

In the midst of all the controversy and confusion increasing constantly, when you connect to this inner stillness, you can just be witness to that by your frequency, by your attitude and your presence.

How can I increase the coming of the light on this planet? And how can I increase the clarity? By practicing the type of prayer that we call exhortation – you become the voice of the Master Self and you talk to yourself. Inspire yourself to finally respect all the gifts you received in this life. Don’t wait for other people to honor you! Start honoring your best gift in life and how you can share it with others and your surroundings.

That’s your Divine Presence

And that’s what we call magnitude. It’s a sort of a frequency that comes out of you to polarize people in a positive way, to inspire them, to be the hope and not be pessimistic. By doing this work with ourselves, we are bringing this lightness, this humor and this kindness, loving kindness wherever we are. This is our job as yogis.

For a minute just close your eyes and enter your Heart chakra. Feel your own Divine Presence. Just say to yourself: “I am the Divine Presence. Right now, I am the Divine Presence. I am stillness. I am multidimensional light. I am in the now, manifesting the Divine Presence. This is truly me”.

Anchor yourself in your heart

When you do that, you are connecting Heaven and Earth together. And if you are forced to take a decision, do it from sitting in this Temple of Heart, with total stillness and kindness. And you will see things differently.

Initiate a new habit of focusing on positive thinking. Don’t analyze, don’t compare, don’t judge. Just be in that frequency to embrace what comes from a positive attitude, anything what may come. Unconditionally. This is the heart. Heart is unconditionally embracing what is. This is not just something that you do sometimes. This is a stage that you need to build a habit to be in. Establish a new habit to be kind, open, embracing and focusing on the positive.

The power of prayer is the power of an individual

It will support everyone. It will inspire everyone. Your prayer is the silence. It is something you do with yourself. It is a stage of being. You are not a beggar asking for a solution, you know you are the solution. It will come through us when we are aligned with the harmony, the oneness of the creation. Even though it looks like everything is falling apart, everything is going to collapse, ultimately this will be to bring us to a much better harmony.

The transition between chaos and harmony is always a hard period. But if you focus on harmony, you’ll be in the move that brings you to harmony. Go with the move, go with the changes. Don’t resist. And you will be a part of the change.

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