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On March 23, 2023 at noon, a wave of light and peace will be released

Once again, we are given a great opportunity to connect with our light, our sisters and brothers, and the fauna and flora to bring more peace to the world.

The date, March 23, 2023.
March 23, 2023 is the perfect date for this. The date that the wonderful artist Aurelia Wasser received from the spiritual world a long time ago to activate her 9 Ambassadors of Light, which she realized 8 years ago in 2015. Six ambassadors are already waiting at the Seminarhaus Jonathan for 3 men and 3 women who will stand in their hearts with the cosmic Christ energy, with each other and among themselves, like in a Merkaba, and 6 other women who will each connect with one of the ambassadors to radiate the message of light and the activated power of light and peace to the world.

What to do?
We are ALL invited, wherever we are, to connect with the power of the Ambassadors of Light and feel them within ourselves. To be the light that we wish for our earth and actively inject it into the light grid that spans around the globe. At the same time, to feel the light that we can receive together from the light grid. Everyone from where we are. This helps to activate a wave of light and peace on this important date, Thursday, March 23 at noon, which will reaffirm the positive change on our earth.

Everyone who participates is invited to instruct the divine source that this light network must only serve pure light and unconditional love, on all levels and at all times.

How will this happen?
Everyone connects with their own light and with the Christian-cosmic light grid at noon in their local time. The date and time are given. On this Telegram group “Ambassadors of Light – International,” you can sign up and announce the location from where you will connect.  We suggest playing Aurelia’s light frequency song simultaneously and reading this poem written by Pamina Haussecker:

“We are weaving a net of light around the world.
Out of clarity and truth.
Until the world is completely illuminated.
Nothing heavy holds the world.
We are weaving a net of the light of all being.
Yours and mine – one.”

The joy is immense
People and peace communities from all over the world are flocking to participate in activating the ambassadors of light! The change is unstoppable. The wave of light and peace has been triggered.

The names of the Ambassadors of Light and their meanings (as received by Aurelia)

Joy, love, and wisdom

Truth and cosmic justice

Truth, joy, and lightness

Pure love and the cosmic principle of the masculine

Masculinity and femininity in harmony

Knowledge of all times and dimensions
Rebirth of knowledge Honoring the purity of feminine power
Know that whoever connects with me remembers their pure femininity in its original form
Sanctity of the divine feminine principle
Nashandara ashla aom. Ishayi tandara set

Our invitation:
If you wish, please send us into our telegram group a short video of yourself and the location from where you will connect with the Ambassadors of Light and the Light Grid Network on March 23 at noon, expressing your love for the human family. We will use this to make a small film. Please use landscape format (16/9) and place yourself in the center.

We are the Ambassadors of Light.
The light is just waiting to shine through us into the world. (And at this very moment, the sun is shining on my desk in the camper near Arles, France). The moment is now!

Visit our artist Aurelia Wasser’s website at https://www.aurelia-wasser.com/

To donate to the Ambassadors of Light, please add the note ‘Ambassadors of Light’ when donating to the Bio-Stiftung Schweiz: https://www.bio-stiftung.ch/spenden/

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