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Only with clear and orderly thoughts can we enter the world of creation

The Great Danger – Final Message from Krishnamurti

Dear friends,

Today I had a book in my hands which I had read the last time about twenty years ago. It was a book with texts by Jiddu Krishnamirti with the title “The future is now”, in which the last speeches of this great man were published in written form.

The Indian philosopher and wisdom teacher Krishnamurti refused throughout his life to meet the expectations of a typical spiritual teacher. Only completely free could he succeed in living together peacefully and without violence.

While opening this book I read his last speech, which he gave – about three weeks before his death on January 4, 1986, under a tree in Madras. In this last speech, Jiddu Krishnamurti spoke about the “imminent danger of the inevitable fusion of genetic engineering and computers”. He said, among other things, that computers will develop their own intelligence and constantly improve themselves. The most amazing thing about these statements for me is that they come from a time when hardly anyone suspected anything of the possible dangers of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.

I would like to introduce a short passage from this speech. Krishnamurti asked his listeners: “Do you know what a computer is? It is a machine; it can program itself. It can create its own computer; the computer father creates his own computer son, which is even better than his father. You don’t need to accept it, it’s a known fact; it’s not a secret, so please watch it closely. This computer can do almost anything a person can do. It can create your gods, your theories, your rituals; it can do it even better than you could ever do. So the computer brings it to something in the world; it will change your brain. You’ve heard of genetic engineering; whether you like it or not, people are trying to change all your behaviour. This is called genetic engineering. They’re trying to change your way of thinking.”

In the following words, Jiddu Krishnamurti emphasizes the extraordinary importance of the true understanding of creation. The Holy Creation, as he called it. He unmistakably distinguishes between the Holy Creation and the creation of computers: “No description can describe the origin of creation. The origin is nameless; the origin is completely silent, no noisy buzzing. Creation is something most holy, it is the most holy thing in life”.

But what excited me the most were the last words of Krishnamurti. He said: “As long as our thinking is not clear and orderly (purposeful and pure), we cannot enter the world of creation. It ends. (Whereby one can read under this text: “These last two words are barely audible, more breathed than spoken”).

Dear friends

You surely remember my urgent call at the end of my last articles to visualize the visions for a world of joy clearly and unmistakably. Especially in this time this kind of creation is the only way out of suffering.

In my opinion it is exactly what Jiddu Krishnamurti wanted to point out to us with his last words.

Me Agape

Your Dieter Broers

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