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We are not victims of our lives, but responsible

By Maud Albertini

The process is accelerating…

The rebirth is now being made gradually for all…. for some people this can be quite violent and uncomfortable and can allow a fundamental questioning of a life process that is collapsing like a card game…..

For others, the transition is smoother because it is more conscious and accepting;

Relationships stop one after the other, what nourished and occupied the mind can make it empty and is devoid of interest… Everything is done somewhere in an intelligence so harmonious that one can only welcome it….

The true human values, those which truly nourish our Soul appear in the form of “revelations” or “inner Light”, or in dreams, or in mediumship. The answers are given to us more and more quickly if our heart is open.

Our life mission is becoming more precise and our objectives are now clearer. It is not advisable to resist preserving old patterns, thoughts and fears from the past.

The more you hold on to what is poisoning you, the more sick you will be in all your energy bodies.

We have been warned enough over and over again, now the process is irreversible and nothing can stop it anymore.

Only the shift of consciousness from head to heart will bring all the answers, answers themselves in evidence to the eternal and loving center of the present moment.

As soon as you feel “uncomfortable”, or in “contradiction”, in other words as soon as an uncomfortable feeling from your body sensation or intuition arises, you will know that it is a sign/alert that it is time for you to let go of the old and the fears.

It is a cleaning process that continues day after day, you feel it, and you can also feel both what is released and what still resists.

Give yourself all the rights, that’s unconditional love. Forgive yourself for all your mistakes (which were in fact only experiences and not mistakes…) because at that time we had no other way to move forward and to realize you.

Everything is always in its place.
Everything is always right.
We are not victims of our lives, but responsible.

Each of Us is certainly in the right place at the right time.

Source: https://www.inspirant.fr

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