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no other being can create pain in our hearts for us. Only we can create the emotion that flow through

Loving this. From Ishtar…

Lately, I’m very much in the questionning of self-responsibility. I understand that everything that emanates in us is here to help heal parts of us that aren’t healed yet! That the things that come to us from the ‘outside’, are really only triggers to help us being aware what is still not in harmony in the ‘inside’. This is why the revelation medecine is so powerful, it has all to do with us… So I found this beautiful channeling from Ishtar, which resonates totally with my actual questionning. And it brings answers.

“Welcome our beloveds. We wish to speak about pain today, the pain that you feel in your hearts, which is often reflected in your physical body as the mirror of your heart.

When one feels pain in the heart it means the consciousness of your light self is constricted, as if it has been tied up by little bands or knots that wrap themselves around your heart and constrict the flow of love and light into your being from The Source. Is this not so our beloved?

This is not negative emotion, for all emotion is not negative, it simply is energy flowing that is affecting you in some way.

We would we ask you to look at the emotions as they arise and to be observant of what this energy in flow is creating within you. Hold these energies out from you and observe them. Allow them to flow yes, throughout you but then we ask you to let them go.

Choose not to hold onto any emotion for too long, be it pain in your heart or anger, and even happiness or joy. Choose to become detached from this emotion. Stand aside from it once it has arisen. Watch it and where it flows within you and become aware of what the emotion is telling you. Yes because this wave of energy you call emotion is giving you a message from yourself. What is it saying to you?

When you choose to become this wave of energy (emotion) you cannot hear the message. Instead choose to ask it what it is it wants to share with you. Listen to this message for this will give you the understanding of what is occurring in your life and any decisions you may need to make will be able to come from this information and not the affect of the emotion itself.

Dear hearts, often we believe the emotion itself is the message but it is not. Emotion is simply a flow of energy that runs though you in reaction to that which is occurring in your life. The ego often grabs onto the emotion and identifies with it and becomes the emotion. Then the ego makes it about who and what you are but this is all illusion. The emotion is simply the messenger.

Instead of becoming this emotion, choose instead to look at it, watch it and listen to it. Then allow it to flow and be free again. It is when your ego wants to hold onto it and become it that the emotion then becomes trapped in the body and attaches to the ego or personality as a part of who you are. When this occurs then this is what you live as your reality on Earth, but it is a false reality, dear hearts.

Emotions are waves of energy that need to flow free because they are only the stream of energy that carries the message from your inner self to you. For example, if you feel great anger arising within you simply allow this anger to flow. Watch its flow through your being, be aware of this emotion flowing through you; listen to what it has to say to you. Why is it there? It is not there because someone else has placed it there, because it is your emotion not someone else’s. It is your response to something, dear hearts.

Why have you created this energy to flow within you? Is your life not flowing the way you would wish it? Is someone else not doing what you want them to do? Where is the anger directed? Is it directed at that driver in the car ahead of you that is driving too slowly?  Ask then why you are reacting to this driver driving too slowly. Do you feel blocked or unable to move forward yourself? Then ask what is blocking you from moving forward in your life? Or, are you overwhelmed by all that is going on in your life? Are you finding it difficult to keep up with all you believe you need to do? Are you overwhelmed and overburdened? If this is true for you, then it might be time to re-evaluate your life and what you do within it. This is the message that your inner self is telling you.

Perhaps you are not doing what you are here to do or wish to do in your life. Is it time to look within and seek guidance from your inner being about your right action in life?

Every time you feel this emotion flow inside of you it brings you a message. Ask what the message is from your inner self. Even the emotion of happiness as it flows inside of you brings you a message. It might be telling you that all in your life at this time is flowing well for you and to enjoy your life and this cycle of energy that is moving through it right now. It might be asking you to be in gratitude for all that you are experiencing right now. Open your heart (consciousness) and allow the flow of this energy to move through you and embrace its message.

If you have pain in your heart, dear one, then perhaps it is because your heart needs to open more to receive more. Perhaps it is still constricted by those bands of belief that tell you that you need protection or are unworthy of receiving what you need. Open your consciousness and receive the message. Perhaps it is time to look within and ask your inner being what it is that is blocking the flow of energy through your heart. Choose not to believe the ego when it tells you the pain comes from someone else – husband, partner, children, etc – because no other being can create pain in your heart for you. Only you can create the emotion that flows through you, dear one.

While you may not like what another person is doing or saying they cannot create the pain in your heart. A part of you has decided to send you a message saying your heart is constricted and closed and this is creating pain for you in some way. You are being asked to look at this pain and ask your inner self what you need to do to lift this pain from your heart. What is the right action for you at this time?

What is it that you fear that you cannot open your heart tp and allow this emotion to flow through it smoothly? To find the answers to what it is you are holding to create this pain you will need to go within and become the observer and no longer the participant in this emotion.

If it is fear of being hurt that is flowing within you then you need to release the point at where this fear began. When was the last time you were hurt when you opened your heart to the world or another being? Go back to this time and look at how you reacted to in this event. Choose to release the trauma you created within you around what occurred. You may need to recognise that no one else has the power to hurt you unless you allow it and are attached to an outcome that it has not met.

If the ego is attached to whatever is occurring and needs something from this and has expectations about this then you may indeed be hurt or feel disappointed by the outcome if it does not go the way you desire. But if you are truly in your open heart and open to receiving the love and light from The Source then you have no expectations of the outcome and surrender to it in the moment of the now.

When you do this then you create no unbalanced response or reaction, which becomes an emotion in your being waiting to be released. In this way you hold no fear of the outcome then or in the now. It is only when you hold unresolved attachment and reaction that you are sent a message via emotional waves of energy from your inner self to release these attachments and old reactions that are causing you pain and suffering or struggle and challenge in life.

Choose to open your heart and surrender to All That Is in full knowing that all is divine as it is in the moment. We understand that your human self believes this is such a hard thing to do but in truth it is the easiest thing to do. It is so much easier than sitting in your anger, fear or pain.

Choose not to let this emotion go and give it its freedom. Become the observer of your emotions and not the participator and creator.  Come into the now of all that is and no longer trapped in the past. Relinquish your need to control what is. Ask your ego and personality to let go and surrender to the heart of The Source now. Surrender this pain in your heart to The Source. Choose to give it over and no longer hold it to you like a badge of honour.

Choose to step aside from your human personality that desires a particular outcome from what it is you are experiencing. Allow the outcome to be whatever is right in divine timing for all beings involved now. Surrender control of this now. Allow change to occur in its natural flow and in its natural timing. Yes, it might be very slow for you or too fast, but whatever it is rest assured it is in divine timing for your being in the now.

Surrender to this now and let go of the emotion. Let it be free. Open your heart and understand the message it has sent you and do not think less of yourself because your heart is not fully open. In this third dimension of physical matter it can be difficult for you to hold your heart open all the time to receive what comes to meet you. This is the challenge for your soul. So when emotion arises try not to be caught up in the emotion and believe it is another that is causing you to feel like this.

If you are unhappy, feeling unloved and unrecognised for all that you do, and this is making you angry and resentful then it is time to ask yourself why you feel this way about yourself. In truth, it is only you that is making the choice to feel this way about yourself. It is not another that can make you feel this way. What makes you angry about yourself? Why do you not love yourself? Why do you not recognise all that you do and all your gifts? Why do you turn your back on these gifts and not acknowledge who you are and how wonderful you are?  These are the questions to ask yourself, not someone else.

For even if you received the answers from someone else and they changed perhaps their behaviour towards you, we say that you would still feel this way unless you change what it is within you that makes you feel like this about yourself. The other person is simply mirroring what you feel about yourself to you.

So dear heart, we say to you it is time now to let the emotion flow and move to freedom and no longer limitation and pain in the heart. Surrender the emotion when it arises and let it be free. Then ask what message it brings to you and look at this within yourself.

This is the lesson, the challenge and often times the next initiation in your evolvement. Call to us and we will assist you. Let the pain go now and open your heart to all that you are in all your splendour and wonder. It is time now to see yourself as the great being you are and not to hide in the shadows any more. We ask you to shine out your light and allow all to see this light, and no longer hide it in unworthiness and feelings of not being deserving to receive. Shine your light for all to see. Speak your truth about who you are – a divine being of God’s light and love. Choose to stand out and be seen as the beacon you are. When you do this then your heart is open and your energy will flow to freedom as your being shines out from within you, our beloved. It is now time. Blessed Be.”

Coco Tache supports



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