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Important newsletter from Christina von Dreien to the theme of 5G‼

Dear ones,

You who have all registered on forschung@christinavondreien.ch, because you also want a new education system. Thank you very much for registering in such large numbers!
I also send this message to all those who signed up on the networking platform. Thank you also for that!
I think that changing the education system is still very important, but as you know, sometimes we don’t know what life has in store for us. That has now led me to decide that there is currently a more important issue where our action is required than with education.
I am talking about the 5G. Please read the whole mail if you want to know why 5G is dangerous and what we can do.

I would like to briefly enumerate some of the reasons why 5G is a very serious threat to all of us, whether or not we have a 5G phone:

– 5G blocks our energy bodies that are necessary for our spiritual development. People are less able to connect to the light and their spiritual development falters, falls asleep.
– 5G has the ability to manipulate thoughts, emotions, actions and bodily functions of humans and animals so that humans behave as desired by those who pull the strings on this planet.
– 5G causes physical diseases and problems such as headaches, cancer, sleep disorders, dizziness, etc. It has long been known that microwaves change cellular processes in the body.
– 5G can also have a very strong psychological effect.
– 5G is perfect for total supervision of the population.
– 5G is a danger to all life on this planet. It also destroys the immune system of trees, so that they all die. In the same way it endangers the animal world.
– 5G doesn’t have to be. There are alternatives. These alternatives enable everything that 5G promises to do without causing irreversible damage to biosystems and thus to health. The main difference is that the alternatives are much cheaper and do not allow trillions of profits.

Why threshold values are useless
The immune defense and all “defense mechanisms” in the body run via various protein (protein) compounds. The proteins are very important building blocks in the body and in all body functions. They control everything. Depending on the frequency or wavelength of an impulse, different proteins are formed. The proteins that are responsible for defence react to a frequency that they classify as dangerous. They are programmed to do so. If the threshold values for radiation are now determined, this is partly due to such a low frequency that the defence proteins are not “triggered”.
Therefore thresholds values are of no use, because the continuous bombardment of frequencies below the thresholds is possibly more dangerous than a “strong” impulse, precisely because the strong impulse triggers the defence and the weak does not yet.

Barrie Trower
Barrie Trower has worked as a radiation expert for the military intelligence services MI5 and MI6 in England since the 1940s. He interviewed spies and was able to obtain evidence and facts about the effects of radiation on humans, animals and plants and how radiation frequencies should be used.

I encourage you to check out the following two YouTube contributions. They are factual and well-founded and I consider them VERY important. And also that we are doing something now. The technology is currently being installed everywhere without asking us and in no time at all. It is time to act! There has never been a vote on it in Switzerland, but we have a right to do so because our health is at stake.

Please forward the videos and this message to as many people as possible.
Part 1: https://youtu.be/EixOFXQJx10
Part 2: https://youtu.be/7gJb4NhDYsE
Here Barrie Trower reads a document in which the director of the CIA says that the government can and will use 5G for espionage. To obtain information via GPS you need a warrant (from a judge). For 5G it needs nothing.

So this is the first mail on this topic.
Inform yourself, talk about it, forward this information! We need as many people as possible to help bring about the change!
Now you have the opportunity to see why it would be better if 5G wasn’t switched on. We are asked to express our opinion and help that 5G is not installed. So the subtle light will be better able to help us, as we are one step closer to it. If you now want to do something physically, on a larger scale, I can tell you the following things:

Keep your 10th and 19th May free.

On May 10th there will be an event called “Stop 5G National Event”. The purpose of this event is that we say:
– No to increase the current limits of the NIS regulation
– No to the averaging of the measurement values over 24 hours
– Yes for better protection and better information about today’s radiation exposure
You can find the event on Facebook:
The Stop 5G National Event has nothing to do with me. I didn’t organize it and I won’t speak there. I link this event here because I think it’s time we pull together and collaborate with like-minded people. Because it’s about something that concerns all of us. No matter what we believe in, no matter where we come from and no matter who we are.

On 19 May there will be an action, which I personally organize. On the 19th of May I want to organize a Flashmob. Right in the middle of Bern. If you want to be part of it, to set another sign that we don’t want 5G, you can contact us at forschung@christinavondreien.ch with the subject “Stop 5G”.
The exact time and location in Bern will be announced on Twitter on 19 May. Everyone who wants to participate in the Flashmob is invited to follow my Twitter account. So they will be notified automatically. Because only on the Twitter account and nowhere else, I will announce the exact time and place in Bern, where the Flashmob will take place May 19th.
I ask all of you who want to participate in this Flashmob to be present in Bern from 12:30 pm and to be constantly online on my Twitter account, so that you can see immediately when I publish the exact time and location in Bern. The Flashmob won’t go very long, it’s the nature of such events.

What each individual can do now:
Many antennas have already been upgraded to 5G without permission. Below you will find a link with a map (Switzerland), where this is already the case (but new ones are added daily!) and how to recognize them. Click on the map to open the online version with the possibility of zooming in on your area.
The following link leads to the description of how you can get to your local authorities with a simple legal request. It would be great if ALL of you would flood your municipalities, with such legal petitions!
Now I thank you all for reading this, I wish you a wonderful time and I am happy to manifest something together.

Christina von Dreien

Dreamteam supports

Watch out, the 5G is a great danger to our health, that of animals and plants. Let us be aware, and specially, let us act..


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