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Watch out, the 5G is a great danger to our health, that of animals and plants. Let us be aware, and specially, let us act..

Ladies and Gentlemen,

While we are fighting everywhere to save the planet, at a time when we are becoming aware of the threat posed to bees and insects, while we are giving lessons to others to save the lungs of the earth (the forests and trees of the Amazon), our government is opening the way and even worse, is encouraging to implement 5G, and this by trying not to attract too much attention.

While institutions such as Swissmedic require natural medicines by requiring scientific proof of their non-toxicity and safety before any natural products! are put on the market to supposedly protect the consumer, other equally powerful operators are installing antennas everywhere with frequencies that are dangerous to life without any evidence of non-toxicity.

The process is reversed here, it is us, the people (consumers or not) who have to prove the dangerousness of these installations in order to try hard to stop it’s placing on the market. We see that the authorities apply the laws accordingly to their only motivation: the creation of riches.

Why is it that 5G is authorized when competent and specialized scientists around the world are shouting loud and clear that it constitutes a proven and serious danger for all living beings? Why are the authorities ignoring these warnings? Why do they not immediately suspend the project?

If you ask these same powerful conglomerates their positionning on 5G, they will give you arguments such as the “conspiracy theory” or other stupidities to avoid answering the real question of serious and proven danger. Their strategy is to discredit the citizen by making us look like an original, going hand in hand with the silence and culpable inaction of the authorities. No one can ignore the fact that smoking kills. But it is the consumer’s choice. The 5G is going to kill us, even if we don’t use it.

In any other field, the awareness of any health risk causes the project to stop: why is it not the same for 5G?

Birds are desoriented, ducks develop strange behaviours when they come into contact with 5G, trees will have to be cut down by tens of thousands (not only to plant the antennas, but also because their branches hinder the proper functioning of 5G), antennas implanted by hundreds of thousands (every 100 meters!) and nothing is done.

On the other hand, if a patient has the misfortune to succumb to a possible intake of homeopathic granules, there is a general outcry in the newspapers and there is an immediate demand for a strengthening of the law to protect the consumer. Who are we kidding?

Another danger, even more perfidious, is looming: The 5G opens our doors to the intrusion of anyone into our private lives. Everything will be within reach of any hacker, spy, Swiss or foreign government, conglomerate or industry.

Today we must act together, the people need to unite, become aware of this enormous danger and stop this scourge. We must open our eyes and above all not falling asleep at the comforting words of the operators who lie to us because they only see the money that the 5G is bringing them.

How can we accept that these companies risk our health and the environment when we have been told for years about the survival of bees, the importance of trees? And here, for the benefit of technology, we would be ready to cut down these trees, to destroy these bees so that we could download films in 10 seconds, or buy milk automatically?

What will we do when there are no more insects, and therefore no more food, when our children and animals die one after the other from tumours, cancers and so on? Will we ask the underdeveloped countries for help, those who have not had the means to install 5G or from conscious countries that have not installed it?

This message is not there to explain the dangers of 5G in detail (many internet-pages exist on this subject) but to ask a big question:

Why is it that, on the one hand, we have an obligation to prove the non-toxicity of products before they are placed on the market and, in the case of 5G, it is exactly the opposite and that it is the citizen, not even consumer who must prove the toxicity of the product to stop its implantation despite the many scientific warnings? The most serious thing about this is that we will not even have a choice as to whether or not to consume this product, we are going to exposed to it, no matter what.

Why not apply the same law to everyone?

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Patricia supports

More than 230 scientists from all over the world are calling for a moratorium on 5G


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