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New insights and revelations. 5G, Australian fires, and more

This is crazy! 5G is crazy!…

How can any people, even from the government, people working in this domain, accept this technology? Frequencies, that have nothing to do on our earth, frequencies that absolutely harm life, extinguish it even, change our whole atmosphere.

From everywhere, we are getting important wakeup calls!
It can not BE that a technology that harms life is introduced on our sensitive earth.
But, on the other hand, humanity is still deeply asleep.
Dreaming of consumptions, possessions, of money, competition.
No wonder all this madness continues.
Can you see the picture?

And there, in Australia, fires burn everything away.
After the government has changed the course of the rivers! Hmmm…
And you can see green trees still standing next to cars that have been liquified by a fire that usually burns wood?

Don’t you think there is strangeness in the air?
Don’t you see the big picture?

Everything that doesn’t feel right, is not right.
The fires in Australia are man-made!
5G is man-made!
Wars are man-made!
Influenced by a strange sensation of some entities, wanting to control and extinguish life.
We need to open up our eyes in order to see what’s going on!
To throw over board our belief-systems, very well implemented in our brains, these incredible machines facetted by schools, universities, education, so well guarded by our egos, who keep the control over us until we open up to the beauties of our hearts.
No, we can and shall not continue to accept all this which is happening to us.

Even more, as we are divine beings, making a human experience here on earth…
I mean… don’t you recon we have everything to make paradise on earth here and now?
Don’t you see how perfect nature is? How much it is capable of regulating itself, again and again? Until when?
Don’t you believe in humanity once we’re awaken to ourselves and to our own beauty and creativity? Just think about our capacity of restoring all that has been destroyed, and giving life back to nature…

I believe that we are living all this in order to wake up! As long as we’re not awake, there needs to be darkness for us wanting to search light and finally waking up to ourselves.

Anyway, I propose you greatly to listen to this great interview with Lena Pu, who is an expert of frequencies and who gives us all so clear insights about what’s going on.
I mean, the story with this teacher, who lives absolutely mobile-phone free on weekends, until coming to school and in the classrooms where the WIFI is activated, (with its frequency of 2.4 Gigahertz… The frequency of… WATER! And as we are made out of 70 % of water!…) and the end of the day, her blood doesn’t look like blood anymore… (imagine all what this does to the children in school! For what?) Or, the coming of 5G from satellites beaming in 50-60 Gigahertz. Frequencies that are opening up to totally unknown spectrums going to unable and kill life really, what the *ç%&*”. We know that these frequencies kill, that they are incompatible with life, with our natural radiance… No, these microwave-oven frequencies that the governors of our world want to impose to us, have nothing to do in the bodies of living beings, have nothing to do on our earth.

Do your really believe this a coincidence? That this is done to humanity? And that the ones putting this into place don’t know how much it harms us? Do you really think that most governments of our earth want the peoples best?
Do you really think there are no solutions to whatsoever? With our ingenuity? With our creativity? I mean, if you see how much ONE man can move things ones he’s awaken to himself, imagine what we can do, all of us, ones we’re awaken to ourselves..

Isn’t this a beautiful thought?

Now, you may say this sound like a conspiracy theory, and it is your right.. but imagine one second if all of this is put into place to truly and definitely taking possession over us, over humanity?
It is time for us to discover the lies, it is time for us to search for the truth, it is time for us to walk the path of love, not condemning the ones doing this to us, but thanking them by helping humanity to wake up, and acting in the other direction… in the direction of what we want! Love, peace, freedom, truth…

And a special mention as well to Jason Liosatos, Lena Pu’s interviewer, a man who has the big picture of where all this is going to lead us, and calls humanity to wake up now, as well.

Drop by drop… It’s happening… we are going to succeed. But it can’t be done without us!

Coco Tache supports

The impact of wifi on living organisms revealed by an experiment conducted by students


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