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We are now, as living beings on Earth, at a turning point of our evolution. For many of you, the last few years have been a great period of transition, discovering your real Self outside the world of illusion.

This awakening comes along with many questions, changes of direction, cleansing, and sometimes hardships, blocks, barriers, and emotional pain. Many are sensing that something else exists beyond material aspects of things. This “something” is the kingdom of Soul, where the true essence of your Being resides.

The Pleiadian Institute Europe was specially created in order to help aspirants progress on their spiritual path. We assist you in the great realization of what you truly are.

We work together with the Spiritual Hierarchy Of Earth in order to provide comprehensive classes online, answer questions, organize workshops, healing sessions and spiritual initiation ceremonies.

What has been considered so far as mysteries and occult knowledge is now available to you in a very clear and academic form.

For any questions about our Institute, please send an inbox here or on

If you would like to participate in building the Pleiadian Institute physically, your donations are welcome and much needed. Please use paypal with the following e-mail:

It’s all Love!

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