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Livelife Zürich: 2.- 3. September Maag Areal Zürich

Homage to a healthy lifestyle.


They have found themselves: Sophia, Event Manager and Aline, Health Coach. Together they offer the Swiss public 2nd and 3rd September in the Maag Areal Zurich a whole lot of vitality with their 1st Livelife exhibition, which offers its public health booths, yoga, dance and sport workshops and lectures with all imaginable exciting topics.

Best. Check out their homepage with its exciting program and dare to take a step into this world full of sense and a direct invitation to get active in this direction, which goes hand in hand with joy.

We will be there, and if you feel like sharing your story for ‘Humans of Live Life Zurich’, then please make sure to call us for an appointment, 079/208 47 84

What a beautiful message also for Zurich, where almost weekly, bio juice and saladshops and healthy lifestyle shops are born, and where, past Sunday, was opened a lightportal fort the peace in the world.



– Booster Pilates Zurich

– Leading Retreats

– JamesJar

– Juice Plus

– Wellville

– Lemonaid

– Josephs Toiletries

– Lola Fred

– Sportles

– Focus Water

– Froogies

– Amazonian Fruits

– IDIL Botanicals

– Velocity

– Mono Delivery

– The No Animal Brand



– Deddou Burkhard from Pop Up Yoga “What is Yoga and why do we down dog”

-Sandra Mikhail from Nutrition AZ and Wellbeing Hub “Beat the bloat”

– Paco Savio from Balboa “The 5 steps of a restless soul”

– Sywlina Annina, healthy lifestyle blogger “The holistic approach to healthy eating”

– Janna Scharfenberg, physician and nutritional counselor  “The myth of sugar”

– Author of „Eat Better not Less“ Nadia Damaso “Eat better not less, a lifestyle not just a diet!”

– Carola Schoch from Swiss City Bootcamp “Superfoods and Detoxing and how to reach health results and goals like muscle gain”

– Federico Schnoller, economist and certified sustainability business executive “Sustainable companies for a sustainable world”


Workshops: Pop-Up Yoga Classes, Swiss City Bootcamp Classes, Velocity Classes

Dreamteam supports

Lichtportal in Zürich - 28.8.2016


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