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The era of materialisme is coming to an end. 21st December 2020 begins the upward curve towards the 5th dimension.

Text: Ricardo Ovni

Hello my loves

Today I want to fill you with optimism and enthusiasm so I bring very good astrological news.

The map you see on the graph is the map of November 15, 2025 and I show it so they can see where we are going.
Look (those who know astrology) at the wonderful and great aspects that will form this ′′ “Blue Star of David”, without a doubt the best moment for humanity.

But let’s review the current astrological aspects to put things in context:

We are living in the darkest moments, the energy in 2020 is low astral, we are at the bottom of the well.
The graphs on which world astrology is based shows a decrease in energy (lack of harmony between slow planets) which started in 2000 until 2020.

All astrologers agreed that 2020 would be a catastrophic year.
Astrologer Liz Greene already announced it in the 70’s and astrologer Vincent Cassanya in 89.

But on December 21, 2020, the triple conjunction of Saturn Jupiter and Pluto called the Great Cosmic Transformation will open a new 200-year cycle by changing from the Capricorn earth element to the Aquarian air element.

The famous paradigm shift implies the necessary push to start the expected Aquarian era that will last 2150 years.

The era of materialism is coming to an end.
It began there in 1802 with the Industrial Revolution and lasts until today, a materialistic era where the cult of the body, economic power, politics and control has taken the limelight.

We are living the definitive fall of the system, Capricorn in world astrology represents the system, control and authoritarianism of the state towards humanity.

What happens from 2021 onwards will be quite the opposite.
The visible power (Saturn) will change hands.
It will pass from the hands of its rulers to the hands of humanity, this will be given in December with the entry of Saturn into the Aquarius and will bring an unprecedented change of values.

We will stop constructing buildings and move on to create new paradigms of revolutionary ideas and inventions.
Technological and scientific advances will be put at the service of humanity, because Aquarius is a humanistic sign where the values of freedom, equality, solidarity and fraternity prevails.

The most drastic changes will be in mid-January 2021 when Uranus (the Great Awakening) arrives (now he is asleep, retrograde).
This month in particular will be the beginning of the great revolution and the awakening of the critical mass.

From 2021 to 2025, we will notice a very important energetic rise and you know what else? No more tense aspects of the great Titans for 30 years !

It’s just that the universe always compensates and all these tense aspects that we live at the beginning of the new era will gradually become harmonic aspects !

I can’t tell you more about the joy I feel to be so happy to live this so important turning point in the history of mankind.
So much so that I already want it to be the year 2025.

What will happen in 2025 we do not know exactly but it will be very good.
I make my speculations in silence and I reserve them but it’s just that anything can happen because the Aquarius is a sign of surprise and with all these harmonic aspects, they will certainly be very pleasant.

So don’t give up, from December 21st of this year the upward curve towards the 5th dimension begins ❤️

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Things are going to get strange, but in the end everything will turn out well


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