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For the love of our planet – Water Drop DNA launches it’s crowdfunding campaign.

Have you ever asked yourself why the ocean looks blue sometimes and other times appears green? Is the ocean so translucent that sunrays can dive into the deep blue and caress the sandy ground, warming marine turtles? Do you recall floating in a lake on a warm summer night, carried by waves, facing the moon and stars while butterflies and cockchafers dance? Have you ever scanned the horizon, where the sky and the sea meet and taken a deep breath to letting nature give you serenity and soothe your soul. Haven’t you travelled into green valleys of your childhood, up to peaks dazzled by snowy whiteness, walked in rivers that flowed vigorously on your frozen feet, and stretched out in an enchanting ocean that sends its waves to your feet only to withdraw softly again like a lascivious lover?

Is Nature not our friend, an inseparable love? Isn’t Nature the fragile and alterable scenery of happy people? Our environment is the most precious thing that we’ve received, and our unique magical planet, Earth, suspended in the midst of the infinite universe is desperately distraught at this indecent and arrogant blue speck.

A project to protect the planet and our children

At Bang Bang, we were raised to appreciate and enjoy nature. It’s been passed down as a heritage of unconditional love of our forests, lakes and oceans while teaching us to show Nature respect. Bang Bang is Fabiana and Laure, mothers who today are willing to endow to their children this devotion and respect of nature. Our goal is to help direct daily activities of future generations towards an appreciation, awareness and respect of Nature.

Our commitment to nature is why Bang Bang launched a campaign to protect our lakes & oceans through waterDNA analysis, involving citizens to raise awareness of the dangers threatening the oceans with the support of Mike Horn.

“The WDDNA project aims to analyse the impact of human activities on biodiversity through water analysis while involving everyone in the project to educate them on water threats, empower them and educate our next generation to make the right choices to preserve our ecosystem.” Laure M. Project Manager

What is the DNA of the water?

Because water is transparent, it reveals everything to us like decoding DNA, the most crucial analysis. The power of Water Drop DNA is that a single drop of water makes it possible to determine the quality of the water, its biodiversity, its balance, bacteria and viruses and gives an infinitely precise photograph of all the Microorganisms present in a single drop of water.

A project of global impact thanks to the greatest explorer of our time.

For this project, we have the chance to collaborate with Mike Horn, who supports us on an international level by taking samples during his Pole2pole expedition around the globe. We collaborate with the world’s leading scientists in DNA water analysis: Indigo V Expeditions. Mike Horn will be able to contribute on a large scale to the current lack of data and will be able to educate the world’s citizens about the state of our waters and undertake concrete environmental actions to improve the future of our lakes and oceans.

Do you :

  • want to know how we affect our oceans?
  • want to contribute to protecting our planet?
  • want to give a good example to your children?

The more we act, the greater our impact!

A crowdfunding campaign to launch the project and make it sustainable

  • Bring your drop of water to our crowdfunding campaign on the Wemakeit platform and on social networks allowing multiplication of analysis and scope and to organize “Water Day sampling” with your children.
  • Participate in our “Water day sampling II” launch event, where you can collect, learn to analyse your water, become aware of your responsibility and take action!
  • Like, share, speak around you, as we need your drop of water so the project will continue, that more and more lakes will be analysed and people trained so they can make good choices.

Bangbangagency supports

L’humanisme de Rajesh Kumar Sharma


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