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July 23-26, Humus, our fertile soil, is calling us! Be there

Join us for our Humus Retreat, July 23-26.
in honor of World Humus Restoration Day, July 23, 2023

Wonderful Souls,
☀️ and with a warm sunny greeting ☀️

As initiators of the World Humus Restoration Day we (Priska and Coco) are happy to invite you from July 23-26 to a unique event in the Lebensgarten Erdweg Gupf near Basel (at the country triangle Germany, Switzerland & France), where it is solely about living the connection to the soil very intensely. And to feel what the conscious connection with the fertile humus does with us.

The program:
Sunday 23.7
We arrive. Take off our shoes. Meet each other. Invite the magic of life. Together with Almut Schmidt-Rau, the founder of the Erdweg Gupf Life Garden, we discover barefoot her wonderful grounds. Learn how it is possible to build from an area of arable land and thanks to a vision, a community area with a pond, forest hedges, vegetable beds, berries and microclimates. A place where life returns and where plants, birds, insects, all the soil life, animals and people feel super well. In the evening we will make music, dance, celebrate and sing for soil with Eva Luna and Philipp Richter.
Monday 24.7
On Monday we go on a big learning field! Devote all our attention and love to the soil and quench our thirst for humus knowledge through ingenious lectures and field reports. Also from this day we go out strengthened and armed for what comes.
Tuesday, 25.7
We experience a complete day of contemplation, of integrating, of silence, of feeling connected to the ground. Energy and several small workshops bring us on this day into an even stronger connection with the element soil. A large gathering in the evening allows us to to feel the connection to ourselves, to our sisters and brothers and to nature.
Wednesday, 26.7.
We meet again heart to heart, get involved with each other and leave, with a lot of love and joy in our belly and the deep knowledge that we will make it together! That we are the ones we have been waiting for. And we carry the enthusiasm for our healthy soil with all the practices we were allowed to learn into the world.

OR , we stay one more day.
And celebrate together the Mayan holy day on July 26 in the evening.

Here you can find the complete  ‘We celebrate our humus‘ program
with Uwe Burka, Robert Briechle, Almut Schmidt-Rau, Kiki, Philippe Richter, Eva Luna, Priska & Coco.

333 Euro in tent, camper, all inclusive
444 Euro in mattress camp
555 Euro single or double room
coco.priska@sharingood.org will gladly accept your reservation.

For more infos: coco.priska@sharingood.org

As well, Almut is looking for 1-2 amazing guest assistants for the upcoming event who are willing to help out with preparing the venue in exchange for food and accommodation. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact her directly via email.

Take off your shoes if you want to be healthy

In 2019, the movie ‘The Earthing Movie‘ came out, which touched the consciousness of many people. What if our Mother Earth could heal many body aches when we are in direct contact with her? Earthing means to be in ‘direct’, ‘uninterrupted’ contact with the earth. Be it earth, sand, water or any other conductive surface.

It is said that the earth has a negative charge. And our bodies are positively charged. By exposing our bodies directly to the earth and absorbing its electrons, which we normally get from nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E, and from plant compounds also known as ‘polyphenols’ (found in tea, coffee, cocoa and apples, among others) the body returns to a neutral state.

Wonderful. On to the film!

The World Humus Restoration Day – 23rd July 2023

It’s not just about you or me anymore.
It is about all of us. About ALL living beings. It is about our health!
And speak health, speak healthy soil!

The World Humus Restoration Day of July 23rd invites us concretely – whether we have a garden or not – to dedicate our attention for a moment to our fertile soil, the people who cultivate it, its soil life, its microorganisms, worms, fungi. Be it…

– by being aware of the soil
– planting a tree, a bush or a flower
– by creating a compost
– by creating a small bed, a garden
– by giving it our mental attention
– reading a book about the fertile soil
– by contacting the farmer next door
– by inquiring where there is a farm store
– by feeling gratitude for our farmers who cultivate the soil for us
– by taking off our shoes and consciously walking barefoot over the fields and through the woods.
– singing or playing an instrument for the soil
– by gathering together on the ground and cultivating circle culture
– preparing a special feast with fresh fruits and vegetables and inviting our family and friends to join us
– by organizing a party
– by watching a film about the soil.

It is our soil that nourishes all life on earth. And it is also alive! In just a handful of soil there are more living beings than there are people on our planet.

What we buy and what we eat is important! Not only for us, but also for the soil. With every purchase decision we vote on what will be sown and planted in the future.
In the last 70 years we have destroyed over 50% of our fertile soil through monoculture, chemical- pesticide- herbicide- insecticide use. But did you know that man is capable of rebuilding in just 5-25 years what would take nature hundreds of years to do?

The soil is our greatest pharmacy!
Our greatest catalyst.
Healthy and happy microorganisms our most wonderful health makers!
Worms our greatest humus builder!
When the soil is doing well, humans are doing well.

Therefore, we humans consider it our duty to be good with our soil, and to recognize it as an equal living being that becomes aware of itself by giving it our love and attention.
In order to pay due homage to the soil, we invite a whole host of individual actions that can be presented on the German Telegram Group World Humus Restoration Day.

All of us, our families, our schools and our communities can make a difference by eating mindfully, knowing where our food comes from and always paying special attention to our humus building. July 23 is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for the world to make a conscious commitment to our soil and be a voice for it.

Let’s do our part. Let’s do what we can.
–> The World Humus Restoration Day

The Ackerkonzert of July 22nd in Rengoldshausen

Just imagine – we are all aware
of what our direct contact with the soil has
has on us and on our environment.

Imagine if we would sing for the soil or make music for it.
As indigenous peoples have always done.
And as our farmers do. You’ve probably heard the expression:
The Lord’s boot is the best fertilizer?
The attention that the agronomist pays to his soil,
directly affects his harvest !
Also the singing of the birds on the fruit trees that are around a vegetable patch,
around our vineyards, contribute to a better harvest.

And what might happen if a state orchestra plays Beethoven’s 6th symphony for the soil?
And at the same time, many many more people connect with the soil?
With all its microorganisms, the fungi, the earthworms, its devas, the elemental beings, all life that emanates from the soil!
And if the soil becomes aware of itself thanks to all our attention?

Let’s visualize how trillions trillions trillions of microorganisms reflect and send back to us, their gratitude and their love for this unique moment where we humans have consciously put ourselves in connection with the soil life. What effect will this colossal attention have on the entire life on earth?

On July 22, 2023, the Nuremberg State Philharmonic Orchestra will reunite with 40 of its musicians at Hofgut Rengoldshausen on Lake Constance (CH). Together with the Swiss Bio Foundation, the farmers of the Soil Fertility Fund and another 500 people, homage will be paid to the soil on this 22nd of July, synergies will be created and soil fertility will be celebrated.

And you can rejoice, because the whole celebration will also be broadcasted live if you can’t make it to Lake Constance. In this way, the Ackerkonzert grants us all to touch as many human hearts as possible, who in turn become aware of their connection with the soil.

Here you can buy the tickets

The music of plants

There is hardly anything more touching to make the ‘invisible’ visible than when our plants start to make music for us. At the Elf Festival, the local elves were able to experience live what a ‘plant concert’ sounds like, brought to us by Maximilian Moser and his two musicians. The sensor, which is attached to the plants, translates the electrical signals and movements of the plant, which are converted into sounds and music by means of the device. And since plant music always touches so many people, we are also very pleased to be able to make you a special offer for this very special device. Until the 31st of July you will receive the Musicoftheplants device with the code ELFEN and for 398.- instead of 438.-Euro.

Your Priska, Coco, Bénédicte & Valeria, together with all the beautiful people who make all this possible***

Written on Planet Earth around 7/3/2023



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