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Islands of light

By Christina von Dreien

Dear Friends,

Christmas should be a particularly special time of peace and harmony, a time in which we remember once more that we are Light, especially now, in this incredibly intense time, when the cooperation of each and every one of us is so crucial, where every bit of Light that shines into this world is of great importance.

We can imagine that every person who lets the Light of their heart shine out, who illuminates their surroundings in this way, creates an island of Light.
Whether we’re at home – and therefore creating a stationary island – or moving around, we leave a trail of Light.

When we let our Light shine, this is not only beneficial and good for us, but can also bring confidence and hope to others. It’s easier for them to remember positive things again. They feel better. And that is a great gift – one we can give to others.

You may also have noticed that if you have a day when you’re feeling particularly good, after a while, this then helps others to feel better. They then also look completely different – both physically and subtly. For you have just helped them to reconnect more to their soul, simply by superimposing something positive.

We can therefore all create islands of Light wherever we happen to be. And we can imagine that this is happening not only in our country, but all over the world, that there are more and more points of Light on the Earth, and that they can also be seen looking down at the Earth from above.

This means that we give our subtle helpers as well as our light brothers and sisters, who are always watching us, something that brings them joy.

The network of these islands of Light is getting a little more close-knit every day, because more people are waking up, all the time – something we certainly won’t read about in the newspaper or see on TV.

If, once in a while, there is a day when we feel a little despondent we should not forget that, despite all that’s going on, the Light prevails even in the midst of darkness. But the dark cannot exist where there is Light. Wherever there is Light, it becomes brighter and the dark retreats. It’s like lighting a candle in a dark room.

There’s a saying: “The night is darkest before the dawn”.
We are now in this time of great shift towards the Light.

So let’s use this Christmas season to remind ourselves that we are Light at our very core, and wherever we are, let’s spread that Light like the light of a candle. Wherever we go, we leave our traces in subtle matter.
In this way, we can give ourselves, the Earth and all beings a gift.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas time,

Your Christina

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The darkness of the entire universe cannot blow out even the smallest candle. The fairytale of Menuka


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