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Here the social masks may be left at the entry, and there is no need for social politeness.
Here is no time, no schedules, no expectations, other than mutual respect.

The inner compass directs us inwards, through silence, paying attention to our little habits and dramas. Here, we may find the humour in our humanity and at the same time make a strong and intimate acquaintance with our soft, omniscient, eternal Presence.

catch a glimpse of yourself,
behind the smoke and mirrors.

Portal Azul
is a gateway, a stop over in ones path and evolution. Every visitor and guest brings their own part of a story that we create together, generating an evolving and revolving dynamic, based on openness, respect towards one self, the others, the space and situation and culture we live in.

More than a Hostel or Retreat Centre, we provide the space, safety and stability for inner and outer journeys, self discovering or simple resting.

This is a zone free from smoke, drugs, alcohol, sugar, grains, refined and packaged products, meat and dairy, and internet is intentionally very limited.

If it be a short or long term visit, simply a time to rest or engage in a healing journey, whether spiritually thriving or just beginning to turn inward, it is in integrity and self responsibility that each one is invited to participate within the collective space.

This is a place to expand, to create, to explore inner and outer realities and community living.

We offer silence and calm independence, as well as tools and care to assist guests, if needed and asked for. 



69 year old Canadian woman
Had a wonderful day in town experiencing the new me: positive, light, engaging, even (dare i say?) happy!

I thank you with all my heart for your loving support through this major shift in my life!!!!
Loving you lots and lots

67 year old Canadian man
Greetings Eroca! It was so great seeing you yesterday after all of these years…..and it seemed liked really no time had elapsed. Thank you for being the kindred Spirit that you are. I have always felt very at home with you but it is always good to re-remember once again. This is exciting!!!

Different approaches to engage on the inner path and to start listening from within are offered, among them and included in the fees:

+ A guided but self directed course to develop one’s personal connection to PRESENCE
+ silent and guided meditations
+ agni hotra fire ceremonies/homa therapy
+ creative expression and exploration
+ Tibetan Rites and basic pranayama
+ hands on food preparation and juicing
+ Shivambu instructions
+ hands on gardening
+ writing “pages”
+ sharing circles
+ group massage
+ eye gazing
+ reading up-lifting material out loud in a group
+ film nights

We have three distinct guest areas to support personal rhythms, personal times of eating, times of juicing and times of deeper cleansing through water fasting, each with it’s own kitchen so each level is fully supported.

Spacious, private grounds are shaded by an abundance of fruit trees, flowers and a vegetable and herb garden which everyone helps maintain. There are near-by nature trails, epic mountains, ancient ruins and temples, indigenous communities and sacred sites to explore. There is so little light interference that our region scores high for star gazing.

Furnishings and decor are very simple, elegant, rustic and cozy.

We offer several types of accommodations from tenting, dorms to private rooms and casitas of different sizes some with private bathrooms, some shared bathrooms to accommodate all economic situations.

In the common areas are several nooks for lounging, hammocks are found in many quiet places.

A large enclosed room with big windows, a hardwood floor, furnished with cushions but otherwise empty is for stretching, exercises, group sits, fire ceremonies. Here we create and co-host a variety of spirit events, yoga, dances, courses and workshops etc.

There are indoor and outdoor dining areas.

This is a place to unwind, rest, eat well, detox, learn, unlearn, participate, listen, be heard – when not fasting, people drink when thirsty, eat when hungry, sleep when tired, wear whatever they want.

This is a place to discover authentic movement, to let go of control, to move freely.

The ongoing diet is simple, cleansing, nutritious, vegan.

The guests fully participate in food prep, cleaning, gardening, holding space for movement, sits, agni hotra fires, welcoming and orienting new guests.

Everyone here has a copy of “The Presence Process” and is required to read the introduction and then decide for themselves if they want to do the ten week practice. This creates a foundation for the inner work and a common language for dealing with the emotions and projections which arise.

Attention is drawn to the habit of chit chatting, and guests are invited into deeper conversations or silence. Enjoying the space as if in a library, awareness of what and how one speaks, we become sensitive and aware of our words and respectful of other peoples silence. We become creative in communication and learn to commune through the eyes and heart.

Although there is much silence in the cleansing and fasting areas, the feeling here is light, playful, respectful yet not grave.

There are many arts & crafts supplies as well as musical instruments.
Musicians sometimes come to teach those interested.
There is a very good sound system for uplifting high vibrational music and many times spontaneous dancing takes place.
Participants will be encouraged to exchange massages frequently.

Visitors arrive with few things; simple loose clothing, notebook, uplifting books, basic toiletries.

extra fees apply to:
+ de-parasite natural, effective protocol
+ dark room retreats
+ massages, clay masks, various healing baths, flower & salt cleanses, etc
+ deep cleansing with happe and kambo
+ sound therapy
+ rebirthing
+ breathwork
+ cranial sacral
+ sweat lodges
+ yoga classes
+ various workshops with visiting teachers

Prices range from very low to average depending on the style of accommodation to make this available to a wide range of people.

In an easy going environment guests may learn:
growing food
create healthy menus
prepare vegan meals and fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices
be with oneself
be in silence
make agni hotra cleansing fires
the Tibetan Rites, yoga, pranayama
speak in sharing circles
tap into the inner master and creativity
dance, sing, draw and paint
keys to sacred sexuality, “karezza”
develop natural leadership
live in simplicity, connect with nature

Namaste, my dear friend

37 year old American man
I know I am not always balm.. so I take this as a charge,.. appreciation… I am insane to degrees I’ve never touched.. now and yes.. somehow only right results are effulgent… in truth, I feel you believed in me early on… even when I was ineffective… or at least only marginal but timely… it has evolved with your power… I could never see you as less than foundational to anything I ever do… my fountain.. hahahaha… be ecstatic, you strange multidimensional witch/mother… you’ve given birth again… !!!
Thank you for coming to earth, and in a burst of selfishness.. thanks for coming to this rodeo when I’m here.. doing the good work.. always inspired…. if you deliver to the infinite.. be concerned.. I’ll chase you!!!

32 year old French woman:
For three months I have been at Portal Azul. This is a sacred, hidden place in a little Peruvian village in the sacred valley. When I first came I struggled so much with the silence, with spending so much time with my self and facing things I was so uncomfortable with. I was used to keeping very busy, very social, very animated. So, what to do? First thought was “This is not the right place for me.” But then I started observing, settling in, learning from the others.

I have been learning so much about being quiet and still and appreciating this quality time with my SELF. Life here is so simple and just what I really needed. Being far away from city life, I have been connecting with nature and my own rhythms, needs, integrity and self respect. The “The Presence Process” has been a great help in supporting me on this new path back to myself, and loving who I AM.
Here we learn practical things too. Agni Hotra fire cleansing, how to prepare nutricious, delicious food. All a part of self love is self care. I am very grateful to have become a part of this unique little community.

28 year old Polish woman:
I left my work and friends, packed my things and left all that was familiar and safe to start my journey in South America. A journey that happened to be life changing for me.

In four months I saw many beautiful places, breath-taking landscapes, met interesting people. As it occurred to me later, it was the way to finally reach my home – Portal Azul, a sanctuary for travellers like myself. This I believe it was not a coincidence, and since then, I do not believe anymore that coincidence exists.

Portal Azul, then in “el molle” near Pisac, Peru, is where I found strength for loving myself and all my brothers and sisters with pure heart and where my mind found peace. In this place is where I learned to appreciate every precious moment of each day. I was twenty-seven by then and in that place I was reborn. I could finally sink into eternal happiness of being who I am and be loved for that. Eroca, wise and brave woman, created this sanctuary, possibly not even realizing how much influence it could have on peoples’ lives, nor how much it had on mine. For sure, I am not alone in my opinion.

Eroca told me once that it is okay to be a nobody and to have nothing. Almost three years have passed since we saw each other for the first time and I still consider those words as some of the most important I have heard in my life. I never felt I had to prove I deserved her respect or love, she gave it to me and all of us when we needed it the most, expecting nothing in return.

This was a magical place and time where everyone was always welcome and treated like a friend. I witnessed love and happiness that emerged from our hearts. I believe it could happen only because the energy there was right. I was like a seed that needed a fertile soil to grow and this was the right place.

29 year old Dutch woman:
I have felt connected . . . in contact . . . thank you eroca, for opening you and your home up in a way that people can give what they can and want to give. It is not every one who can do that. I have felt overwhelmed with gratitude for everything. It has surely done me good to be seen and respected by a mature life-artist like you. Staying here has been a blissful healing and teaching path.
37 year old Italian man:
These last few weeks here have possibly been the most transformative of the last few years. The space you have created here is truly a space for healing, reflection, and growth. I thank you from the depths of my soul as I have been reminded over and over again how unique and wonderful we all are once we get outside our heads and inside our hearts. Much love and respect for you.

46 year old Canadian man:
My heart aches and my stomach quakes, yet still, I feel as if a great and wonderful transformation is taking place. I have experienced quite an emotional and inspirational week. I feel as if I have let go of many attachments. I have come to truly understand that true healing may only come from deep within ones own Self.

19 year old Canadian girl:
As soon as we walked in the door we felt unbelievably welcomed and accepted. It felt like we had been reunited with lost brothers and sisters. I am very grateful to have found this community, all these beautiful, kind people. I hope others have the opportunity to experience the beauty here.

21 year old Canadian woman:
We were welcomed with a circle of singing bowls. We all felt it was “home.” Everyone soon felt like older supportive siblings, always there for us, and never an awkward moment or subject – not too overpowering but available no matter what.

68 year old Canadian man:
Dear Eroca – Thank you, thank you, thank you dear friend. the past days were so precious to me. It is times like this that make it all worthwhile. There is so much in the sharing. It takes me into parts of me that I don’t normally access easily, and there is deeper seeing.

I have always been blessed to have you in my life….my friend, my teacher. And snuggling with you dear one in the morning was over the top! I woke up this morning feeling so good….and content.

Thank you , again, words don’t do it….

37 year old Australian woman:
I wanted to let you now that the month we spent together set me on a path here that I feel privileged to tread. You helped ground me and guide me in immeasurable ways. I am so grateful and always will be.


You need more info, send send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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