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The Tale of the Dolphins and the Medusa

by Ervin Laszlo

A few weeks ago in the famous cathedral city of Reims in France, a young woman came to see me after my lecture. She had clear blue eyes of an almost transparent kind, straight blond hair that seems never to have seen a comb, and a complexion like she would never have lived anywhere but in or near the sea. I soon realized that she is the closest to a human mermaid that I, or I think anyone, has ever seen. Her name is Frederique Pichard.

Frederique speaks with dolphins. And not only with dolphins, also with whales and other sea creatures. I saw photos and videos with her hugging the dolphins, swimming with them, playing with them. This is what she told me.

There is a group of dolphins I know and meet with regularly. They are Ambassadors for humanity from the sea. They told me to come and see you. They have a message for humanity that I am to give you.

This sounded incredible, but I was intrigued and listened to the message. “The dolphins told me to tell people: Wake up! Go back to your Essence, you are part of this journey, you got lost somewhere, but it is now time to gather together to take care of our beautiful blue planet, and of yourselves.” … “Find your heartbeat again in rhythm with the waves of the Ocean, in tune with the original beat. If you breathe consciously with this beat, your breathing will join the breathing of the whales and you will find your true alignment, your equilibrium in space.”

Coming close to the coast, Frederique explained, the dolphins want to remind us of the kindness and love that is within us and also of our responsibility. They say that what matters most is to accept our responsibilities. When we are responsible for ourselves, for our own development, and our potential, we will be able to turn with kindness towards others, and all Life. Only then will we become guardians of the flame of Life, of the beauty inherent in all of Nature, in the trees, the flowers, the rocks, the animals and in all human beings.

In the days that followed Frederique sent me more messages from the dolphins. “Everything is linked together, there is no separation. … It is now asked of us to let go of our limiting beliefs, and the limiting beliefs we hold towards Life. There is an inherent life-intelligence, and by opening up and letting go of our barriers, we give ourselves the possibility to discover wonder. … We are blessed to live here together, in these times, on Earth and in this Universe.” “You humans are not sufficiently aware of your reliance with each other.” (In French “reliance” means being tied together—a condition of having, Frederique explained, an invisible but real interconnection.)

Many messages were received from the dolphins, but this, according to Frederique, is the gist of the messages. “It is time to gather. Together we are strong, we go in the same direction, know precisely our own contribution to the whole and perform it with total consciousness, aliveness, lightness and sheer inner knowing and determination. We are all part of a collective consciousness… Together, feeling the love, the light within ourselves and towards all beings, we can transform and co-create a better world, where life on Earth is no longer suffering, but the joy of living in unity.”

A few weeks ago an even more amazing thing happened. Frederique saw a giant Medusa washed up on the beach. She approached it and received this message: “I am sent to you today as a messenger from Dony (the dolphin who communicates the most regularly with her). “Go with the flow, do not be worried about how things are going – they will (go)! Do as I do, follow the flow of your life … Let the flow go by itself, trust it, trust the moment of your life like Dony does in the sea. Inside your cells, you can feel my fluidity. Let your body be with me. This is the gift of the Ocean; the gift of love, of confidence, of letting go. Abandon yourself to the sea, give yourself to the sea as an offering of yourself, just as I am today an offering for you.”

On first acquaintance I was inclined to dismiss these messages as a charming and well-intentioned fantasy. But I did not dismiss them, and for two reasons. First, the person of Frederique. One can sometimes feel or sense the nature of another person, and Frederique radiates something primeval, something from the very essence of life—of life in the sea. I cannot doubt that she is genuine and honest. She believes that she is a messenger of the creatures of the sea, and she may well be that. Second, because I know that it is entirely possible that the creatures of the sea—all living creatures—should have a form of consciousness. And it is not just possible, but in light of quantum physics entirely plausible that these consciousnesses should be joined in a form of oneness—the form that quantum physicists call “entanglement.” The great physicist Erwin Schrodinger remarked that there is no such thing as “consciousness” in the plural. There is only one consciousness in the world—and what we experience as ”our” consciousness is part of it. It is a “nonlocal,” “entangled” part. The sea is a perfect medium for this entanglement. Like space itself, more exactly the unified “Akashic” field that fills space, the sea is a holographic medium where everything that happens to one happens to all, and is subtly affecting all. Creatures that do not have the sophistication to make the mistake of thinking that they are separate from others, this oneness comes through intuitively. It is felt even by jellyfish.

With their large brain and keen sensitivity, whales and dolphins feel not only that they and all creatures of the sea are interconnected; they also sense that there is a species that has removed itself from this interconnection and is now endangering itself and all life on the planet. This, to me, is the meaning of the message that Dony gave to Frederique, and asked Frederique to give to me. It is a warning, and it comes in the nick of time. This is why I decided to write it up in this blog. It comes at an auspicious moment: in the year 2013, the beginning of a new and perhaps better era in the history of life on Earth. I hope that it will resonate with you, and with all who read it.

Frederique founded Institutdony, a research institute in France, named after Dony, her most faithful dolphin friend.

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