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Together we manifest the New Earth

We all feel in our hearts that our old life has become too narrow and too small for us, that we want to leave behind us power, greed, competition and lies, supposedly necessary suffering and fear, that we are destined for another life, a life in community, in harmony with nature, on a healthy earth.

Many of us have had a wild, painful year – the year of the greatest disappointments. Dis-disappointments – the end of deceptions.

We have realized that we ourselves are responsible for ourselves and our lives and cannot rely on daddy politics to confine us, tell us what we can and cannot do, punish us when we disobey or praise us when we dutifully and quietly follow his rules.

Or mommy media that puts us to sleep and tells us about how we should see the world, what we are allowed to believe and what not, up to where we are allowed to think and where it ends – the limit of the Matrix – the Truman Show.

We have woken up and realized that outside this matrix there is so much life, that beyond the border only the wonders are waiting, our life, our aliveness.

Some of us have looked deep into the abysses of this system that is just about to show its darkest shadows before it finally breaks.

In the 21st century (21 years old), we as humanity are becoming adults.

And all the tests we are experiencing are about growing up, in the best and also in the most playful sense.

The tests:
– how far we can think for ourselves,
– how far we can feel what’s right and what’s wrong, listen to our heart..,
– how far we can listen to our super-intelligent body, which is a sensitive measuring instrument that shows us at any moment when we are on the wrong path.

Already more than 3000 years before Christ the Mayas and at the same time – on the other side of the world Vedic sages prophesied that a dark age, the Kali Yuga, lasting more than 5000 years would dawn.

An age in which us humans would forget who we really are, what divine, light-filled power lies within each and every one of us.

We would let ourselves be oppressed, enslaved, seduced into believing in fear, seduced into lies, into greed and violence. We would exploit the earth.

This dark age is just NOW coming to an end.

And in this birth canal from the Kali Yuga – the age of separation – into an age of light we are right now and so that we don’t get stuck here it is so important that we remember now who we really are, that we are in our essence pure consciousness, pure love – that all of us who are here carry the seed of paradise – the remembrance of a state of harmony with all beings, all living beings – where we have realized that us humans are connected on all our levels of being with the earth, its cycles, its animals, waters, plants, air and its natural fields.
We are spiritual beings, we are creator beings and we carry the potential within us through our thoughts and feelings to draw what we think and feel into our lives like a magnet.

Therefore: let us not pay so much attention to the problems and challenges we face. Let’s direct 90% of our creative energy to the solutions!!!

“You can never change things
by fighting the already existing reality.
If you want to change something, create a new model,
which makes the existing one obsolete and replaces it”.
Buckminster Fuller
On this Easter Sunday – just before the Resurrection – we bring you something to lay at your feet with joy.

THE MANIFEST OF THE NEW EARTH – a vision, how our earth, our living together will look like in a short time, if we say YES to it full of power and start to create this New Earth together.
The manifesto comes from our hearts and from no political camp and is not subject to any “attitude” except the pure desire for a healthy future for all living beings who live on earth.
On the website www.thenewearthmanifesto.com you can find the whole manifesto, its story, how it was created and who has worked on it until now.

Catharina Roland supports

The energy of the new earth.


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